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1 11/19/2003 Artist Uses Zire 71 for Exhibition
Renowned artist Dane Picard's latest exhibit, "Portraits, Ids, and Snapshots," which opens Saturday at the Richard Heller Gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Calif. Fusing art and technology,…
2 2/27/2002 How To: Alternate Fix for m500 Series USB Problem
Some people are complaining that their m500 or m505 has suddenly stopped syncing with the USB cradle. This is caused by a static charge build-up in the m500 series devices. The first method for…
3 1/6/2002 How To: Possible Fix for m500 Series USB Problem
Many, though far from all, Palm m500 series users have had problems HotSyncing with USB. After working fine, the handheld will abruptly and permanently no longer be able connect to any computer with…
4 9/5/2001 PUGs: San Diego, Atlanta, London
The San Diego Palm-OS User's Group (SDPUG) has scheduled their next meeting for September 6. - Dane Terry The next meeting of the Atlanta PUG will be Sept 11. Topics will include demoes of…
5 6/8/2001 HandEra Releases AutoCard Beta
HandEra has released a beta version of AutoCard 2.0, AutoCF's successor. It allows applications and databases on a CompactFlash or SD card to act as if they were stored in RAM. This new version, in…
6 2/18/2001 PUGs: New England, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth
The New Eng Palm User Group February Meeting will be held Tuesday, February 20 at 6:30PM at MIT in Cambridge, MA. The main topic will be Best Palm Web Sites. This is one of our most popular annual…
7 2/9/2001 PUGs: Nashville, Houston, Kansas City
The Nashville Palm Users Group recently surpassed the 400 member mark. Their next meeting will be this Saturday, February 10 where there will be continued discussion/coverage on PalmSource 2000,…
8 2/4/2001 PUGs: New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Believer
The next meeting of the NYPC PalmPilot SIG will be Wednesday, February 7. Glenn Bachmann, President of Bachmann Software & Services will be the speaker. Among Bachmann Software's products are…
9 10/22/2000 The Devil's Palm
According to the Web site for the new movie Bedazzled, the Devil is a Palm user. And she has a really cool-looking Palm, too. Funny, I always though Satan had some kind of exclusive agreement…
10 10/14/2000 Artist Uses Palm as Her Canvas
Sabrina, a Palm user from California, has an unusual use for her IIIxe, she draws everything she eats on it, then posts the drawings on her site, pocketpig. She usually posts at least two drawinga…
11 9/29/2000 Learn2 Offers Palm Training  
12 9/18/2000 New Reviews On Other Palm Sites  
13 9/13/2000 PUGs: Philly, Nashville Chat, Capital District Meeting  
14 9/8/2000 PUGs: Nashville, North London  
15 8/19/2000 Quickies: ePocrates, New Expansion Slot Alliance  
16 8/17/2000 PUGs: San Francisco, Kansas City  
17 8/11/2000 Tip: You Can Buy Palm m100 Without Preordering!  
18 8/1/2000 NLPUG Meet Offers Major Prizes  
19 7/21/2000 Latest Executive Craze: Palm Pilot Implants  

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