Intel Unveils Wireless MMX2 Technology

Intel Corporation today announced enhanced technology to provide mobile handset users with a better multimedia experience, including clearer graphics, faster video, and improved power efficiency.

Intel Wireless MMX2 technology offers advanced features to simplify the development of feature-rich audio, video, graphics and voice applications, providing users with innovative, reliable communications solutions that can run the latest multimedia content. Using Intel Wireless MMX2 technology, developers can more rapidly bring this advanced content and services to mobile users while delivering improved handset performance and battery life. Intel Wireless MMX2 technology also offers the flexibility to support multiple audio, video and graphics standards.

Intel Wireless MMX2 technology will be available in future Intel XScale technology-based platforms, giving developers the opportunity today to optimize applications for future platforms. The Intel Wireless MMX2 technology's 64-bit architecture supports Single Instruction Multiple Data processing that is fully compatible with the previous generation Intel Wireless MMX technology. It features a familiar programming style that allows developers to leverage their existing code base through common tool support including assembler, debugger, intrinsics, and vectorizer tools.

Intel Wireless MMX2 instructions will be supported by the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) so that developers already utilizing Intel IPP within their applications will automatically take advantage of the latest enhancements enabled by Intel Wireless MMX2 technology.

Intel Wireless MMX2 technology supports multiple multimedia standards, combined with support for existing code bases through binary compatibility with Intel Wireless MMX technology, a complete set of common tools, and fully optimized Intel IPP support. This reduces the complexity of designing feature-rich mobile handsets, enabling developers to build advanced applications more cost-effectively while reducing the time-to-market for these new applications.

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Electronicians view

Tamog @ 3/15/2005 3:40:33 PM # Q
many of you may still remeber that I also do some electronic stuff(until my accident a year ago, and now again). While MMX2 is nice, there are a few questions that I personally see:
a)Samples available when(nobody likes to test without hardware)
b)CPU cost/10000k
c)Instruction set availability(is it in every XScale, or just in the highend ones)
IMHO it will still take a few years until we will benefit from this...
Just my 2 cents
Tam Hanna

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RE: Electronicians view
AdamaDBrown @ 3/15/2005 4:29:04 PM # Q
Well, WMMX 1 is in every XScale PXA270, so I'd assume that WMMX 2 will be in every PXA290 or whatever new line that Intel brings out in the future.

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pmjoe @ 3/15/2005 3:42:12 PM # Q
So is the "wireless" part that it's MMX on a mobile platform?

RE: Wireless?
AdamaDBrown @ 3/15/2005 4:29:02 PM # Q
Pretty much, yes.

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God bless WINTEL

Gekko @ 3/15/2005 11:33:23 PM # Q

"Only the paranoid survive."

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