Verizon Palm Pre 2 Release Date Approaching?

An anonymous tipster (aren't they all?) has tipped off PreCentral with a screenshot that Verizon is currently undergoing training for the Pre 2 and WebOS 2.0. While this is no major news in and of itself, it's a good sign that the device's release may be imminent. When speaking to a senior Verizon tech support rep in January on the Pre Plus launch day regarding some subsequent technical issues, I was told that the training for the device had concluded about a week before its retail availability.

An earlier Engadget report with a leaked Verizon Wireless November rebate form did indicate a Pre 2 in the system with an accompanying $100 rebate. Since the publication of the Engadget piece, several of the then-unreleased handsets have become official, such as the Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, and Motorola Citrus, so the Pre 2 should be appearing in the very near future. So the previously-mentioned November 18th still appears to be as likely of a release date as any, especially since the earlier November 11th date has passed with no Pre 2 announcement.

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