More on the QDA-700 Smartphone from Qool Labs

Moaz from recently got some time to check out the new QDA-700 Smartphone. PiTech and Qool teamed to bring out the world's first PalmSource-certified Smartphone created by a ODM. The phone will debut soon in the European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Palm OS Garnet Smartphone Qoo! QDA-700The Qool QDA-700 is a Palm OS Garnet based Smartphone that includes a 1.3-megapixel camera, a high-resolution, 2.8-inch color QVGA (240x320) display, 32MB or RAM, 802.11 SDIO support, WAV/MP3/MIDI ring tone supportability, MP3 player and MEPG4 video capture and playback capabilities. It uses a tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900mhz) radio. In addition, the device is bundled with productivity applications such as Documents-to-Go and PalmSource Mail, designed to appeal to prosumer and business customers. The Qool QDA-700 is based on the smartphone platform developed by PiTech.

Moaz from recently got to check out the device in person and wrote up his impressions. Qoo! Labs & PiTech really took there time in designing this smartphone they took care of the small details that most companies forget. [...] We believe that the new Qoo! QDA-700 will open the door to the rest of palmSource licensees to be creative, and not to be afraid of exploring the international market, which in the end will benefit the palmOS community, and create more choices of Handhelds and Smartphones.

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Hal2000 @ 1/21/2005 7:09:21 PM # Q
WiFi in a palm phone!

2.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: Nice
Hal2000 @ 1/21/2005 7:14:07 PM # Q
Hope it doesn't have the 1" tongue depressor that sticks out of my tapwave.

2.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: Nice
Wolfgard @ 1/22/2005 1:26:57 AM # Q
Wow...nice design! I hope the phone is usable with the flip cover on. At least I don't have to worry about getting my facial oil on the screen;)

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RE: Nice
pmjoe @ 1/22/2005 9:48:52 AM # Q
> WiFi in a palm phone!

I don't think it's built-in. I assume "802.11 SDIO" support means you can plug the SD card in. No thanks.

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temp_user @ 1/21/2005 7:15:31 PM # Q
Thank you for the good news.
F*** you palmone for not releasing a cobalt device yet, but instead talk about Windows, making the whole palm community look stupid.
Sony please come back and fly with Palm OS
Samsung make us all proud.

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Great smartphone

asiayeah @ 1/21/2005 9:50:10 PM # Q
Great smartphone indeed. What's the estimated on-street price for it?

I have been anxiously waiting for this smartphone for a while. Will it be launched in Hong Kong? Will it be faster than palmOne's treo 650 (GSM)'s launch in HK?

The's review is interesting, but that was last month on Dec 19. I really hope the phone will be released soon!

With great power comes great responsiblity.

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Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone

Levander @ 1/22/2005 2:47:35 AM # Q
I've seen this phone around the net, good to finally see a review of it. I've been dying to get my hands on a recently made clamshell PalmOS phone, the Kyocera 7135 is just to outdated.

If they do release this phone in the US for me though, I hope the remove that Qool sticker on the front. I think it's only worse they spelled cool with a 'q'. Other than that, this phone looks perfect!

RE: Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone
JonathanChoo @ 1/22/2005 4:34:03 PM # Q
Well some of the lucky owners of the Samsung SGH-i530 that are only available to volunteers of Athens 2004 are selling theirs for 2000EUR. ;)

HTC Magician
RE: Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone
vesther @ 1/22/2005 7:02:21 PM # Q
I agree about the Kyocera 7135 being outdated. I hope Kyocera makes a sleeker Palm OS Smartphone with Palm OS Garnet soon...

Otherwise, I'm just gonna hope that Qool will be the newest Palm OS Smartphone sympathizer--hoping that they will first of all, release a CDMA-version of the Qool QDA700, PLUS work with Nextel and Motorola to create an iDEN version of the QDA700 as well. I hope Nextel and Motorola are listening--as I want a Palm OS Device and a Nextel Phone in one.

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RE: Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone
LiveFaith @ 1/22/2005 11:49:51 PM # Q

Your about a month late for asking things like that. But, as they say "shoot for the moon and maybe you' at least hit the top of the trees".

Pat Horne;

RE: Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone
Chips @ 1/23/2005 10:00:38 AM # Q
RE: Finally, Clamshell PalmOS Smartphone
temp_user @ 1/24/2005 8:30:36 AM # Q

Nice! Samsung is the mighty wizard of electronics now days, if they apply their hardware expertise on Palm OS, and hopefully and eventually on Cobalt (according to palmsource at least) - we have a clear winner.

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Already on sale

edX @ 1/22/2005 7:59:31 AM # Q
It's already on sale over here,

RE: Already on sale
asiayeah @ 1/22/2005 8:17:22 PM # Q
Very cool!

Have anyone ordered one yet? Are they ready to ship?

The specifications mentioned bundling of Document-to-go and PalmSource Mail. What other applications are they bundling to be exact?

With great power comes great responsiblity.

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vesther @ 1/22/2005 7:00:59 PM # Q
...all Qool has to do is to make a CDMA version of this phone. Furthermore, I hope Qool works with Nextel and Motorola to create an iDEN Version of this Smartphone. I'm hoping for a minimum 64MB (At least 50MB Useable) On-Handheld Memory.

Powered by Palm OS since March 2002
RE: Now...
asiayeah @ 1/22/2005 8:19:19 PM # Q
At least their 32MB internal memory does not have the inefficiencies of Treo 650's file system I suppose.

With great power comes great responsiblity.
RE: Now... iDEN Version
Be_True @ 1/24/2005 1:23:39 PM # Q
I hope Qool works with Nextel and Motorola to create an iDEN Version of this Smartphone.

I doubt this will happen.
Sprint is buying Nextel.
Last I heard, iDEN network service will cease in a year or two, and all Nextel users will need to switch to CDMA phones.

If it takes a year to go from design, to having a phone on the street, that makes an iDEN version very unlikely.


Tungsten C, Palm IIIxe, Wizard OZ-9520

"Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati"

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I Love it but would never get one because of the screen

rsc1000 @ 1/23/2005 1:59:52 PM # Q
240 x 320? There are going to be huge problems running os 5 software that uses graphics in any extensive way. As long time treo 600 users can atest - a lot of software took a while until they added 160 x 160 support for os 5 version. Especially a problem with games (Legacy for instance still has no 160 x 160 - and there are others). And that is with 160 x 160 - the old standard thats been around forever. 240 x 240 is even less of a standard and this is not even a p1 device. so even if this becomes really huge here, it will be a long time until games and other graphical software support this. Probably DTG will right away (they are extremly good about bing on top of different res devices - they even have a version for the dana if i'm not mistaken (?).

RE: I Love it but would never get one because of the screen
rsc1000 @ 1/23/2005 2:06:21 PM # Q
>>240 x 240 is even less of a standard

i meant 240 x 320 of course

RE: I Love it but would never get one because of the screen
just_little_me @ 1/23/2005 4:46:50 PM # Q
I may be wrong, but I believe if an app uses double density bitmaps they will be auto-scalled back to 1.5 density by the OS... so this will hopefully avoid many of the problems Treo 600 users experienced.


RE: I Love it but would never get one because of the screen
twrock @ 1/23/2005 6:44:46 PM # Q
I'm curious about the differences in the OS5 implementation of 240x320 vs. HandEra's. I did find a few problems with software not working right back when I was using a HandEra 330. Otherwise, since I'm living in Asia, this thing looks like it has possibilities. Too bad the WiFi isn't built in.

RE: I Love it but would never get one because of the screen
LiveFaith @ 1/24/2005 11:12:57 AM # Q

Could you explain how an app could be "scaled back" by 1.5 to run 160x160 or 320x320 on a 240x320 device. I'm curious.

Pat Horne;

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spud @ 1/24/2005 8:14:00 AM # Q
I have seen no mention of Bluetooth. I guess the Smartphone has no out of the box BT support. I guess it will need to come from a BT SD card??

RE: Bluetooth?
MartinRune @ 1/27/2005 6:25:49 AM # Q
No bluetooth..? Who wants a smartphone with no bluetooth?
For me the perfect smartphone would have more ore less the same design as the Tungsten T3 (I for one like the stretch display), and it should ofcause have bluetooth and wifi. I like the big screen on the T3 and I would definitly prefere the larger screen than having a keyboard in the bottom using up precious screen area. (like on the treo 650)


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AOL Ver 3.2 for Palm 5.x for Zire 72

Howard1092 @ 1/24/2005 12:15:28 PM # Q
Will this software work on the Palmone Zire 72? I cannot find a straight answer and I don't want to waste 20 bucks if it doesn't. Thanks for your help

Fire, telephone, digital watch, casio calculator, M130,and Zire 72
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