Visor Deluxe #1 Selling PDA in Retail

Handspring's Visor Deluxe accounted for 25% of all PDA sales in retail stores during June. They beat out Palm and all the Pocket PC vendors. The Palm Vx captured the second spot with 16% of the retail market. The Palm IIIxe took 13.6%, followed by the entry-level Visor, the Palm VII, the Palm V and the Palm IIIe. In total, Palm sold more devices in retail stores than Handspring.

TRG's handhelds are only available online and not in retail stores so they don't appear on this list. Also, this list doesn't take into account any sales by any vendor made online so this doesn't necessarily mean that, in total, more Palm devices are sold than Visors.

This list does make it clear that Handspring has done an excellent job of putting together an efficient retail distribution channel in the few months that Visors have been available in stores. Palm sales have been hampered by component shortages that have kept its handhelds in short supply since May. Handspring has had no such problems.

Microsoft's Pocket PC has not made any gains in the retail market since May's results were announced, with the most sought-after Microsoft-based product to date, the Compaq iPaq, still back-ordered at most online retailers.

Stephen Baker of PC Data believes that Handspring is likely primarily picking up Palm's customers.

Do you agree with him? If you were thinking about buying a Palm IIIx and found they were back-ordered, would you go buy a Visor Deluxe or TRGpro? Or will you only buy from Palm itself? Have any of you already done this? Please give us your comments below.

Thanks to C|net and market research firm PC Data.

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I tend to agree...

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2000 8:29:57 PM #
I intended to purchase a PalmIIIe in June and found that there were none to be had in all of Los Angeles Co. Merchants did have the basic Visor in stock. My mind was made up to purchase a Palm, so I wasn't swayed into buying a Visor, rather I was able to find a PalmIIIxe in stock a few weeks later which I purchased and don't regret my decision one bit.
visor is for kids!!!!!!!!
Angus @ 7/28/2000 1:04:09 AM #
only 25% by part, not as a whole, what you happy about, visor, why so many colors, for kids or adult like kids, perhaps?

I am not gona pay 20 dollars just for a separate serial adapter. Keep dreaming, visor.

RE: I tend to agree...
Master-Drew @ 7/28/2000 4:18:36 AM #
Well, the reason they sold more is because of the price. Visors dont use their own OS. Cheap asses! : )
RE: I tend to agree...
Chris @ 7/28/2000 8:29:55 AM #
Master drew, Do your homework, The people at handspring are the Same people who Created the Palm and the Palm Operating system. You BOZO!
They sold the company and licensed their own operating system from 3-com. They are not cheap asses, but you are a dumbass. Angus...
Handspring makes Visors in color for the same reason Nokia makes its phones with color cases and Motorola makes its Pagers with color cases, so people have a choice! Black and Grey are boring, as you must be as well. Also the springboard port well makes up for the $25 serial adapter.

RE: I tend to agree...
Chris @ 7/28/2000 8:29:55 AM #
Master drew, Do your homework, The people at handspring are the Same people who Created the Palm and the Palm Operating system. You BOZO!
They sold the company and licensed their own operating system from 3-com. They are not cheap asses, but you are a dumbass. Angus...
Handspring makes Visors in color for the same reason Nokia makes its phones with color cases and Motorola makes its Pagers with color cases, so people have a choice! Black and Grey are boring, as you must be as well. Also the springboard port well makes up for the $25 serial adapter.

RE: I tend to agree...
jamie @ 7/28/2000 4:27:03 PM #
I second that Chris.
RE: I tend to agree...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 3:33:09 AM #
I tripple that

RE: I tend to agree...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 9:33:04 PM #
Why are you calling them cheap asses when you are clearly to cheap to have bought a computer in the last 3 years so that you could get a USB port

RE: I tend to agree...
rcwhiteh @ 11/3/2000 4:16:23 PM #
As far as being too cheap to buy a new computer so I could have a USB port goes, remember some of us don't own the computer we use at work. I work as as Gov't. contractor and I have to use the system Uncle Sugar provides; mine doesn't have a USB port.

Now my laptop at home - IT has a USB port, so I have one cradle at home and one at work.

RE: I tend to agree...
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/4/2001 5:32:14 PM #
I think that hand spring will go far. I am in the elevth grade and i see a lot of kids grades nine to twelve with visors. You just think they are cheap asses because you are one. Go to a jr.high school or a high school and you'll see for yourself. I happen to have a visor deluxe my self and its working great. Almost all my friends have one and they like it to. The only cheap ass here is YOU!


James Naron @ 7/28/2000 1:54:35 AM #
With nearly all new computers today shipping with USB support and many doing away with serial ports (and other "Legacy" ports), I think Handspring is wise to ship the Visor Deluxe with USB.

We've got Visors!

Bob @ 7/28/2000 9:30:19 AM #
My wife and I were winners of Palm V handhelds in an on-line contest. When the program couldn't get the Palm Vs because of shortages, they offered $300 to each of us instead. We took the money, bought less expensive Handspring Visors, and enjoyed the extra money we saved. I'm certain other new Visor owners considered the better value when they made their purchases also.
RE: We've got Visors!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/18/2000 11:28:51 AM #
Yoiu are dead right about the Visor DeLuxe.

From Pocket to Visor

John Anderson @ 7/28/2000 4:29:08 PM #
I went shopping for a Pocket PC and walked out with a Visor. I love new toys so when I saw that you could change the Visor into somthing different via springboard I had to have it. Now if I get to the piont I need a new toy I buy new module and I change my existing toy.
RE: From Pocket to Visor
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/4/2000 6:59:01 PM #
Ermm ... and how exactly does Springboard differ from CompactFlash / iPaq Expansion pack?

Just curious ...

RE: From Pocket to Visor
@ 11/19/2000 12:20:26 AM #
I like the latest gadgets as well ..... when they're useful. Why would you want to haul around a bunch of add-on modules? Are you going to try storing your modules in the pockets of your jeans? ..... good luck finding a comfortable position to sit in. Better yet, carry an extra bag for storing them? Technology is suppose to enable us to work and play smarter, not harder ...... it's suppose to make our lives simpler, not even more cumbersome. Do you actually use your pda the way it's meant to be used? ....... as an extension of your life. If you do, then why would you put it in harms way by ..... lets see ..... banging it around at the gym while using it as an MP3 player. I can't count the times I've seen people (yes, even myself) accidentally dropping their MP3 players, mini disc players, etc. while at the gym or commuting via public transportation. I have an expensive mini disc player and MP3 player ...... these products are made to be rugged ..... your pda isn't. In addition, have you seen the prices of the add-on's? For the cost of an MP3 module, you can buy a top-of-the-line Sony, Sharp, etc. MP3 player or mini disc player (beautiful looking gadgets that turn heads ...... not to mention they’re made to withstand rough treatment). I guess what I'm trying to say is ..... being a gadget -happy kinda guy can be fun when you spend your money wisely by purchasing products you can see yourself enjoying and find useful for at least a year from the purchase date. When I say useful, I mean its intended use ...... not as an expensive bookend or a paperweight. In the end, you'll be known as a wise man with the latest gadgets ...... not a fool with yesterday’s fad. That's my two cents ..... not that you asked for it ....... he he he.

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palm alikes

cutterjohn @ 7/30/2000 11:40:23 AM #
the visor is nice but not having the OS in flash was a critical error as evidenced by the DRAM fiasco.

I prefer the TRGPro as the better / slightly cheaper palm licensee.

recent traitor: posted from an iPaq.

RE: palm alikes
krAzyDaWg @ 7/30/2000 3:28:54 PM #
Even though some Handspring devices suffered from the DRAM problem, Handspring has a patch available just like everyone else.

I don't miss the flash that much for two reasons. For additional memory, a Flash module will do just fine. Also I plan on getting a color Visor (with a newer OS) when they come out, likely with PalmOS 4. Right now there isn't too much that 3.0 users are missing, aside from complications with lots of poorly written software that won't run on 3.5. Visors can be patched, they just can't run a major version update.

The most disappointing thing about the Visor is the poor grade of plastic they used for the case. My Ice Blue Visor has developed small cracks all over. Perhaps the Granite ones are sturdier.

I can't believe you bought anything from Compaq. Their support, especially downloadable updates, is pathetic. They also REFUSE to offer any support or patches for Windows2000 compatibility. If they won't support a major release of an operating system, I shudder to think how complete their support would be for a handheld device with no market share. Good luck, you'll probably need it.

RE: palm alikes
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/4/2000 7:00:25 PM #
My own personal experience:

I have an iPaq and had a nitpick that the D-Pad was too loose for my taste. I called their support, waited about 15 minutes, and the Airborned me a return box next day-air, paid all the shipping costs to send it back to them, and are now sending me my device all fixed up. All with a turn-around of a week, total.

I've heard Compaq sometimes does have support issues, but in this case, I have no complaints.

Which Palm

Grakka @ 7/30/2000 12:57:25 PM #
Still don't get it.. I bought a palm IIIxe about 3 months and believe me, 8mb RAM, beautiful design and at 250ish., Nothing can beat it, not even a kids oriented strawberry-colored clone..

[ No Subject ]

Chan Le @ 8/2/2000 7:35:23 AM #
Of course Handspring doesn't have parts shortage problems. It doesn't have flash RAM for one.

the Visors tend to be pretty gimmicky

pneutin @ 10/28/2000 3:05:37 PM #
like the Nokia phones the Visors seem to be pretty gimmicky, not just because of the interchangeable face plates. The Springboard slot is a nice idea, but all of the truly useful ones are so expensive, like the cell phone addon that will be coming out. The cell phone springboard costs even more than the Visor itself! Another problem with the springboards is that you buy all these addons, but once your Visor starts malfunctioning, all the springboards you bought will serve no use. So you can't dial 911 if you're in trouble or use your GPS to find your way home or whatever, all because your one precious Visor stopped working. Not only that but you can't use more than one of them at a time, and you gotta lug all those gameboy-like cartridges everywhere you go. Those drawbacks of the springboards coupled with no flash-ROM (people who want to use the Novatel wireless modem probably have to send in their Visor for a OS update and will most like have to wait a week or two) led me to purchase the Palm IIIxe, and I have been happy since. Palm will be coming out with their Mobile Connectivity kit soon so I can infrared to my cell phone to do wireless internet, so I am an even happier camper.

RE: the Visors tend to be pretty gimmicky
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2000 10:04:49 PM #

I don't understand your statements. The springboard slot isn't "gimmicky," it's a real expansion slot that has some practical and affordable modules available for it. I agree with your statement that some of them are expensive, but they are true plug and play devices that integrate with the Visor, not just "gimmicks."

I personally use the Thinmodem. It's fantastic, 33.6 which is plenty fast for Palm Web surfing, and is no larger than a standard Springboard module so my Visor will still fit in my favorite case. Not so with Palm. Their clunky add on modem is oversized, and reportedly has had problems performing remote hotsyncs. There are other affordable springboard modules available, the pager, the 8MB expansion module, and the backup module. You can completely back up your Visor on the road with a backup module- sounds like a good return on $40 to me!

I'm not ragging on Palm organizers- I think they're great, but I think that the Visor is more than just a gimmick. It's another well designed option for Palm users that want an easy way to add expansions to their handheld, and if it is a gimmick, it's one of the best I've seen!



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