Pre 2 Appears at Wal-mart, Mobile Hotspot Feature Intact

wal-mart lets talk palm pre 2 verizon Hot on the heels of today's PhoneArena report comes word from Precentral that Let's Talk has posted the Verizon Pre 2 on their Wal-Mart portal site. Let's Talk is an online wireless phone reseller that powers Wal-Mart's online phone store.

The device is currently unavailable for sale and no pricing information is given. However, the Pre 2 is depicted with a full set of specs and specific references to an HP (not Palm) Touchstone dock.

According to the spec listing, nothing has changed in relation to the existing GSM version of the device, but it appears that Verizon's mobile-hotspot feature found on the earlier Pre Plus is still intact. While it's not specified if this is still a "free" feature or not, it's quite possible that HP/Palm will want to continue the Pre's reign as the only VZ device with standard hotspot connectivity.

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