Quickies: iPaq vs. VIIx, Free FileMaker Mobile, HandHeldCrime

In an article on Byte.com, John Ruley discusses his experiences with a Compaq iPaq and a Palm VIIx and explains why he eventually chose the Palm VIIx over the iPaq, despite the latter's superior display, faster processor, and more powerful operating system. -Brooke Wheeler

Purchasers of FileMaker Pro 5 from now through March 16 may receive a free copy of FileMaker Mobile for just the cost of shipping and handling. FileMaker Mobile lets users synchronize data bi-directionally between databases on Windows and Mac PCs and Palm powered handhelds. -Ed

The 10th Issue of HandHeldCrime is now available. In addition to new fiction from Anthony Neil Smith and another installment of David Kearns' novel THE MUCKRAKERS, there's a story from Scott Wolven, presented in conjunction with Plots With Guns, and comments on trends in crime fiction from people in the field, plus some new reviews. It is free. -Jamey Dumas

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From Bill Gates

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 11:50:36 AM #

I belive it was Bill Gates in the early 80's who once said something to the effect that software is the justification or reasoning for buying a computer. Meaning if a Platform had suitable software than that in it self should be the reason why a platform is purchased.

Eventhough I am Microsoft buff and love the CE OS and the Ipaq Platform, I still chose the Palm OS on a Visor as my daily PDA to carry just because of all the avialble software to it.

I think there is something to be learned here, not just by Microsoft but for Apple as well; but that is a whole different can of beans.

I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 12:28:00 PM #
That doesn't let Palm off the hook. I haven't seen any innovative ideas from Palm in over 3 years. The closet thing to cutting edge is the Palm VII...and that's a strech.

Palm is going to have to get off its fat lazy ass and start updating this platform. People aren't going to ignore Pocket PCs forever.

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 1:10:12 PM #
I personally aggree with you. 5 years of the same features is sad. 5 years ago Mp3s were hardly known to the world. Cell phones were not as common as today. The game boy was still consideret High tech in portable games. A pentuim 200 was considered cutting edge. Dos and Windows 3.1 was still considered an excaptable OS in the PC world. Most internet connections were still making you pay by the hour. CDRs cost 600 to 800 bucks. DVD's were still being experimented with and weren't being sold to the public. Britney Spears was barely hitting puberty. And the list goes on and on.

Their idea of simplicity is good. I mean who wants to know how to work an AS-400 or Unix Box just to access your PIMs. But than again reasoning for not moving with the times is sad. Every company has it's challenges. I think Palm should understand this with their products, and move with the times and still keep their interface simple and transparent to the user, but add some new feature.

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 2:42:17 PM #
I look at Palm as a company that lost a year due to the split from 3Com. They seem to have an interesting strategy in play (based from PalmSource details): 1) Get PalmOS 4.0 into the hands of developers 2) Color V device with SD expansion capabilities in March 3) Bluetooth for the V form by summer-fall 4) PalmOS 5.0 to developers 5) ARM-based devices in early 2002. I've gone back and forth on Palm over the past year, I'd dearly love an iPaq to play with, and the Pocket PC market is growing, but I still think that there's some interesting innovation in the Palm space (look at Handspring and Sony - I used to put TRG in this category, but they seem to be adrift).

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
Ed @ 1/10/2001 6:05:38 PM #
The automobile hasn't had a major innovation in longer than I've been alive. They still drive about the same speeds on the about same roads as they did in the 1950s. But I'll bet few people write angry letters to the heads of the big auto makers demanding that they radically change their cars. In fact, most people seem really satisfied with them. Some even love them.

I'd like to quote Carl Yankowski, who said over the weekend, "If the PC industry had designed car dashboards, they'd look like a 747 cockpit." Adding more features to something doesn't always make it better. I'm sure cars could be made that would also mow your lawn, polish your shoes, press your shirts, and a hundred and eleven other things, too. Most people won't pay for a bunch of "features" on their car that they have no use for. The same goes for handhelds.

To pick a slightly different metaphor, everyone doesn't want to drive a Ferrari. While they have tremendous power, the most the average driver needs is enough to get back and forth to work. They are also expensive and they break a lot.

Palm Infocenter

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/10/2001 11:51:16 PM #
...and if Palm designed an automobile, the windscreen would be 160x160mm

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
Clymmer @ 1/11/2001 9:57:13 AM #
. . . yeah, but if there was a PokeP based car, you wouldn't be able to see through the windshield on a sunny day.



Dumb Car analogy vs the Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/11/2001 2:42:20 PM #
Just face it... The analogy of the car is plain stupid! You're comparing a combustable mechanical machine to a computer. You're right in the sence that the car has basically been the same. You have a stearing wheel, gas pedal, breaks, clutch, gears. all that has been relevenlt the same the driver behind the wheel. But if you knew anything about auto mechanics, you'd realize the engine and everything under the hood, the dashboard suspensions, breaking and design it's self has been chaning for the last 45 years at a rapid pace, and even more so in the lat 15 years.

Thats what I mean by Palm keeping it simplicity and transparent to the user. Just cause they have hi-bryid cars now you dont hav to learn how to drive a new car, and Palm should get with the act and add new features and keep the "User experince" the same and simple.

Don't talk about stupid things ya don't know about..

RE: I'll still take Palm over Pocket PC, but..........
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/11/2001 2:55:06 PM #
Sorry about the typOs. I am not onmy computer and the keyboard I amusing sticks very, very bad.

Anyway enjoy.



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