Deals Available on Most Palm OS Models

While manufacturers set recommended prices for handhelds, savvy buyers are aware that they can get much better deals with a bit of shopping around. Transplant Computing is now offering the HandEra 330 for only $300, which is $50 less than from HandEra itself.

Amazon is now selling the Palm VIIx for $170 and the $100 rebate when signing up for Palm.Net is still in effect until the end of the year so the actual cost is $70.

According to PDAGeek, a Best Buy ad is coming out this week showing the Palm m100 at $100, the m105 to $150, and the Visor Prism at $300.

Thanks to Steve Emery and Chris Falco for the tips. -Ed

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$300 Prism coming to Best Buy?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2001 10:23:24 AM #
That seems very significant. Best Buy usually - always? ;) - sells at list, and this suggests that Handspring is dropping the Prism price. And as we all know, that suggests a new color Visor in the wings, which I suppose shouldn't come as a big surprise since the Prism is a year old now. (PDA anniversaries seem to often equal PDA retirements.) Let the rumors begin! (Just, please, no more Photoshopped pix of rubber-clad "Prism IIs!")

RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2001 1:31:12 PM #
Yes, I agree, that last fake was really stupid. I winced as the pic loaded. Spew I'm hoping for a Visor Prism pro with higher res, virtual graffiti, mp3 (probably won't happen with minijam and the other one) around, and for god SAKES, A DAMN JOG DIAL. Why is it so hard for companys to add this? I mean jeezy creezy! I swear on everything that is holy and not, the moment I see a visor with a springboard and a jog dial, I am snatching it up.

RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2001 1:41:35 PM #
All those features you requested are available from a PocketPC. It's amazing that many posters spout ZEN OF PALM BS but when it comes to feature sets for new PalmOS machines it looks like a PocketPC feature set. Funny as heck.

Don't hold your breath. OS 5... BS 5... will look remarkably like Windows CE 1.0. OS rewrites that significant are usually doomed. You only have to look at CrApple and their 10 year attempt at coming out with a viable MacOS replacement.

And by the way, I have owned a Palm device ever since it came out many moons ago, but I will most likely be switching next year when the XScale ARM-based PocketPCs are available. I'm tired of YankerKowsky and his ZEN OF PALM b*llsh*t.

RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
bradleyboy @ 10/1/2001 2:21:10 PM #
Those features are already available in Pocket PC? Hmm...I was not aware that Pocket PC's supported Springboards.

Clearly the anonymous poster above is not interested in a Pocket PC at this time, and I doubt all your silly petnames (CrApple, YankerKowsky, BS 5) are going to alter his/her perspective.

It appears to me that you are more concerned about trumpeting the benefits of Pocket PC rather than discussing the Prism price drop. Hey, if Pocket PCs float your boat, kudos to you. Why don't you find a Palm vs. Pocket PC thread and leave us to discuss the Prism price drop?



RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2001 4:06:29 PM #
Well, dolt who needs Springjobs when there are CF cards and SD cards that PocketPCs supports.

And who the heck are you? The moderator? I don't think so.

I'm expressing my thoughts like you are. So ratboy go back to your hole in the wall as you know nothing and are nothing more than a Palmjob apologist.

Thanks and have a nice day.

RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
jayhawk88 @ 10/1/2001 4:13:21 PM #
"Thanks and have a nice day."

Your welcome. Enjoy your bridge, troll.

RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
bradleyboy @ 10/1/2001 5:26:15 PM #
Hi Mr. Anonymous (the one who called me mean names). My name is Bradley Danna, and I'd like to make a couple of comments about your posts:

**The previous poster said "the moment I see a visor with a springboard and a jog dial, I am snatching it up", to which you replied, "All those features you requested are available from a PocketPC". That statement is inaccurate. Pocket PC's do not support Springboards. Maybe the poster doesn't like CF or SD; perhaps he or she has a lot of money invested in Springboards and doesn't want to start over. Who knows? Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that what you said was false. So I stand by my statement. I am sorry if making that point wounded you somehow.

**The fact that you resort to name-calling ("dolt" "ratboy") is much more reflective of your intelligence than mine. I'll grant you that I called your nicknames "silly" (and you've offered two new ones, "Palmjob" and "Springjob", lol), but I didn't, nor would I ever, resort to insults. Instead, I will wish you the very best, and hope that wherever you are and whatever gizmo you prefer makes you happy.

**No, I am not a moderator, but I am a registered member of this posting community (although I don't post here very often due to conversations such as this), and I was making a valid point about your line of discussion being of the obvious pocket pc vs. palm variety, and not within the realm of this particular thread. And I made that point firmly, but respectfully.

Of course, that is up to Ed to decide so, yes, I was expressing my opinion. But the vibe I get from your words is antagonistic and argumentative, rather than a simple sharing of ideas and opinions. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry for my misperception.

**I am not a "Palmjob apologist". I use a Palm (m505), but my ego and well-being are not wrapped up in the device. It is a tool, one that is not a centerpiece of my life, and surely not worth trading harsh words and insults about. Of course, that is only my perspective.

Back to the real discussion...

Re: the drop in Visor price. The only problems I've always had with the Visor is the size and the price. Lowering the price to 300 is a move in the right direction, but I don't think I would consider one for any more than 225 or so, especially with new color models surely on the horizon. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose.



RE: $300 Prism coming to Best Buy?
Davy @ 10/1/2001 7:38:40 PM #
All these "postings" about the advantages of the pocket pc platform all seem to come from the same guy. The childish insults, and lack of substance suggest a lack of intelligence. Whoever you are..........

Get a life!

HandEra $299

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/2/2001 2:17:03 AM #
Actually, I think HandEra dropped their recommended price. It's now $299.99 on their website as well, or $309.99 with a 16MB CF card.

Unless you absolutely, positively have to have color, the 330 is almost becoming too good of a deal to pass up.

HandEra $299 - but who wants an ugly, heavy, B + W handheld?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/2/2001 2:24:59 AM #

Face it - HandEra will be bankrupt in less than a year.

These idiots couldn't even manage to release AutoCard for the m505 and CLIE before several other smaller developers released competing programs. HandEra's stubborn insistence that no-one needs color PDAs will be remembered as what killed off the company. It's a shame - their TRGPro was a great PDA in its day.

If anyone from HandEra is listening (and not the three HandEra owners here who post dozens of messages to every website trying to make it look like people actually want the 330!) please let us all know why you seem to keep doing everything possible to wreck any chance you could have had to succeed.

but who wants an ugly, heavy troll
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/2/2001 8:16:55 AM #

Face it - You are the same loser who posts this crap every day.

You are an idiot who doesn't even know that the 330 is lighter than pretty much any other Palm device in that form factor. If you had seen one in person, you would know that it looks better than any other Palm OS device in that form factor. You obviously don't know that it's selling very well. Your insistance to attack HandEra at every turn will be remembered as the lone childish troll who had nothing better to do and nothing productive to say.

If you are listening (and it's very obvious there's just one of you) please go back to your hole and play with your CLIE, PocketPC or whatever. You obviously don't like HandEra, don't know anything about their future product plans, and you only do everything possible to wreck any positive comments about them.

RE: HandEra $299
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/2/2001 1:54:25 PM #
You can get one today from Dell for $229.56! Go to:

If that doesn't work, go to and do a search on HandEra.

RE: HandEra $299
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/2/2001 9:02:25 PM #
Looks like Handera's going down the tubes after all.

RE: HandEra $299
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/3/2001 6:40:32 AM #
It's a great deal! I ordered one from Dell Home.



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