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1 1/26/2005 AlphaSmart to Merge with Renaissance Learning
AlphaSmart today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to merge with Renaissance Learning, Inc., a leading provider of learning information systems and school improvement programs for…
2 10/21/2004 AlphaSmart Develops Talking Word Processor for Dana
Today at the 22nd Annual Closing the Gap Conference, AlphaSmart will preview a new writing solution for their Palm OS Dana unit and Dana Wireless that combines a talking word processor, Write:OutLoud…
3 6/22/2004 AlphaSmart Creates Dana Classroom Manager
AlphaSmart has unveiled two new classroom management solutions that allow educators to manage up to 30 AlphaSmart devices at one time from a Windows or Macintosh computer.
4 3/19/2004 AlphaSmart Extends Palm OS License
AlphaSmart has announced that it has extended the terms of its licensing agreement with PalmSource. The new contract, which gives AlphaSmart the ability to continue to innovate on the Palm OS…
5 9/15/2003 Dana Wireless Now Available
AlphaSmart has announced that the Dana wireless is now available. The new model of the wide screen Palm OS laptop alternative Dana offers built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b), updated software and an enhanced…
6 8/19/2003 AlphaSmart Updates the Dana Laptop
AlphaSmart has announced they are now shipping an updated version of Dana at a lower price of $379. The update includes more internal RAM, updated software and support for additional peripheral…
7 7/24/2003 Garmin Begins Shipping the iQue 3600
Garmin International announced today that the iQue 3600 began shipping this week to leading electronics retailers and traditional Garmin dealers within the United States. The iQue 3600 is the first…
8 7/1/2003 AlphaSmart Announces the Dana Wireless
AlphaSmart has announced a wireless version of the wide screen Palm OS laptop alternative Dana. The new model offers built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b) and a enhanced display screen.
9 10/19/2002 AlphaSmart Dana Palm OS Laptop Available Now
AlphaSmart has unveiled Dana, a portable device larger than a handheld and less expensive than a laptop, intended for students. Powered by Palm OS 4.1, Dana includes a full-size, integrated keyboard…
10 8/27/2001 AlphaSmart Licenses Palm OS
AlphaSmart, Inc., a developer of low-cost computers for education, has licensed the Palm OS platform. The company will be introducing Palm-based products in the future for high schools, community…

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