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1 12/21/2009 PhoneFavs Mobile Portal Now Optimized for Smartphones
PhoneFavs has been recently optimized for next generation smartphones and mobile devices. The mobile web portal, bookmarking service and mobile site directory combines a plethora of mobile tools…
2 8/10/2009 YouTube Mobile Updated for Smartphones
Pre users have a new option for browsing and watching YouTube videos. The company has updated the mobile version to provide a better browsing experience for more advanced smartphone web browsers…
3 3/29/2007 Google Updates Its Mobile Search
Google has rolled out a new version of its mobile optimized search site. The new site includes a new simpler search interface, new result page layouts, mobile optimizing and other new features. The…
4 4/3/2006 AOL Announces New Mobile Services
America Online has announced new mobile information and location services, including a mobile browsing service that automatically adapts Web pages for mobile screens.
5 3/1/2006 Google News Goes Mobile
Google keeps on expanding their services with new mobile options. The company has just released Google News Mobile (beta, of course). You can now access the news presented in a mobile friendly format…
6 2/23/2006 TextPayMe New Mobile SMS Payment Service
TextPayMe is a new service that allows users to send money via text messaging. The service makes it possible to send and receive money using just your mobile phone.
7 1/16/2006 Google Launches Personalized Mobile Homepage
Google has created a mobile version of their personalized Google homepage. The new service puts your gmail, weather, rss newsfeeds and stocks up in one place on a mobile friendly page.
8 6/17/2005 Google Launches Mobile Site Search
Google has launched a new mobile site search beta. By accessing google on your PDA or Smartphone you can search though site formatted for mobile devices.
9 4/12/2005 Google Local for Mobile Devices
Google has just launched Google Local for mobile. The new service supports any xHTML mobile browser. You can retrieve local search results plus maps and driving directions on your handheld or…
10 10/28/2004 Yahoo Builds New Mobile Portal
Yahoo! has announced the debut of a new suite of search services for mobile users at the CTIA conference.  This new search offering enables mobile consumers to search for local information, images and…
11 5/26/2004 Web Pioneer Against Mobile Only Domain  

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