HP Latest Round of Tablet Trademark Fillings

HP Palm logo Much ado has been made of HP's various trademark filings since last year's acquisition of Palm. Now we have word of the filing of three new trademarks in addition to the latest update on last year's must-discussed "PalmPad" moniker.

PocketNow is reporting that several USPTO filing documents [USPTO (1), (2), (3)] indicate that HP has registered the "Touchslate", "Touchcanvas" and "Duopad" trademarks, in addition to the existing "TouchPad". HP is likely just locking up all of these names for safety's sake, but it's very possible that they are still debating whether or not to call this device a "slate" or a "pad" or something else entirely.

As far as the PalmPad title, despite HP's July filing for the mark on the heels of April's Palm acquisition announcement, according to Precentral it has been rejected by the USPTO on the grounds of "a likelihood of confusion with the marks in U.S. Registration Nos." and "a potential consumer would be confused or mistaken or deceived as to the source of the goods and/or services of the applicant and registrant."

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Go with TouchPad.

AdamaDBrown @ 1/26/2011 12:14:22 PM # Q
None of the alternatives sound even remotely appealing.
RE: Go with TouchPad.
hkklife @ 1/26/2011 12:31:46 PM # Q
I agree. Touchpad, Palmpad or something else entirely.

As I suggested once before----the "HP PalmPilot" might hit all the right (and some wrong) notes for the nostalgic types.
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