Coola and Aportis Create Doc Coolets

Aportis Technologies Corp., the publisher of AportisDoc, and Coola Inc. have announced Doc Coolets, which allow any Web page to be saved in Doc format. This frees Coolets from the 4 thousand character limit previously imposed by having all text Coolets be saved in Memo Pad format.

Web site owners can make their site accessible to Palms by placing an HTML tag called a 'Document Coolet' on the pages. Coola users need to download a new version of the Coola desktop app in order to use Doc Coolets. Coola Docs can be read with AportisDoc Mobile Edition or other Doc readers.

PalmGuru is now providing real-time conversion of many of its reviews via Doc Coolets.

"This partnership has created a breakthrough in Web Content Delivery to Mobile Applications, and provides simplicity and speed of implementation to help Web sites quickly transfer documents to mobile space and wireless devices," said Tim Horgan, GM/SVP of CXO Media.

"The partnering of AportisDoc with Coola gives Palm handheld users an easy way to get large amounts of information from the Internet to their Palm handhelds with ease," said David Schargel, President of Aportis Technologies Corp. "Companies that target the mobile professional can also immediately benefit as Coola is able to transform large, dynamically, database-driven web sites into the AportisDoc handheld software."

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Where's the point ?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/3/2000 8:08:05 AM #
What a Cool(a) idea !

But, tell me if I'm wrong...
Isn't it already possible with the Screwdriver ( ? No need to install those Coola files, register as a Coola user an so forth. Just click on the link and the article is ready to be synced. Palminfocenter has been doing this for a long time...

They've just created half-warm water !

too few

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/4/2000 11:13:11 AM #
There are just too few coolets out there.
RE: too few
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/4/2000 12:41:26 PM #
So, why not contact a web site that you think should be Coola-ized, and ask them to look into that possibility? I'm Coola-izing all my sites that I think Palm users can take info from.

Yeah, screwdriver is cool, I just tried it. I prefer the way Coola converts pages, though, and installing the Docs is that much easier (don't even have to hunt for it on your drive and double-click it). As soon as Coola integrates the Doc Coolets with it's Coola Right-Click features, screwdriver will be completely useless.

And, I don't have to install Syncplicity (which always forces me to reformat the text I'm trying to convert), AvantGo (which takes up a good 500k BEFORE getting any actual content) or any other application that tries to do what Coola already does easily.

Sure, there are a lot of sites that don't have Coola... yet! Once sites like QwestDex get Coola-ized, most people who have that to complain about anymore. :P

HPUG website

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/4/2000 1:23:28 PM #
The Houston Palm User Group web site now features doc coolets on all of it's articles, including their short reviews on each PalmOS unit. check it out:

[ No Subject ]

grakka @ 11/7/2000 5:37:20 PM #
"Coola" simply sucks (real bad)

coola better than IE2PDB?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/8/2000 8:53:20 PM #
Not trying to start anything, but how is coola better that IE2PDB?



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