PalmOS 3.5 Shipping for the Vx -- or Not?

PalmOS 3.5 is shipping on new Palm Vx units but, according to Palm support representatives, won't be available for download by purchasers of older Vx units until "later this fall".

If you're the owner of an older Palm you'll either have to wait or buy a new unit. Palm support have given no reason for the delay.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 9:25:53 AM #
As a software developer having just launched my first Palm applications earlier this month after six months of development, Palm's actions of late have started to concern me. They seem to have become arrogant with respect to user's needs/desires. This is just the latest example - what about the "no processor/screen changes anytime soon" message, the 8MB memory problem, the IIIc case cracking, etc. - the way Palm has handled the issues (rather than the issues themselves) has me thinking I need to start on a PocketPC version of my applications ASAP because Palm may not be on top a year from now.

Thanks Palm.


RE: Argh...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 11:47:25 AM #

RE: Argh...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 8:55:55 PM #
Can you really blame them about not wanting to make screen changes though? Legacy apps would be something that you just positively couldn't ignore. You'd either have put legacy apps in a reduced portions of the screen or double/triple/etc. the resolution so legacy apps could scale. Either way you'd be looking a big 'ole giant hassle.

RE: Argh...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 12:19:17 AM #
Sorry to say but, keeping things the same b/c of some older apps is just plain ridiculous. Imagine someone wishing that old dos apps would work on newer systems, we would ask why? Newer apps will always be better in many forms. Listen, if Palm decides to support older apps and this is the reason why they won't change things now. What does that say about them? Could it be that they have nothing dramaticlly different to give the Palm community. This reason will buy them time to change things eventually, but Apple had to change to compete and also Palm will have to. It always happens. Things change. It's life, accept it.

There IS a way to upgrade to OS 3.5 - FOR FREE!

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 10:34:20 AM #
I too was waiting for Palm to realease the OS 3.5 update. Since they'd been taking there good ol' time, I found another way to update my 3.3 Vx to 3.5 myself. Here it is, but you;ll need three things: 1) A OS 3.5 Palm V or Vx, 2) The free POSE software from Palm's website, and 3) An Omnisky modem CD-ROM.

1. If you or someone you know has an Omnisky modem, the CD-ROM comes with an OS update program. It only comes with the image file for OS 3.3, but there is an option to manually point it to a different ROM image file.

2. If you know someone who has an OS 3.5 V or Vx, you can use the ROM download program that comes with Palm's POSE (Palm OS Emulator) program (it's downloadable for free from NOTE: Don't use a Palm IIIc image on a V or Vx because I've heard it's not EXACTLY the same.

3. Then just run the Omnisky OS update program and point it to the 3.5 ROM image. You'll have an OS 3.5 V or Vx in just a few minutes. I did mine and it's been working fine for months now. Of course you do this at your OWN risk! If anything goes wrong in the flash upgrade, you're sunk!

EDITORIAL: It especially bugs me that Palm has put off the OS 3.5 upadate release since the tools ALREADY EXIST to do it! What are they waiting for, and do they really think that they can charge people for it?

Maybe it has something to do with the customers of Palm's other device competitors (TRG, SONY, etc.) being able to take advantage of the same OS improvements and updates as firsthand Palm customers. Still I couldn't wait for them to figure it all out, so I did it myself.


RE: There IS a way to upgrade to OS 3.5 - FOR FREE!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 9:52:35 AM #
What is the big difference from 3.3 to 3.5 using the ROM
Transfer tool I got the 3.5 OS from a newer model and installed
on my 3x after testing it on POSE first, the only differences
I can see are in the Security app and calender thing,
what eefects does it have on the actual system itself, with
all the fuss about 3.5 I thought It was going to be an
important update, am I just missing something?


RE: There IS a way to upgrade to OS 3.5 - FOR FREE!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 9:58:36 AM #
By the way you don't need the omnisky app to do the upgrade
having a 3x with 3.1 on it I download the 3.3 updater from
palm, I used this same updater and installed 3.5 on my 3x
by bopping on the advanced menu and pointing to the 3.5 ROM


Is This News?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 7:46:35 PM #
I received a Palm Vx back in August. At that time the "Info" showed that I had a version of Palm OS 3.5. When I registerd, I was directed to a free download for v.3.5.2. That seems fair to me.

RE: Is This News?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/28/2000 5:34:29 PM #
You're missing the point! Early buyers of the Palm V or Vx got V3.3 and can't upgrade to 3.5

Palm OS 3.5.2

Michael Brewer @ 10/27/2000 9:03:28 PM #
There is a way to get the update...go to the Palm website and you can download the new OS 3.5.2 which fixes a problem in 3.5.0. It worked for me just
RE: Palm OS 3.5.2
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/2000 12:28:30 AM #
The OS 3.5.2 update does absolutely nothing if you don't already have OS 3.5.x already installed.

Visor anyone?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/28/2000 2:33:09 AM #
Guess Palm's just too complacent with their "firm" no. 1 spot. Seems that Handspring's offerings are more innovative than the 'dead' Palm line. Anyone switching to the Visor?
The Visor's OS can't be flashed at all!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/28/2000 6:59:22 AM #
mind you...

RE: Visor anyone?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 12:27:43 AM #
No couldn't wait any longer, and switched to WinCE. Palm is getting off on this number one status and can't even listen to their customers. No OS3.5 update, no more memory,no this and no that. Maybe the Palm OS can't handle anything else in it's present configuration. The other guys (Sony, Handspring, etc..) can't really produce much more. Yes 65,000 colors is nice but at 160x160 resolution? Jeesh. Ooh a jog dial and memory cards and springboards that cost and arm and a leg, why not buy a laptop? Prices are too high, customer service is bad, limitations on everything. I think the OS on a cell phone would work, but compared to PocketPc's and even Psions, Palm is losing it. No color PalmVx with a SD slot is going to save them or change my mind. After 3 years, good bye Palm!

Palm OS vs Palms

WorldcTZen @ 10/28/2000 2:47:40 AM #
Considering all the problems Palm has been giving its customers, I'm increasingly glad I bought a Visor. However, I'm wondering if the updated OS will be available for visors?

Palm Inc=anotherM$

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/28/2000 8:35:15 PM #
if pocket pc has as many as software as palm, then i will switch to pocket pc. :P
RE: Palm Inc=anotherM$
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 12:34:02 AM #
Ya my man! Do it buddy, I did.

Palm Vx with 3.5.2

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 2:12:34 PM #
I bought a Palm Vx from last spring. It came with Palm OS 3.5.2 as standard

OS 3.5 - what's the big deal?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/2000 6:57:57 PM #
- Palm OS 3.5 runs (a little) slower than 3.3.
- Install menuhack in 3.3, and you've essentially got 3.5.
- Not all apps support OS 3.5 properly yet.

Why upgrade? This isn't like Windows95/98/ME/2000 where the updates bring you new features and bugfixes. 3.3 runs just fine.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/2000 11:25:02 AM #


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