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1 9/13/2009 Palm Pixi Processor: Full Spec Sheet
The new Palm Pixi differs from its big brother, the Palm Pre, in a few important ways. One of those is the hardware that runs the whole shebang: the Qualcomm MSM7627 chipset. On Tuesday, we linked to…
2 12/1/2006 Next Generation Mobile Processors Announced
Marvell has formally announced the new PXA3xx (Monahans) Family of Application Processors. Back in June, Marvell acquired Intel's application processor business, which includes the XScale technology.…
3 11/13/2006 New Broadcom Chip Powers the Treo 680 Radio
Broadcom Corporation has announced that the new Palm Treo 680 smartphone is the first commercial cell phone to implement its new M-Stream technology. M-Stream technology provides significant…
4 8/18/2006 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Combo Chip Announced
Marvell has announced an industry first, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth single chip solution designed for phones, media players, portable gaming consoles, smartphones, PDAs and other ultra-low-power computing…
5 6/27/2006 Marvell Purchasing Intel's XScale Business
Marvell Technology Group, and Intel Corporation today announced that they have signed an agreement for Intel to sell its communications and application processor business to Marvell for a purchase…
6 10/5/2005 ARM Unveils Next Generation Chip Design
ARM has announced its new Cortex-A8 processor at the ARM developers conference in Santa Clara, California. The new chip design is expected to be far more powerful than current chips making it ideal…
7 8/24/2005 Intel Announces Next Generation XScale Processors
At the Intel Developer Forum, going on now in San Francisco, Intel has announced some details on its next generation XScale technology.
8 8/18/2005 Intel Details Future Mobile Chip Plans is reporting, Intel has formed the Low Power Intel Architecture project, or LPIA, to try to devise energy-efficient versions of its x86 processors, software and components for handhelds,…
9 3/15/2005 Intel Unveils Wireless MMX2 Technology
Intel Corporation today announced enhanced technology to provide mobile handset users with a better multimedia experience, including clearer graphics, faster video, and improved power efficiency.
10 3/15/2005 Palm OS to get Gigabyte NAND Flash Support
Samsung announced that it has reached agreement with PalmSource to work together to port Samsung NAND Flash software into the Palm OS Cobalt and future releases of the Palm operating system. Also,…
11 1/12/2005 SyChip Creates 802.11g Module for Mobile Devices  
12 10/21/2004 TI Develops Digital TV Chip For Mobile Handsets  
13 10/1/2004 Toshiba Begins Mass Production of .85 Inch Hard Drives  
14 9/21/2004 Samsung Introduces 667MHz Mobile CPU  
15 9/15/2004 Sony Begins Mass Production of OLED Displays  
16 6/15/2004 New Bluetooth and WiFi Integrated Mobile Solution  
17 5/25/2004 802.11g Handheld WiFi Module Announced  
18 4/12/2004 Intel Announces New Mobile Processor Family  
19 2/24/2004 TI Unveils Next Generation OMAP 2 Chips  
20 12/12/2003 TI Unveils New OMAP 1710 Processor  
21 9/23/2003 NVidia Debuts Handheld Graphics Chip  
22 9/22/2003 Information on the Next Intel XScale Processors  

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