Eudora Internet Suite 2.0 Available This Month

Qualcomm Inc. today announced it will release the commercial version of Eudora Internet Suite 2.0 by the end of this month. EIS 2.0 software includes Eudoraís email client and Web browser for Palm-powered handhelds. A beta is available now.

New features include multiple email accounts, multiple signatures, the ability to perform an action on multiple messages, an expanded sort capability for e-mail, and beaming of bookmarks and email messages.

EIS 2.0 software includes three components, Eudora for the Palm, Eudora Mail Conduit, and EudoraWeb browser.

Users will have access to EIS 2.0 software in one of three ways: Unregistered, Registered, and Unlimited Sync. All three options allow for POP/SMTP access via any Internet or data connection. Unregistered and Registered use is free and syncs only with desktop Eudora software in versions 4.3.2 and higher in Sponsored and Paid modes. Registered installation uses the registration code from the userís desktop Eudora email software. Unlimited Sync costs $29.95 (MSRP) and is compatible with most other desktop email programs.

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Disappointed no Palm VII support

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/11/2000 4:44:40 PM #
I had hoped that EIS would have some support for networking across the Palm VII INetLib interface. I can understand them not implementing it, but having support would make this a MUST-HAVE suite.

Sync to Out Box

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 12:16:01 AM #
In general a very good product should you have a direct link to the Internet. I could not find a way to sync the out-box.
RE: Sync to Out Box
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 6:16:37 AM #
A conduit for the Windows platform is available. Unfortunately you'll only be able to sync with desktop eudora or you'll need to purchase a special "unlimited sync" license. Then hotsync with all MAPI (Outlook etc) clients is supported.

I don't like dekstop eudora so I hope someone will post the serial on a warez group soon.

debugged, maybe

Jim @ 9/12/2000 10:59:49 AM #
I've been a registered user of E.I.S. since before it was E.I.S., It's a great program WHEN IT WORKS! Right now I've upgraded to Beta 10, but haven't dared trying to sync to Eudora (Previous versions all crashed hotsync on my Visor), let alone Netscape. I guess for now I'm stuck with Outlook 2K, which syncs flawlessly. Sure does suck having Netscape and Outlook both just to surf and collect mail though. What a waste of disk space.

proxi web

trace @ 9/14/2000 7:05:36 PM #
.eis is ok. but "Proxi Web is faster and more stable"

New release? Haha!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/14/2000 9:21:27 PM #
I have JUST bought the unlimited conduit for US$29.95 and feel totally ripped off!

I can't sync my Outlook 97 properly (it dies on a certain msg, but I don't know why)... Everytime I sync with Eudora EIS, it kills my Yanoff conduit... etc etc

Eudora Upgrade Warning

Ed @ 9/15/2000 10:38:05 AM #
This is from the PalmPower site:
The upgrade process for Eudora 5 (which includes a Palm client) is extremely misleading and we recommend you use considerable care before upgrading or allowing your users to upgrade to Eudora 5. Users who purchased Eudora 4.3 are entitled to a free upgrade, but if they purchased Eudora 4.0, they are NOT entitled to a free upgrade. The issue is that Eudora's upgrade page is not clear here. It is extremely possible that 4.0 users who have previously upgraded to 4.3 will download the upgrade assuming they're getting a full upgrade, do the install, and find themselves stuck with a version of the product that has advertising and is not fully functional (the ads take up a considerable portion of the screen).

Palm InfoCenter


Ed @ 9/18/2000 12:28:37 PM #
Have you seen anything on the mood-monitoring functions built into the desktop version?

The software now has a flame-proofing feature called Moodwatch that alerts you when it thinks email you're about to send is inflammatory. The warnings display one, two or three chili peppers depending on the spiciness of your words.

Palm InfoCenter



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