Tip: You Can Buy Palm m100 Without Preordering!

I have searched far and wide and for those of you who want the new Palm m100, I can tell you where to get it. I was skeptical at first but now I'm convinced. Seeing that palm had it backordered, I was wondering where I could get the m100. I searched everywhere. I found that the Circuit City online store has it. I called to make sure they have it in stock. The rep assured me they did. I even told him that it was backordered everywhere. So I went ahead and placed the order, after all if it was backordered I could cancel it. So I ordered it, and about 1 hour later, I checked the account and low and behold the product has been shipped and I have a tracking number from FedEx. So if you want it now and you don't want to wait for everyone else to get it. Go to www.circuitcity.com. Happy shopping!

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Just Do It

Ed @ 8/11/2000 2:59:03 PM #
I tested this and I went as far as I could without actually giving them my credit card number and they never said a word about being backordered. So if you want one, get it now!

Palm InfoCenter

RE: Just Do It
Mark Quering @ 8/11/2000 4:37:29 PM #
Saw stock on the m100 in both Staples and Circuit City stores today in Chattanooga, TN.
RE: Just Do It
Chad @ 8/12/2000 11:25:22 PM #
I walked into staples and bought one... I like it... I mean, yeah, the screen is smaller than my handspring, but it isn't made of cheap plastic like it either...

I love the M100... It weighs noticably less and it's stylin... hehe


But what about the viix?

makio @ 8/11/2000 3:25:27 PM #
I still can't find the viix anywhere, Circuit City doesn't even list it. Anyone have any luck?
RE: But what about the viix?
BNelson @ 8/11/2000 3:47:17 PM #
I just picked up a Palm VIIx at a CompUSA in Denver yesterday. Nice to have wireless and 8 mb in one device! I would check every CompUSA in your area. I hate dealing with those folks, but they do seem to get the hardware from Palm faster than most.
RE: But what about the viix?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/11/2000 5:07:14 PM #
I just saw a couple still on the shelves at Fry's in Fremont, CA. Fry's sucks though, so I suggest you don't go there. They don't even have a website and there's around four of them in the South Bay Area alone.

For a laugh try looking up fry's or fry's electronics and you'll see what i mean. They have a really unorganized return policy, though..... (hint hint)

RE: But what about the viix?
nwstrn @ 8/11/2000 6:23:13 PM #
I just purchased a VIIx from outpost.com.

Who cares!

tippy @ 8/11/2000 7:56:49 PM #
The M100 is a cheap toy! Who cares when or where it's available.
RE: Who cares!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/11/2000 8:44:08 PM #
i agree
RE: Who cares!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2000 9:17:15 AM #
Obviously, neither of you are part of the m100's target market.

As for the m100 itself, I had the opportunity to examine one yesterday at my local Circuit City. I was planning to purchase it for my father, who is in his 60's. I liked the device overall, but the screen is *really* small, and I was concerned that it might be too hard for him to read. The m100 is sturdy and light, and very pocketable. The flip lid is well-executed and convenient. Most people will probably not use a case with their m100, and with the new plastic digitizer, a case is probably not needed for protection. With its standard-issue black faceplate, it's very high-tech in appearance, rather like a cell phone, and (IMHO) looks much less like a cheap toy than does the $450 Compaq iPAQ that was sitting next to it on the shelf. To each his/her own.

Although the m100 does not appeal to me because of its limited RAM, I can certainly see the attraction of the new design. I hope that Palm's high-end models follow some of these same design cues.

RE: Who cares!
Bigtar @ 8/12/2000 11:29:42 AM #
The problem is that many high end users are too short sighted to see how a product like the m100 benefits them. As Palm sells m100's to teens, i starts them as Palm users, that eventually wil want high end devices. Also, anything that Palm can do to make money, and therefore have the resources to develop new high end devices is a good thing. It is too bad some people don't have the vision required to see the big picture.


Kaz Mori @ 8/12/2000 7:16:51 AM #
Ordered it @ Circuit City on 8/9, got it on 8/11.

m100 at OfficeMax

Mark @ 8/12/2000 2:17:56 PM #
I purchased an m100 today as a B-Day gift for my wife. The OfficeMax near me (Metro Detroit) has them advertised in the paper today, so I stopped by. No m100's on the shelf, so I asked a clerk. They went to the back of the store a brought me out one.
RE: m100 at OfficeMax
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/13/2000 4:17:38 PM #
Hey mark, I live in metro detriot too. I was wondering, what city do you live in?


angus @ 8/12/2000 4:17:22 PM #

thanks, I just ordered one online from ci..city.com. Being a ex palm v user, I think 2 mb is enough for me, since all palm application all have really really small size, I used to have 1 mb empty in my ex palm v 90% of the time.
it's only an organizer, if you want movie and lots of memory, mp3..cableTV...clean your carpet, stick to a laptop.

So what???

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2000 8:22:34 PM #
Why on earth would anyone want this piece of crap anyway? The old IIIe at least worked with III series peripherals. Lets see...a even smaller screen than the existing too small screen...a goofy shape and look.. 2mb of ram...yecchhhh
RE: So what???
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2000 11:08:43 PM #
how about you take out some of extra ram from your mouth and stick to your[beep].

CompUSA has them.

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/13/2000 1:47:36 AM #
I was at CompUSA in Portland, Oregon today. They had plenty of M100's there...if anyone cares. Personally, I'm hoping for a VIIx with color display to come out one of these days. :-)

PayPal- AvantGo?

Paul P. @ 8/13/2000 4:12:17 AM #
An idea:
What if someone were to design a PayPal like software for the palm that used AvantGo to synchronize with the users' choice of online payment system, it would increase AvantGo's traffic (thus their profits) and allow users the convenience that PayPal offered.
Unfortunately, this is way beyond my abilities.
I for one would pay for such software and possibly even a small fee for transactions.


ken @ 8/14/2000 7:36:36 AM #
Saw the m100 at Staples this weekend. They have plenty. It does feel like a little toy when you hold it but I was tempted to beam the Notepad app to my Vx which I had with me... but then I realized it is basically Scribble which is freeware and already on my Vx!
RE: Staples
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2000 10:21:54 AM #
You CAN'T beam the notepad app anywhere, it's locked and cannot be beamed.


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