Pictures of the New Sony Handheld

The French site PDAfrance has posted two pictures of the Sony Palm device that will be shown at the PC Expo this week. One picture shows the device in its cradle and the other is a side view (you can see the memory stick and Jog Dial.)

The most interesting thing about the second picture is it seems to show an Infrared port, which has not been mentioned in any of the releases on the device so far.

UPDATE: For more pictures of the Sony Palm Prototype click here.

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Sony Palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 2:50:23 PM #
Boy is THAT butt ugly.
Didn't they ask anyone's opinion before they released this?

Looks like windows after you've owned a Mac...

RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 2:53:39 PM #
yes. it is ugly.
RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 2:54:25 PM #
yes. it is ugly.
RE: Sony Palm
Thomas Keekley @ 6/27/2000 3:02:49 PM #

It looks awfully clunky, even though its pretty small according to the releases. I was eager to see this, but I think I'll continue to wait to replace my Palm 3. Is it me, or does it seem like Palm was in the right direction with the V and then they and everyone else took a left turn?

Why bother putting out a color in the the Palm 3 case after we are all spoiled with the sleek looks of the V? Sony sure didn't learn that . . . . .

RE: Sony Palm
M Baker @ 6/27/2000 3:14:34 PM #
The black screen might imply that it is a color device. I've heard it's about the same size as a Palm V only a little thicker.


RE: Sony Palm
chan le @ 6/27/2000 9:19:39 PM #
Looks too squarry. Sony should've softenned the edges. I'd rather get the Vx. Too bad
the price isn't right.
RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 10:15:24 PM #
It's funny, I really like the coloring. THought it does look awkward (too tall as compared to it's width) I like that silver-type coloring.
RE: Sony Palm
Kjell Are Refsvik @ 6/28/2000 5:21:19 AM #
I agree. Butt ugly is the name of its looks. I hope this blue plastic is gone before they release this. It also need more soft edges. The formfactor of the Palm V series kicks ass compared to this.

The inner workings is another matter. It might be the best we ever seen from a Palm device, but Sonys Industrial design team needs to get its act together.

RE: Sony Palm
ilyan @ 6/28/2000 10:48:59 AM #
Well I don't think we can have a verdict on it being good or bad design until we can hold it in our hand and asses it.

I agree that it does not seem too appealing on the pictures.

RE: Sony Palm
ilyan @ 6/28/2000 10:48:59 AM #
Well I don't think we can have a verdict on it being good or bad design until we can hold it in our hand and asses it.

I agree that it does not seem too appealing on the pictures.

RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 12:24:46 PM #
Why would we want to hold it in our asses?
I think you misread the manual...It's supposed to be designed for your HAND.
While this ugly device does seem to fit better where the sun doesn't shine, I think you should assess it from your palm...
RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2000 12:33:58 PM #
ha ha!
Gives a whole new meaning to butt ugly!
RE: Sony Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/20/2000 12:39:58 AM #
You damn people. You idiots all said the same thing about the V and IIIC when they were going to be released, and look how popular both models have been. WAIT until it comes out before you turn your backs on it.

Is this really it?

Chris Arndt @ 6/27/2000 3:33:47 PM #
I think sony missed it.
I feel that there are just too many different media platforms out there. It used to be that one of another would take hold, and the rest sorta die away, with one remaining. Now days, they just seem to linger, and the consumer must suffer the consequences. I can't say that the best solution always won, but back in the day, at least there were some standards.

And to top it all off, earlier today, Palm anounces suport for SD.

Well enought raning and raving, for it never seems to do any good, otherwise we would have already seen a springboard slot, or compact fash slot on the new Sony device.

The only redeeming thing is the addition of the jog wheel. That is something that I think palm should have added with the palm III or at least the palm V.

Clues from Photo?

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 3:47:55 PM #
I agree that the black screen would suggest color, but does anyone else see what looks like an antenna on the far side of the device? Also do you think this slides into the metal casing? Like a mini palm dock? Look at the second picture for a better view.

This could be neat if a VERY thin palm slides into a dock that provides wireless internet access and a "jog" wheel...
Now all you gotta do is take some spray-paint to all that silver "easy-bake-oven" finish...

RE: Clues from Photo? @ 6/27/2000 4:14:31 PM #
Sorry, I think what you are looking at is either part of the Memory Stick or the stylus. I've read a couple of articles that specifically mention that this device is not wireless.
RE: Clues from Photo? @ 6/27/2000 4:29:28 PM #
I am at PC Expo as I type this (courtesy of Gateway's booth!).

Sony's PDA will be available in both MONO and COLOR versions. There is an IR port on the top.

They were closed mouth on other aspects. More details (such as there are) later tonight.

RE: Clues from Photo?
nonamehere.... @ 6/27/2000 6:52:09 PM #
it REALLY looks like its removable from that metallic "cover" (maybe).... If the price is right, i think im gonna buy it when its released (and if)it will ever be sold in sweden..
But one thing: its U-G-L-Y!
RE: Clues from Photo?
Tim @ 6/27/2000 10:09:04 PM #
Ugly??????????? Maybe it's not somehow in swedish style.............
So I suspect you dont like the design of the VAIO series either, right???
Actually I quite like the design of it! It follow the styling of Sony, or Japanese design.

new sony pda

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 5:12:24 PM #

hold your horses, here couple guys haven't even see what it can do, why so much negatives? it's like asking for a refund without buying anything? be patient.
RE: new sony pda
Thomas Keekley @ 6/27/2000 5:33:41 PM #
We're just commenting on the looks, really. It looks like a dud. I'm curious as to whether the memory stick really hangs out on the top or if they just have it sticking out so you see it.
RE: new sony pda
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 5:48:20 PM #
...and did we mention it's ugly?
RE: new sony pda
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 6:31:57 PM #
I think it looks pretty interesting. Different design and all. Most of you might not like it, but we'll see if the general public does. And I remember when the V came out, not everybody thought it's design was all that great either.

Sony's looks

Maven @ 6/27/2000 10:14:20 PM #
Has Sony told anyone this isn't just a prototype? I mean, it could be the case isn't the final design? Just curious, since I haven't heard either way.

MP3/Sound Capability??

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2000 10:21:54 PM #
Does anyone know if there is a headphone jack off of this thing?

If there isn't, what is the need, for example, for a 256 MB memory stick. I don't know if it is humanly possible to cram that much info into a Palm. I'm having a troublesome time with 8MB.

I know that's all I'd use the memory stick for...

Also, does anyone know if it is a rechargeable battery?


RE: rechargeable battery? @ 6/28/2000 12:01:54 AM #
Yes, it will come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
RE: MP3/Sound Capability??
raster @ 6/28/2000 10:28:10 AM #
Need for a 256 MB memory stick?

Ever use AvantGo? ;)

Also, it would be nice to be able to carry files between my computers on my Palm instead of a Zip disk, or some other media.

PDA design contest?

zome @ 6/27/2000 11:53:49 PM #
Eventhough Sony is different from what I use to but I think it's not that ugly.

Why don't we have a PDA design contest sometime to see if someone could come up with with the design that every says it's cool :-)


Clinton R. Johnson @ 6/28/2000 8:02:33 AM #
Sony was never known for its ability to make attractive devices, but they have WAY out done themselves this time.

Since they all run basically the same hardware, and the same OS, the big difference is in the details.

How is looks is a big factor (the extra price for a V or Vx proves that people will pay for image), and frankly, it looks like something I would skip across the highway... (and perhaps, already has been)

The add ons are the other factor... And again, as always, Sony doesn't get it... You know, its funny, but you would think that the concept of a propriaty format licensed at high costs would have spelled out a pattern of disaster for them after beta, but they still insist on pushing those stupid memory sticks..

You'd think they never noticed that the entire rest of the world is doing something else...

Wonderful design IMHO... @ 6/28/2000 11:58:25 AM #
Wonderful!!! The Sony unit is almost identical to a Star Trek TNG PADD and the MemorySticks look like a TNG Isolinear Optical Memory Chip. NOW the circle is complete! I'm really really satisfied!!! ;)))


RE: Wonderful design IMHO...
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/21/2000 8:16:21 AM #
In other words, it's ugly.

Sony PDA's Screen

[irsee] @ 7/20/2000 12:34:57 AM #
Has anyone in here heard anything about the screen? It's color, but some people have been saying since the unit is so small - they had to make the display somewhat like the Gameboy Color display - with no back light. Is this true or just a rumor? (I only have 10 more days to refund my IIIc ;-D)
RE: Sony PDA's Screen @ 7/20/2000 7:53:29 AM #
I've heard this rumor a couple of times and I'm trying to squash it out. Sony's PED has a transflective display -- also known as a half-transmissive LCD -- that uses reflected light under bright conditions and a backlight when it gets dim. Sony is offering a 256-color screen and a black-and-white version of the PDA.


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