Palm Admits and Fixes OS 3.5 Bugs

Palm's recent OS 3.5.2 patch fixes the long rumored memory leak bug and a few other low level system issues as confirmed by this new Knowledge Base article. Also in today's news, cnet is reporting, "Next-generation Palms based on ARM chips would likely support higher-resolution color screens and more data-intensive applications, including wireless services. Palm has said that it is focusing almost exclusively on bringing wireless services to its devices in the next year." Though not confirmed, I would be on the lookout for the new M100 and VIIx to be out on Monday the 7th.

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Glad to hear it

Mike Leeson @ 8/3/2000 4:35:26 PM #
I am glad to see that Palm is workinq to fix problems users have been complaininq about.
RE: Glad to hear it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/3/2000 6:07:10 PM #
yeah... palm os should be open source

no big deal

angus @ 8/3/2000 11:49:31 PM #
no big deal with palm os, my ex-palm v was running fine. thinking of getting a new palm vx, but wait and see, so many choices, but I don't like visor, cheap plastic and colors for kids stuff.

open source palm

salim fadhley @ 8/4/2000 12:57:29 PM #
if they open sourced palm os 4 then i could get a verson for my compaq aero. I could do something usefull with a powerfull palm os powerd machine.
RE: open source palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/4/2000 4:33:08 PM #
are you stupid?

It's about time...

404 @ 8/4/2000 5:54:35 PM #
I have had SO MANY problems with my Vx/3.5 unit. I would get a hardreset about once a week, The Vx would have a problem with an app and I would have to do a soft-reset. When I would do this I would get vertical flashing lines on my palm and the hard-reset screen would pop up. Palm TECH said the unit was fine and that there were no memory problems.

Once I grabbed the 3.5.2 patch, all the problems I once had with my Vx are no more.

Thanks for nothing Palm Tech.


Scott @ 8/4/2000 8:37:38 PM #
I still want to know when we can download 3.5 for our Palm Vs.
RE: 3.S
Paul P. @ 8/5/2000 5:55:39 AM #
The improvements are so slight. I have a Palm IIIc (with 3.5 of course) the differences between it and my friend's V and my IIIc are undectable (except for color, of course).
Unless you have color, I'd say don't bother.
We get kinda caught up in the "gotta have that upgrade" game. I blame microsoft.
The Palm's fine w/o 3.5.

The Vx & Open Source

bighead @ 8/5/2000 11:27:11 AM #
The Palm Vx is wonderful. I'm typing this on one with the folding keyboard at my college orientation. Regarding open source, it would be a liberalization of a platform that has remained wonderfully stable for years. Open source Win and MacOS? Maybe. PalmOS, not a good idea.

Good !

Mic @ 8/6/2000 4:33:10 AM #
Palm Inc. should release the fix more quick ........


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