AOL Announces New Mobile Services

America Online has announced new mobile information and location services, including a mobile browsing service that automatically adapts Web pages for mobile screens.

According to a new survey AOL conducted with the Associated Press and Pew Research Center, 52 percent of adults keep their cell phone turned on all day, everyday, and 40 percent of those aged 18-29 are likely to drop their landline once and for all. Published today, the report reveals that more than 30 percent of adults want to search and browse the Web from their cell phone, while 47 percent say that mobile maps and driving directions are a "must have" on the next phone they buy.

AOL's new mobile browsing service has been integrated into the existing suite of mobile AOL Search services, including Web search, shopping search and local search, to make it easy for consumers to navigate the Web and find anything they need from their mobile device.

The new browsing service also marks the successful expansion of AOL's alliance with InfoGin Ltd., a pioneer of Web to mobile content adaptation solutions. AOL uses InfoGin's transcoding and content analysis technologies to extend the ease of desktop search and navigation to wireless devices.

You can reach the mobile site here:

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