Palm Pre 2 Hitting Verizon Today

palm pre 2 verizon Nearly four months since the initial "in the coming months" Pre 2 announcement, the long-delayed Verizon Pre 2 will finally hits the market today, February 10th.

This quiet bit of news, straight from the mouth of Jon Rubinstein via yesterdays webOS event, is especially ironic considering that the long-awaited iPhone 4 hits Verizon stores on the exact same day. No word as of yet on pricing but last week's reported $100 on 2-yr contract figure seems to be just about right. It's unclear whether or not the free wi-fi hotspot feature found on the existing Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will be maintained with the Pre 2.

As we have seen from several previous reports, this looks to be a rather short-lived device, possibly lasting only two months. With current stocks of the Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus already depleted and the just-announced Pre 3 not arriving until later this summer, the Pre 2 may enjoy a longer time in the spotlight at Big Red than initially planned.

The main attraction for the Pre 2, aside from being an item for the completionists wanting to own the final device to bear the classic "Palm" branding, is that it is now confirmed to be ready for over-the-air WebOS 2.x updates, something that will not be coming to its older siblings.

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