Palm Mobile Internet Kit Ships

Palm, Inc. has started shipping its Mobile Internet Kit. This software application allows almost all Palm handheld computer users to connect to the Internet using a data-enabled mobile phone and use Palm's web clipping apps.

The kit is available immediately in the United States, with scheduled availability in the rest of the world by the end of the month. Selling for about $40, it can be ordered off Palm's Web site in the U.S. and Europe, and also is available in the retail channel throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

Users of the Mobile Internet Kit will be able to access the Internet and web content through web clipping technology, which was first introduced with the Palm VII wireless handheld. A web clipping app extracts only a specific set of information from a Web site, providing users with an efficient means of accessing information without excess graphics and undesired information. These are available from the Palm.Net Web site.

The Palm Mobile Internet Kit requires Palm OS 3.5, and the upgrade software is included on the CD-ROM.

The kit also provides e-mail and Short Messaging Services (SMS). It includes MultiMail 2.26, providing easy to any POP3 or IMAP4 mail account, and HandPHONE SMS 1.3. In addition, the Palm Mobile Internet Kit CD-ROM includes Neomar WAP 1.5, an optional WAP browser.

660k of memory is required.

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Quite a deal

PFloyd @ 11/14/2000 5:59:47 PM #
I'm surprised there aren't more comments here.
This is a great way to get what may be the best email client for Palm's, the 3.5 upgrade, and SMS. I am confused about the included version of MultiMail. Ed's article says it's 2.26 but I think they're up to 3.0. I wonder if you can upgrade the 2.26 to 3.0 for free...

RE: MultiMail 2.26
Ed @ 11/15/2000 7:30:13 AM #
Based on my experience with the 33.6 Palm modem, I think I can explain the MultiMail thing. They give you MultiMail 2.26 and offer an upgrade to the latest version... for full price. Frankly, I think this is a bit underhanded, especially if they don't make it clear in the marketing materials that the version of MultiMail you are getting is out of date. When I bought the PalmModem, all ad stuff for it said that it came with MultiMail. No mention was made that it was an old version of the app.

I just took a look at the Web page for the Mobile Internet Kit and it doesn't even mention MultiMail by name. Interesting.

Palm Infocenter

Web clipping, WAP, Web browsing

Steve Jamieson @ 11/15/2000 5:06:48 AM #
Has anybody any experience of using web clipping app's ? I have used Proxiweb (web browser), Avantgo and Kbrowser (WAP) all wireless via a GSM phone. How does web clipping compare ? What about Handspring and web clipping ?

Why pay for this

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2000 6:55:06 AM #
Why should people have to shell out $40 for this. Most components are available as freeware & it took me only a couple of hours to config on a Palm III OS 3.3
RE: Why pay for this
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2000 1:26:28 PM #
Never could get what your talking about to work on my 3xe and minstrel modem. Maybe this would do it for me?

RE: Why pay for this
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/28/2000 5:29:42 PM #
Can you use Palm PQA's on a Pallm III without the kit. I have a Palm IIIx with the new Palm 3.5.0 and a Minstrel Wireless modem and PQA apps don't seem to work. If I know someone with a Palm VII is there something I can beam to mine to make PQA 's work?

Who would be ISP?

Don @ 11/15/2000 8:50:44 AM #
Would you need to subscribe to the palm web clipping? Or just your mobile phone data service?
RE: Who would be ISP?
Ed @ 11/15/2000 11:08:02 AM #
Any ISP, wireless or not, will work.

Palm Infocenter


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2000 5:50:46 PM #
if it's true that you get an old version of multimail & have to pay to get current, that's *really* slimy & does a lot of damage to the palm & multimail brands-why would someone buy again if they were burnt & believe they'll just get old junk-ill conceived at best


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