Palm Releases OS 3.5.2 Patch

Palm has released a system update for Palm OS software versions 3.5.0 and 3.5.1. It fixes a couple of low-level system issues that in rare circumstances might cause certain third party applications to crash.

Please note, this will not update devices with OS 3.3 or earlier to OS 3.5. It is simply a patch for those who already have 3.5 or 3.5.1.

This patch does not include the fix for the faulty DRAM that affects some Vx, IIIc, and IIIxe devices. That is a separate download.

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Hard Reset

Steve Smith @ 7/23/2000 5:37:09 PM #
I installed this patch today and later suffered a hard reset, I presume that this was just a coincidence as other patches and upgrades I have had from Palm have been fine. The point is that after the reset, my Vx was back to it's old 3.5.0. The patch did not survive a hard reset, just something to remember for that future disaster.
RE: Hard Reset
George @ 7/24/2000 1:59:15 AM #
Sorry to hear about your hard reset. I installed this patch and all went well. No hard reset. The memory leak that occurs after soft resets has gone according to app VICTOR. Steve, you might try creating a new directory called \PALM\UPDATE\v3.50 and add this patch to it. On hard resets, I think the desktop grabs the patches from here and loads them on the Palm.
One reason maybe why it occurred for previous patches but not for 3.5.
This is what I have done, but I have never has a hard reset on my Palm Vx since I purchased it DEC 99. Hoping to never need to find out if this works or not.

Orphaned Memory

Steve Smith @ 7/24/2000 4:09:02 AM #
Thanks for that info George. I've never been one for reading installation instructions much, so didn't bother with the install path, just did it straight to palm. Did it proper second time round though. The crash was more than likely due to one of the programs I had just installed from PalmGear,one of the user coments did warn of this, but I tried it anyway. Well after several installations, removals and soft resets of various programs for test purposes, Victor is only showing 0.9 orphaned memory. So indeed it does look like the problem has been fixed.


Derek @ 7/25/2000 9:46:17 AM #
Has anyone else noticed a speed boost after installing? I have a Vx and it seems to respond faster than before. Just my imagination?.....


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/25/2000 9:51:13 PM #
I have the Vx and have the 3.3 OS.
Where do I download 3.5?
RE: 3.5OS
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2000 2:29:07 PM #
I have the same question. Anybody can help?
RE: 3.5OS
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/27/2000 2:06:47 PM #
You have to buy it from Palm's website

RE: 3.5OS
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/27/2000 2:08:05 PM #
Goto click on Palm store then select software

HR Issue w/ 3.5.2 U/D

404 @ 7/26/2000 3:47:19 PM #
you need to put the 352 PRC in C:/palm/updates/update352 folder to survive a HR.


RE: HR Issue w/ 3.5.2 U/D
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2000 10:27:14 AM #


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