GSM Modem for V Series in December

Ohfish Communication, Inc in Taiwan will be offering a dual-band GSM wireless mobile phone and modem this year in December. It is a sled for the V series. The company intends to also offer wireless access plans.

Ohfish had joined Palm's exibition in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They will also be joining the Palm exibition Singapore on the 1st of December.

OhFish's Dual-Band GSM device allows user to access Internet in Europe and Asia given that GSM is the dominant network to those regions. With the introduction of the OhFish's Tri-Band GSM- enabled device sometimes in the near future, subscribers will be able to have Internet access in US, Europe, and Asia.

Device Dimensions.
Length: 12.5 cm. Length w/antenna: 15cm.Width: 8.5cm. Thickness: ~ 1.3 cm. Weight: ~4.6oz (130g)

Built-in Features:
GSM Slim Card Slot Microphone & Speaker. Hands-Free Microphone & Speaker.Antenna. Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Battery Charger Jack.RS 232 (Output for Accessory) GSM Modem (Dual-Band) Features:
AT command set, built-in TCP/IP, UDP, PPP and SLIP protocols. 9.6 Kbps data transfer rate, v. 42 bis data compression, v.42 LAPM error correction. Average remote synchronization (using HotSyncR technology) takes less than one minute over standard phone lines.

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Price will determine feasibility

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2000 5:42:44 PM #
This will compete with OmniSky service for Novatel Wireless Minstrel V sled type
CDPD 19.2Kbs wireless modems which cost $100 (after $200 rebate) for the hardware
and $40 per month for unlimited service.

Go Fish will be able to use any GSM carrier. The price of the device needs to be
considered with in conjunction with cost related to 9.6Kbs GSM data transport.

RE: Price will determine feasibility
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:10:58 AM #
The reason why it is cost at a price of US$350 is because we have not yet talked to a carrier. It is just like when Omnisky first appeared in the States, it costs at similar or higher price.
With OhFish, user is not limited to a specific carrier. A voice feature is integrated in it where it can be used as a phone. Moreover, it runs on GSM where it is accessible in most Europe and asian countries. It will be very useful for people who travels often.
One does not have to worry about the data transfer rate, if you have tested a OhFish yourself, you will probably see that 9.6 is the slowest speed that it travels. Most of the time it travels much faster than 9.6. The reason why we can achieve in the fast speed is because we perform a compression and decompression while transferring the data.

How STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2000 9:55:37 PM #
I sure hope they have a better pricing plan than OmniSky. $39.95 a month to access email and the web on a palm has got to be the biggest scam I have ever seen.
Until the price comes down to where it's affordable, it's never going to sell to the masses like OmniSky and the others want it too.

Think about it.....The typical person that owns a Palm or CE device, has a cell phone and Internet access at home and work.

Lets see......$29.95 per mo. for the phone.....$19.95 per mo. for Internet access......$39.95 per mo. for accessing email and surfing the net on a 160 by 160 screen.....

That's the most idiotic thing I have ever heard of....

RE: How STUPID!!!!!!!!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/2000 11:06:51 PM #
Where in the heck did you get those crazy numbers?
Let's see... $300 for the device/phone (at first)... $whatever you're already being charged for GSM service. If you have other cell service, ditch it and get the GSM service, still no change... $0 for internet access. Anyone who's still paying anything for dialup internet access is either an idiot, or in some backwoods area of the country where you wouldn't be able to use this new device anyway. And why do you have the $20 'net access AND $40 "email and surfing the net" cost? What do you think internet access for $20 gets you?!?

I agree, though, that this unit will probably be on the spendy side, but that's what cutting edge costs... $$$$. Omnisky IS too expensive for what it is, but still... it's still pretty cutting edge... though it's getting dull. ;-)

Personally, if I got this device, all I'd pay is the cost of the device. Net access is free, and the on-line time comes out of my service plan minutes. Nothing extra to pay.

I can post anonymously too. :P

for how much

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/30/2000 12:27:58 AM #
How much is the unit going to cost?

RE: for how much
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:57:22 AM #
We are aiming at an end- user price of US$350

when will this shed be available in Hong Kong?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/30/2000 12:30:28 AM #
Could anyone tell me?

RE: when will this shed be available in Hong Kong?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:39:30 AM #
I bet many people are wondering about the same question all over the world.
The product itself is available, however, depending on the distributors. It should be seen in the market very soon


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/30/2000 12:33:36 AM #
I have been waiting for such GSM product for such a long time. I travel around the world from Europe to Asia, and I need internet access quite often. Nice job Ohfish. Can't wait for it to be release. By the way, how much is it going to cost?

Availability in Europe
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/30/2000 8:21:58 PM #
When will it be available in Europe?

What happen to RealVision's GSM phone?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/1/2000 6:33:32 AM #
It's hard to understand why Palm would endorse RealVision's GSM sled while other companies are going to launch their product first. Besides, by looking at both products, Ohfish seems to have a better quality product that would fit Palm V series.

What is Palm's strategy towards its developers? Shouldn't they promote other developers as well to help itself compete with Pocket PCs?

Right now, I am developing a new accessory for Palm, and I get NO feedback from Palm. They are getting way to COCKY. I should developing other PDA platform first, instead of wasting my time with Palm.


Eston Bond @ 12/3/2000 11:41:49 AM #
Hey, I have a Palm V modem made by Palm. It's a GSM modem- hook it up to your Nokia or Ericsson and it's this product. Plus it works with regular phone lines. What about a CDMA Modem for my StarTAC? That would be useful.

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software

RE: hmm.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:42:10 AM #
CDMA is also one of our future products.
THe reason we created an attachment was because we realize how inconvenient it was to use one hand holding a palm, another one holding onto the phone beaming to each other while tapping on the applications. Poeple can only go online when they have places to settle all their devices. However, with a OhFish device, user can walk on the go, does not have to worry about dropping one device while rushing from places to places.

All that glitters, is it gold

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/2000 11:44:42 PM #
I'm a new Palm user, so forgive my naitivity. Great looking product-but does its performance match. Also using an Ericsson GSM phone I'm able to go around the world and use my 'smartcard' on all other phones supporting this technology. Will this product offer users to place their own GSM 'SmartCards' so they can stay faithful to their GSM carriers?! This is very important to me since in Canada "Fido/Microcell" is the only provider of GSM service. When it comes to mobility & wireless access you guys got all the choice, but Here there is NOTHING to choose from-but if this ships to Canada (and I hope it provides faster than 19.6/33.6 kbps data transmission)I'll be able to smile once again.

RE: All that glitters, is it gold
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:52:47 AM #
When we said 9.6 that is the speed of GSM however,we perform a compression and decompression so we can speed up the transfer rate.

You also need not to worry about which GSM carrier to go with. Any SIM card with data transmission capability will work


I.M. Anonymous @ 12/19/2000 1:54:38 AM #
Why didn't they go for GPRS straight away? I have used the palm with GSM for over 2 years now and it is very slow. With the upcoming launches of GPRS in Asia and Europe, I would have expected a more clever aproach on this.

I hope they read this... and make it GPRS asap. I would like ot pre-order right on the spot ;-)

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 5:26:26 AM #
The reason why we went with GSM because there is already an existing market out there with people using GPRS.
Altho Asia and Europe has been annoucing the GPRS device, the news has been passing around for about a year already. Still, there is no sign of it in the market.
Our company is also making GPRS device and we are waiting for the market to mature before launching the product. We will suspect the 4th quarter of year 2001

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/12/2001 3:10:26 PM #
Not True!!!
In Italy BLU started with GPRS the first week of December (i've a Motorola T260 working in my hand right now) and other companys are starting in january.
GPRS is real and actual, GSM technology is old and slow.

like whoa

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/25/2000 11:18:16 PM #
now this is kewl :) yes at $299 that's more than a super duper phone, but it does wireless internet too and it's not much larger than the Palm. Not only that, but calls are automatically logged in your Palm! Very cool :) kinda like having your caller ID connected to your computer.
The best part has to be that mic input, get a jabra and you don't have to look like a dork with a Visor stuck on your face :)

since it's all software I bet you can upgrade it pretty easily too

I think these will be very popular.

if someone makes a case designed for the Palm Vx with phone module connected and pick one of these up soon as Hong Kong is supported :(



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