Verizon Pre 2 to Last Only 2 Months?

With CES 2011 kicking off this week, a few new tidbits have emerged to indicate that a Verizon-branded Pre 2 is still imminent, though it may not be long for this world, if the latest PhoneArena report is correct.

Citing an anonymous tipster, Phone Arena is reporting today that the Pre 2 will indeed appear later this month from Verizon Wireless. The device will have an astonishingly short life on the market, as it is reportedly set to be EOL'd and replaced by HP's "...own line of WebOS handsets". The report does not specify if this means HP-branded as well as HP-designed, though some industry pundits are already speculating today that the VZW Pre 2 will indeed by the final device to carry the "Palm" branding.

This report actually becomes quite plausible if you consider the leaked Verizon EOL roadmap from last fall. The current Verizon Pixi Plus, the carrier's only active WebOS handset, is slated to linger until March 31st before being retired. A Pre 2 launched sometime in January after a small production run could indeed enjoy a brief run at the top before being retired alongside its older WebOS siblings in one fell swoop. That March 31st date also coincides with a large number of other current handset retirements, bringing up the usual speculation of a Verizon iPhone launch alongside the carrier's already-confirmed 4G LTE handset rollout.

If this report does turn out to be correct, the Pre 2 will have the dubious distinction of being Palm's shortest-lived product ever, easily besting the record of the six months of life enjoyed the Treo 800w. Some pundits are also speculating today that the VZW Pre 2 may be the final device to carry the "Palm" branding.

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