On-Palm Anti-virus Beta App Out from McAfee

McAfee.com today announced the beta release of their first anti-virus scanner resident on the Palm. McAfee.com's Anti-Virus Resident Scanner (MARS) installs a 17 KB anti-virus engine that provides "on-demand" virus protection. It is available for McAfee.com subscribers as part of the Wireless Security Center, which costs $30 per year.

The scanner allows the user to scan all files on the device, or just program files. It is designed to accept new virus signatures as more viruses are discovered.

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Am I alone?

kupson @ 10/30/2000 2:48:46 PM #
Am I all alone in thinking that Palm viruses are just a BUNCH OF CRAP, and were "created" only to sell more av software?

You Are NOT Alone
CKMOOSE @ 10/30/2000 9:33:29 PM #
I also think this is just a scam to scare Palm users into buying software they really don't need.
Of course, soon after these AV programs come out, new viruses will mysteriously appear.
I also agree with the post recommending BackUp Buddy. At least it has real function as well as AV capabilities.
Just Because McAfee and Symantic hold large shares of the PC market, they seem to feel that they deserve a chunk of us Palm users. Just Say No ;)

On the other hand
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 7:48:10 PM #
McAfee's File Transporter utility is pretty cool. Lets you encode and sync any PC file to your Palm -- Word docs, PowerPoint slides, MP3's, whatever. You can beam the file to somebody and they can decode it and get the original file back. That's very cool. Their virus info PQA is kinda cool too.

Thanks again BackupBuddy!

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/2000 3:02:15 PM #
Can't see how there should be much demand for AV products from McAfee or Norton since the latest version of BackupBuddy (which everyone should be using already) has virus scanning built in.

RE: Thanks again BackupBuddy!
PFloyd @ 10/31/2000 10:46:44 AM #
Three cheers to Alexander Hinds, the author of BackupBuddy and InstallBuddy! I trust him way more than I do Norton and NAI/Mcafee! Not only are these applications sensibly priced, current and essential, the crew at BackupBuddy supports them well. I've had one or two quirks show up and a couple of suggestions I've made in the past as well. They've always been curtious, helpful and prompt!
Let's encourage NEW palm users to register this essential product and not encourage Norton, et al. Personally, I'm not even going to hit their web sites lest they think I'll come back and buy...

backupbuddy = best solution
ardiri @ 10/31/2000 8:00:50 PM #
Alexander asked me about using the sources of the virii scanner i wrote (http://www.ardiri.com/download/virii/virii.zip/) and i agreed to let him use it to integrate the first virus scanning capabilities into his software. at the moment, backupbuddy is the best solution - McAfee and F-Secure et al are in it for the money. Alexander had the best of mind to simply add this functionality to an existing application.

// az

// az

You can have it...Free

Tapi @ 10/31/2000 6:14:47 AM #
Try F-secure Anti-virus for Palm 1.04b, this version is totally FREE of charge, and only 8kb. Download today! : www.datafellows.fi/palm or www.f-secure.com


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