Details Emerge for Sony PEO Handheld

In a new press release, Sony describes their upcoming Palm handheld as a "personal entertainment organizer" and refers to its "rich AV functionality". They have also released a data sheet and an ad which are unfortunately only available in Japanese.

For the first time, Sony has given the devices names, though not very interesting ones. The color version will be the PEG-S500C and the black and white the PEG-S300.

The devices will come standard with a Web browser to handle images as well as image file management software to share information with PCs.

The release also confirms some old facts, like a built-in Memory Stick slot and Jog Dial.

Update: Yahoo is saying that they will sell for 55,000 yen ($510) for the black-and-white and 60,000 yen ($555) for the color version.

Further, Sony plans to expand Memory Stick applications and look into the commercialization of Memory Stick Expansion Modules that will add various new applications to the personal entertainment organizers as well as other devices within 2001. Currently, modules for applications such as Camera, GPS (Global Positioning System) and Bluetooth (wireless communications technology) are being considered.

In addition, Sony is planning to start a network service called "ImageStation" that allows handling still and moving images over the Internet this year. Directly or through a PC, customers can download still and moving images from the Internet with ImageStation and playback the images with the personal entertainment organizers.

Even though it is in Japanese, some interesting facts can be drawn from the Date Sheet. The most interesting is that pictures can be added to address book entries and that it will connect to PCs with USB.

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Gatsby @ 7/13/2000 9:30:31 AM #
Anyone know if the rumoured $200 price for the colour unit is anywhere near accurate? I was hoping for a little more innovation from Sony, but the memory-stick option that is becoming thier in house standard is pretty nice. I wonder if this opens up possibilities for MP3 use?
RE: Price
reidjazz @ 7/13/2000 9:47:25 AM #
Here's a quote from Yahoo, found at" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

"Sony set an initial monthly output target of up to 100,000 of the new ``personal entertainment organisers,'' which it expects will retail for 55,000 yen ($510) each for those with black-and-white display and 60,000 yen ($555) for colour-version."

So much for the $200 price.

RE: Price @ 7/13/2000 9:50:59 AM #
I was thinking about the MP3 useability when I saw the thing in PC EXPO. I was sad to see that it didn't have a headphone jack. So that means, that Sony may plan to make an entirely separate MP3 module through the memory stick (see press release on making applications and hardware modules). But that eliminates upgradablility through the memory stick, i.e. geting higher capacity sticks to play mp3s on.
RE: Price @ 7/13/2000 11:04:14 AM #
I know these prices are high but they are the ones the handheld will cost in Japan. As odd as it sounds, the Japanese generally pay more for the consumer electronics produced in Japan than people in the U.S. do. Its kind of like the way people in the U.S. pay far more for prescription drugs produced in the U.S. than people in other countries pay for the same drugs.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the Sony handhelds weren't released in the U.S. for much less money than the prices quoted by Yahoo.

Price @ 7/13/2000 11:25:24 AM #
I think it is rediculous that anybody even thought this would cost around $200. If you look at all of the other PDA's on the market, the technology Sony promises would be impossible to sell at $200. Anyways, why would they sell it that cheap, when the comparable IIIc is $450. Sony will sell it around that price so they can make more money. Once again their goal is not to please the consumer with an unbelievably cheap price so everyone buys one, but to put it at a reasonable price where lots of people will still buy them but they will make a ton of money in the process
When! @ 7/13/2000 11:54:00 AM #
I am between PDA's right now and am about ready to buy a Visor because I can't hold out much longer
RE: Price
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/13/2000 1:47:10 PM #
Even a coke in Japan costs like 2.50 nowadays, so i think the price will probably come out to a little above 400 or so.
RE: Price @ 7/13/2000 2:02:34 PM #
I think the interesting thing is that it's only $45 more to get a color display over a b&w. Any ideas on what kind of display its using?

(that is the power button that's #9 in the schematic right?)

Color Change? @ 7/13/2000 1:18:09 PM #
Did the color change from the VAIO purple to a more bluish color? If appears to my eyes that it did. If that's correct, I like the blue color better.
RE: Color Change?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/13/2000 5:29:38 PM #
Yep, the color model will come with deep blue cae and the b/w with kinda charcoal gray.

too much, better wait

Angus @ 7/13/2000 3:04:20 PM #
too much to ask for, 500 I can get a powershot s20 almost, I won't buy until their technology mature, perhaps at least next year some time I'll think about it when price drop and technology mature a little bit.

Sony Yen prices

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/13/2000 3:11:02 PM #
I don't know why so many people don't know this but just because the Sony costs a certain amount in yen in Japan does not eman you can simply translate the Yen price into dollars and then have the U.S. price.
RE: Sony Yen prices
KS @ 7/13/2000 4:08:26 PM #
Yes, but you can get a general idea.

First of all, it is a Sony. Nobody likes Sony's product better than Sony and their price must reflect it. Next, its a has the color PalmOS with memory stick capability. Memory sticks can be used in other products (more $$$ tacked on).

When released in the US, I am willing to bet on at least $529. They will be hot and they WILL sell very well.

Sony software?! @ 7/13/2000 4:14:52 PM #
Hasn't anyone noticed the JogWheel has added a pop-up menu to the PalmOS interface? And that they have a contact program with PHOTOS in it? And there also seems to be a digital video program. This will be very interesting to see as an in-person demo, but I still don't expect it to sell very well in the US. mc

Pictures! @ 7/13/2000 5:07:38 PM #
As much as I hate to send you off to another site, PalmLounge has a great collection of pictures of the Sony device in action from today's Palm press conference in Tokyo." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

RE: Pictures! @ 7/14/2000 8:39:40 AM #
Here's another site with a ton of pictures. It's hosted in Japan so it is a bit slow here in the U.S." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>



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