Michael Ethetton - Special Guest Chat in #Palm

Coming next friday Michael Ethetton (a.k.a. 'Maven') of Gambit Studios, author of Liberty for PalmOS, will make a special guest appearence in #palm (efnet). Not only will you be able chat with him, but you could walk away with your very own copy of the Liberty GameBoy emulator as well.

You can connect via the Palm Infocenter webchat client or connect to any efnet server with an IRC client and join #Palm.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2000 10:28:31 PM #
Um.. What type is it now?


Smev @ 9/1/2000 10:18:02 AM #
It will be after 9pm Central Time. Today!

Bad Guy?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/2000 12:10:09 PM #
Isn't this the guy that released the trojan horse virus "Crack" within the past couple of days? Should we be collecting stones?

RE: Bad Guy?
maven @ 9/1/2000 2:05:46 PM #
no, I'm not the one, though it was the co-programmer of Liberty who wrote it. Is that "guilty by association?" Please, find foam stones... I bruise easily! -Mike

RE: Bad Guy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/2000 5:12:18 PM #
Whine whine whine... I downloaded the F&&&ing horse!

RE: Bad Guy?
Smev @ 9/1/2000 5:20:26 PM #
Must be a warez kiddie then.

RE: Bad Guy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/2000 9:20:10 PM #
Warez kiddie? A friend who owns a palm sent it to me! I didn't back up my palm v either so all the data got vaped.


Smev @ 9/2/2000 1:38:38 AM #
KPUG stop by #palm to pick up you free copy.



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