Forbes Discusses Sprints 4G Tablet Aspirations

A recent Forbes story indicates Sprint's willingness to offer a 4G tablet in 2011. Surprisingly, according to Sprint's President of Business Markets Pagel Alves, this device will be powered by an OS other than Google's Android, opening the door for rampant WebOS speculation. With no rumors making the rounds for anything iOS-based heading to Sprint, this narrows the playing field to Windows 7, RIM's PlayBook, or the rumored PalmPad running WebOS 2.

The very same Forbes article indicates that Sprint is looking to target corporate and business users with their 4G tablet offerings, with 70% to 80% of CIOs revealing to Sprint that they plan to deploy tablets within their organizations. These kinds of statistics can come as very welcome news to HP's traditional strengths in the business, enterprise, government, and education sectors.

Sprint currently supports only WiMax for their 4G needs but HP's notebooks with pre-installed mobile broadband currently only support Sprint's 3G network. Still, aside from Palm's three most recent smartphones, (Pre Plus, Pixi Plus, Pre 2), Sprint has historically been Palm's strongest carrier partner by far and cannot not be ruled out as a potential destination for the upcoming PalmPad, especially with the backing and financial clout of HP.

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Sounds like a good idea.

VampireLestat @ 12/19/2010 2:29:06 PM # Q
I would consider a tablet with wOS.
Right now I use my laptop for things around the apartment like
inventory database
workout timers

my system works OK but having a tablet for the above would add more convenience to my life as I could bring the pad into the room where I actually carry out the tasks. My laptop is too wired and bulky to grab and go constantly.

over the years I learned that time is one the most valuable assets in life; if I could recoup even just a bit of it by improving my technology, then its worth it.

Hope there is actually a wOS Pad in the works.

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