HP Launches a WebOS Event Countdown Teaser

HP now has a new teaser site up on palm.com with a countdown timer until next week's big WebOS event. This site carries the modified tagline of " Think big, think small, think ahead, think beyond."

Alongside the yesterday's teaser video is what appears to be the silhouette of the now-outed Topaz tablet, confirming that we can expect at the very least one new tablet and one new smartphone announcement next week.

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Live video?

mikecane @ 2/4/2011 6:15:53 AM # Q
What I want to know is whether or not there will be live streaming video of the event? HP/Palm should have hooked up with Ustream to make it so.
RE: Live video?
rcartwright @ 2/4/2011 6:44:00 AM # Q
The livebloggers will probably be as close as we get.
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RE: Live video?
hkklife @ 2/4/2011 7:25:54 AM # Q
Last time we discussed it, Ryan was gonna try and attend the gig in person so I suppose he will liveblog from the event.
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RE: Live video?
LiveFaith @ 2/4/2011 12:23:27 PM # Q
That would be great. Kinda excited to see what happens with a little ca$h behind WebOS. The best news is that "coming months" has been banned @ HP.
Pat Horne
RE: Live video?
mikecane @ 2/6/2011 9:55:53 AM # Q
Yeah... but does this mean web-only pre-ordering like Handspring before it makes it to b&m stores or what? I hope not!
RE: Live video?
LiveFaith @ 2/8/2011 3:00:58 PM # Q
Be careful, or you may get a Tapwave style rollout.
Pat Horne
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Gekko @ 2/8/2011 4:00:24 PM # Q

"...there is intense heat coming from our competitors, more rapidly than we ever expected. Apple disrupted the market by redefining the smartphone and attracting developers to a closed, but very powerful ecosystem."
"They changed the game, and today, Apple owns the high-end range."
"Google has become a gravitational force, drawing much of the industry's innovation to its core."
"We have some brilliant sources of innovation inside Nokia, but we are not bringing it to market fast enough. We thought MeeGo would be a platform for winning high-end smartphones. However, at this rate, by the end of 2011, we might have only one MeeGo product in the market."
"...Symbian is proving to be an increasingly difficult environment in which to develop to meet the continuously expanding consumer requirements..."
"Our competitors aren't taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem."
"We poured gasoline on our own burning platform. I believe we have lacked accountability and leadership to align and direct the company through these disruptive times. We had a series of misses. We haven't been delivering innovation fast enough. We're not collaborating internally. Nokia, our platform is burning."


RE: ecosystem
Gekko @ 2/8/2011 4:03:54 PM # Q

"The battle of devices has now become a war of ecosystems, where ecosystems include not only the hardware and software of the device, but developers, applications, ecommerce, advertising, search, social applications, location-based services, unified communications and many other things. Our competitors aren't taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem. This means we're going to have to decide how we either build, catalyse or join an ecosystem.

This is one of the decisions we need to make. In the meantime, we've lost market share, we've lost mind share and we've lost time."

RE: ecosystem
LiveFaith @ 2/8/2011 5:59:51 PM # Q
I was about to say, what on earth are you talking about Nokia and Symbian on here for. And then it hit me ...
Pat Horne
RE: ecosystem
StrawMan @ 2/8/2011 7:17:36 PM # Q
But ecosystems aren't necessarily closed to outsiders. Competing devices can tap into (or parasitize) a successful ecosystem without changing their OS.
e.g., this offering looks interesting:
RE: ecosystem
Gekko @ 2/8/2011 7:46:33 PM # Q

oh you mean like the Pre did with iTunes?

how did that work out for them?

RE: ecosystem
jca666us @ 2/8/2011 8:42:14 PM # M Q
Worked out so well that Palm imploded...
RE: ecosystem
AdamaDBrown @ 2/8/2011 9:34:46 PM # Q
I have to say, that's the most honest commentary I think I've ever heard from a CEO about his company's products, and it's incredibly refreshing. If more CEOs talked like this when times were bad, they might get more credibility when they talked about the good things.

It sounds to me like Mr. Elop is only one step away from embracing Android for the future of Nokia. And frankly, that wouldn't be at all a bad idea. Nokia has produced some great hardware in the past--in fact, they're the only ones who've brought some features to market. But they've always been operating on a line that straddled the division between feature phones and smartphones, never really embracing the potential of a full scale platform.

And now, it's almost impossible for them to come back from that and design their own. Making room in this market for a third significant player is next to impossible, something that HP and Microsoft are about to learn to their great pain. With a revived Nokia-controlled platform out of the question, then they don't have many options left. Windows Phone 7 and WebOS are both even deader than Symbian, and Apple doesn't share power. But to mix Google's platform into Nokia's flair for hardware could jump them back into a substantial place in both market share and mind share.

RE: ecosystem
mikecane @ 2/9/2011 3:52:54 AM # Q
Look, the moment Jobs announced the iPhone, I said Nokia would go into a death spiral. People laughed and laughed and laughed.

And here is what those Finn f&ckers at Nokia said:

Quote Of The Day: Nokia's Innate Ineptness

>>>When pressed during the Q&A about the striking similarity to the little Cupertino device, Anssi Vanjoki Nokia's Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia said, "If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride."

They couldn't even rip-off things properly!

And there were morons like this "analyst" --

Nokia: Hankkiutua Sinun Hautajaiset

>>>"Maybe the iPhone will be very successful," says Martin Garner, director of wireless intelligence for London market researcher Ovum. "Does that knock Nokia off its perch? I don't think so."

And what about YOU, Gekko? You dismissed the iPhone over and over as a toy for hipsters.

I said from the start MS, Nokia and even Palm were in deep shit:

Microsoft, Palm, And Nokia: You Better Be Freaking Out!!

And now you trot out ecosystem. Something Palm was the first to push, but which only Apple was smart enough to do *properly*.

Apple has plenty of vulnerabilities and there's still room for a damned smart competitor to give them some bruising. Will it be HP/Palm? I damn well hope so.

RE: ecosystem
jca666us @ 2/9/2011 4:32:57 AM # M Q
HP/Palm competition??

Who'd buy a topaz device when this year's iPad is better and has a fully developed ecosystem.

Maybe if they sell their wannabe iPad for $399, but it appears no one can undercut Apple's pricing - unless they go with a 7" screen and/or skimp on the battery.

The crickets will definitely be chirping at today's nonstarter nonevent.

RE: ecosystem
mikecane @ 2/9/2011 4:54:25 AM # Q
Now you went and made me mad I and I did a post:

Ignore Me At Your Peril

RE: ecosystem
Gekko @ 2/9/2011 2:15:10 PM # Q


Nokia: BenQ, Siemens 'turkeys will not make an eagle'
Gobble, gobble
By Tony Smith Get more from this author

Posted in Mobile, 15th June 2005 09:33 GMT
The folks at Nokia certainly know how to give good quote. Here's the mobile phone giant's take on Siemens' sale of its handset division to Taiwan's BenQ:

"Two turkeys won't make an eagle," the company believes.





RE: ecosystem
gmayhak @ 2/9/2011 5:53:17 PM # Q
I switched from Palm/Microsoft to Apple/Apple two years ago and am really surprised it is taking so long for some of the regulars here to realize that even if other companies match the specs of apple products they will always be cutting corners on build quality. I prefer precision machined aluminum to molded plastic and the walled garden BS is BS. People complain about Apple limiting content, just navigate an iPhone or iPad to xshare.com and quit bitching.

Tech Center Labs

RE: ecosystem
Gekko @ 2/11/2011 4:29:21 AM # Q

Nokia Shares Tumble as It Teams Up With Microsoft
Published: Friday, 11 Feb 2011 | 4:46 AM ET Text Size
By: Reuters

Nokia and Microsoft have teamed up to take on Google and Apple in the fast-growing smartphone market as the Finnish cellphone maker attempts to regain its leading position in the sector.

Nokia said it would use Windows Phone as the software platform for its smartphones as part of new chief executive Stephen Elop's overhaul of the world's biggest cellphone maker.

"Nokia and Microsoft will combine our strengths to deliver an ecosystem with unrivalled global reach and scale. It's now a three-horse race," Elop said ahead of an investor day in London.


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Live Blogs

StrawMan @ 2/8/2011 6:58:14 PM # Q
If you're looking for a live blog of the event, these links may help:


If you know of better links to coverage of the event, please post them.

RE: Live Blogs
Gekko @ 2/8/2011 7:15:41 PM # Q
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