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HandSpring feeling the pressure of masses of unhappy and Visor-less people posted a new customer service section. A few people have wrote in to let me know they received their Visors, yet I am still without mine. If you have gotten yours already let us know and mention the date you placed the order, so others can get an idea of when theirs should be coming.

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Got a visor!

Jeff @ 10/22/1999 2:09:24 PM #
My mother ordered one a little over 2 weeks ago and happily received it yesterday. They told her 4-6 weeks, so that was quite surprising. For those waiting, there's still hope.
RE: Got a visor!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/23/1999 1:54:42 PM #
I ordered my clear visor mid-day of the first day they took orders by phone. It arrived on Oct. 20. I'm very happy with the new unit, but don't like the plastic cover much.
RE: Got a visor!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/1999 11:07:12 PM #
Ordered Visor on 9/17/99
It is now 10/30/99
43 days and counting

Received my Visor 18 October

Scott McReynolds @ 10/22/1999 3:38:32 PM #
I ordered my Visor on September 15.

It shipped October 15 and I received it October 18.

Recieved Visor

Damian Shonko @ 10/22/1999 3:49:58 PM #
I got my Visor 2 days ago and it is GREAT!
Unfortunately it took a 3 foot drop to concrete today
but RATHER fortunately it still WORKS! It is a well
made product. The only gripe was being overcharged
for it by $20.00.
RE: Recieved Visor
Walt @ 10/23/1999 4:25:04 AM #
When I ordered my visor I was told that the shipping charge was going to be $20, so maybe the extra charge was for shipping?

Visor received

Mike G @ 10/22/1999 10:09:08 PM #
Got mine yesterday(10/21). Ordered on 9/14 or 9/15. I live in Montana. It's nice, but I think screen is inferior to my Palm IIIx.



Mark @ 10/22/1999 10:57:28 PM #
I ordered on the 2nd day of the press release. I was order # 2842. I just received it today via UPS. Oct. 22, 1999

Got it!!

Silk @ 10/22/1999 11:11:01 PM #
Got mine yesterday...I don't recall off-hand when I ordered it. It looks like mine was order #787 (if I'm deciphering the PO# right)....of course, Handspring needs to work on their billing system...I haven't been billed yet....

10 units now show

visorcrazy @ 10/23/1999 4:50:19 AM #
I ordered 10 deluxe units within minutes of the phone line going active on Sept 14 and I haven't received a single one. I have called over a dozen times and each time I've been told my order has processed and should arrive soon. Well, it hasn't.

Get your act together Handspring.

Got my Visor....Almost

Mike Charrier @ 10/23/1999 11:23:30 AM #
I ordered 2 Visor Deluxes on the 15 of September
(one for my wife and I). The Visors were charged to
our credit card on October 15 and shipped to us via
UPS two-day delivery.
Unfortunately, the person who took our order typoed
the address. We got a card from UPS yesterday
saying they have a package for us and we have to get
it before the 27th or they will send it back. So we
have to wait until Monday before we get our Visors.

I got mine!

John Buckley @ 10/23/1999 2:54:28 PM #
I placed my order the day after the initial announcement in September...was it the 16th or 18th, I don't remember but it was in there somewhere. I received it yesterday, 10/22 by UPS Ground. Packing slip said it shipped 10/15.

Love the unit: the screen is great; the Deluxe holds a ton of e-mail, something I wouldn't try with my PalmIII; it seems quicker, not that the III was slow. USB cradle is very fast! It synched all my data plus 50+ email messages in less time than the serial cradle would have done just the data.

I won't use the slipcover; it adds too much bulk. The hard cover is a pain. I liked the IIIs hinged hard flip cover a lot. If anyone knows where I can get something similar for the Visor that adds minimal bulk, let me know (jbuckley@elnet.com).

Case issues are minor compared to the value and potential of the unit itself. I am VERY happy with it. I'm looking forward to a Springboard that will add PalmVII wireless capabilities.

Visor received

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/23/1999 5:11:10 PM #

I got my blue Visor Deluxe yesterday (10/22) after ordering in the early evening of 9/14.


Visor arrived

Jen M @ 10/23/1999 9:02:56 PM #
I ordered my Visor Deluxe on 9/14 and it arrived the
morning of 10/23.


coopermt @ 10/23/1999 9:49:46 PM #
I ordered within 45 minutes of start of sales have not received yet, credit card not billed yet and I am about to order a palm IIIx if it doesn't arrive monday.
RE: waiting
Duke @ 10/30/1999 11:13:51 PM #
Have you gotten it yet?

Very disappointed

Unhappy VisorCrazy @ 10/23/1999 9:41:34 PM #
At least I'm not the only one with a botched order. This is the worst interenet/phone ordering experience I've ever had and I order a lot of equipment.


http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/secondlooks/index.html" CLASS=NEWS>http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=99/10/22/1933227&mode=thread


Upgrade the OS

Numlock @ 10/24/1999 1:16:14 AM #
Has anyone tried to use the Palm OS 3.3 upgrade tool on a Visor? Will this work or is it non compatible with the HandSpring USB Bus? Anyone know of any plans to make a patch to upgrade the Visor OS(3.1)?
RE: Upgrade the OS
Brooke Wheeler @ 10/24/1999 9:34:06 AM #
The Handspring doesn't have flash ROM, so no, you can't upgrade to OS 3.3... Doesn't
have anything to do with the USB bus.

I received my visor

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/24/1999 6:51:33 PM #
I received my visor last Thursday, Oct 21. I ordered it on the first day visors were being sold by Handspring, I think 2nd week of September.

Got mine

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/24/1999 8:35:54 PM #
I ordered mine Sept 14, it arrived Oct 22.

Got my Visor Deluxe

Kres McGrath @ 10/25/1999 1:21:42 PM #
Just wanted to let you know that I got my visor deluxe last week. I ordered the first day possible (14th?) and then called to change from Ice to Graphite a couple of weeks ago. Despite all that, it still came. It's very nice.


Dave Weaver @ 10/25/1999 9:53:32 PM #
From the posts, it sounds like they're shipping them out of order. I called and was told my name was 'two databases away' or something like that. Too bad they couldn't get this right.


Got mine today

Briareos @ 10/26/1999 8:20:25 AM #
Ordered 9/23, shipped 10/18, arrived 10/25. In fact, I'm sending this message from it via AvantGo. :) I've got a couple minor issues (don't like the case, got charged for tax), but overall it's qreat!

Its Here!!!!

Joe @ 10/26/1999 7:31:28 PM #
I ordered my Visor Deluxe on 10/8/99 pm and received it today 10/26/99. I was disappointed to find out the regular serial cradle I ordered is not available yet and I was also taxed.


Adam Keys @ 10/26/1999 8:30:25 PM #
They sent me my cradle, but apparently the actual Visor is on backorder.
They are just taunting me now :(

visor ordered sept 12ish

Rich Yost @ 10/26/1999 9:24:05 PM #
it came today, oct 26.

Visor and cradle arrived

Ixbalam @ 10/26/1999 11:00:33 PM #
My blue Deluxe and serial cradle arrived earlier today by UPS. Both seem to work fine, though the cradle was missing one of the little screws on the cable connector and is ice color, as is the USB one, that looks nasty with my non-USB Powerbook. It did come with a (black) mini-DIN-8 to 9-pin serial adaptor, which is a nice touch. Does anyone else know if these are regularly included with the serial cradles or only with ones sent to known Mac users?

The order was placed on September 15 and it arrived today, the 26th of October. So, they do seem to be shipping somewhat out of order.


Sue @ 10/27/1999 12:18:04 PM #
I got my blue delux visor on Oct. 26th (ordered Sept. 15th) in Boston, MA.

They charged me $269 for the visor plus $19.95 for a serial cradle, and I have not been able to get through on the phone to correct the overcharge yet.

Otherwise, I love it!

No Show

newyorks@earthlink.net @ 10/29/1999 9:43:28 PM #
I ordered my unit on September 30, and it has still not arrived. Maybe tomorrow.

Handspring delivery ahead of schedule

Jim McCabe @ 2/4/2000 2:41:59 PM #
FYI - I ordered a Visor Deluxe with serial cradle and received it in six business days. This was a great surprise because their website tells us to expect the order to arrive "within four weeks". I think they're working at full speed now.

got my visor in 4 days!

Myke @ 4/11/2000 7:41:00 PM #
I ordered my Visor on a Wednesday, and by Monday night of the next week I had recieved it. So, I didn't have any problems. A coworker loved mine so much she ordered one for herself, and hers arrived in a week as well.
RE: got my visor in 4 days!
Maroot @ 4/12/2000 10:45:03 AM #
FYI Visor/Visor Pros are now available off the shelf at my local CompUSA. Prices are same as from HandSpring Direct plus local taxes. My local CompUSA also had TONS of Visor Accessories ie. cases, memory modules, stylus, bases etc.

Visor/Visor Pro at CompUSA

Maroot @ 4/12/2000 10:49:01 AM #
FYI Visor/Visor Pros are now available off the shelf at my local CompUSA. Prices are same as from HandSpring Direct plus local taxes. My local CompUSA also had TONS of Visor Accessories ie. cases, memory modules, stylus, bases etc.

No problems

Sean @ 5/4/2000 9:30:31 PM #
Ordered mine...they said one week.
The next week I got it.
No problems.

time to end this thread

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/5/2000 3:48:09 PM #
OK visors are now shipping in about a week, often less then a week, not to mention they are available in stores, CompUSA, Best Buy, and Staples, has anyone played with some of the cool new modules ? specifically the Eyemodule, or the twopac ? gotta admit I really do love my visor, and the possible ways to add new hardware, really are great for keeping people who love their techno toys interested

RE: time to end this thread
Petrograd @ 6/16/2000 2:52:26 PM #
Check out http://www.visorcentral.com for info and reviews" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>http://www.visorcentral.com for info and reviews.

Mine came in no time!

Pat @ 5/10/2000 6:52:59 PM #
I ordered my Visor Sunday (5/7/00) and received it today (Wednesday 5/10/00) I'm thrilled.

using the ir-port

sigi @ 5/28/2000 7:35:54 AM #
i am looking for a program that allows me to
connect my visor to a mobile phone via ir-port so that
i can use the phone as a modem.
can anyone help me where i could find this software?
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