GSM Phone/Modem, Hatcker Coming Soon for V Series

Over the next few weeks, two new add-ons for the V series will be available. One is combination GSM modem/phone and the other is the first in the Hatcker series, which will add new abilities without adding much to the V series' tiny size.

A clip-on modem and phone for the Palm V series able to transmit data at 9.6 and 14.4 Kbps over GSM networks will be launched by the British company UbiNetics on January 31. The GDA100 adds only 110gms weight and 10mm thickness and it duplicates the Palm's accessory socket, letting the Palm be used with its cradle and other add-ons while the modem is still connected. It supports external SIM card insertion and comes with a headset. It will cost 400 (about $590).

In February, TAPSPRING will release Hatcker 101, an unusual module that clips onto the top of the V series and uses the IR port to communicate with the Palm. It will offer a PS2 keyboard port, a programmable TV/VCR IR remote, and the ability to add RF expansion. It will cost $50.

Later this year, the company will begin offering Hatcker 201 that adds MMC storage card expansion and will go for $80.

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Too bad the GSM module won't work in North America

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 4:27:08 PM #
Just a heads-up for Americans and Canadians... don't get too excited over the GSM module for Palm V/Vx. It's a dual band attachment that works at 800 Mhz and 1800 Mhz, not the 1900 Mhz that North American GSM uses. (sigh) still waiting...

RE: Too bad the GSM module won't work in North America
GregGaub @ 1/13/2001 7:35:45 PM #
OhFish! is making a tri-band device similar to this one (though possibly not with the pass-through serial port). The third band is one of the two that work in the states. I'm eager to find out how much that one costs, and when it will be released. :) I don't have the article URL, but a search in the PalmInfocenter articles should turn it up.

Who can aford it?

DZ @ 1/14/2001 1:17:35 AM #
The other add ons seem reasonsbly priced, but who's gonna spend that much for a GSM phone. I have purchased a modem for a lot less than that. I'm currently waitind for my mobile provider (not GSM) to come out with a WAP enabled phone. They are supposed to be available this month. I should be able to surf the net with WAPman,using the IR .ports.
RE: Who can aford it?
GregGaub @ 1/14/2001 2:22:16 AM #
FYI, it is my understanding that only GSM phones support IR-IR communication with a Palm (or other IR device) to connect to the net. Non-GSM phones can have WAP, but only GSM can do the IR modem thing. If you don't have GSM, you'll have to connect your phone to your palm with a cable.

It is also my strong personal opinion that WAP sucks. I beta-tested VoiceStream's new WebStream WAP service, and it bites. Then again, I'm spoiled with Palm apps, which WAP phones can only try to live up to.

As far as why get one of these devices (GSM sled) instead of a modem? Convenience. Simple as that. Honestly, what's more convenient... a Palm, and a phone, and a cable or even IR... or a Palm with a phone attached. No cable OR IR? Essentially you have one device that does it all. Sure, it's expensive, but for a lot of people, it's worth it.

RE: Who can aford it?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 1:34:10 AM #
Well, maybe you think "it bites" because you only beta-tested it! I have that service, and I love it! Why don't you go spout your anti-WAP crap somewhere elsE?!

RE: Who can aford it?
GregGaub @ 1/18/2001 11:26:12 AM #
Well, at least I have the balls to post a comment I stand by without hiding behind an anonymous by-line. :P

But... you're right. The whole point of beta-testing is to help find problems and fix them. I was essentially unable to access the service for 99% of the testing period. I was unimpressed with what I did see, but that's not a VoiceStream thing so much as a WAP thing. I'm sure VoiceStream has taken care of the problems, but you'll forgive me for not rushing to sign up for the WAP service.

I know people who think WAP is the coolest, but having used my Palm to check e-mail and surf the web, there's really no way a WAP service can compare, IMHO.

So... VoiceStream's ok, I guess... but WAP *still* sucks. :P

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 11:34:04 AM #
sounds great


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/15/2001 1:57:14 AM #
I think the biggest problem with this sled will be the lack of voice without using the handsfree. Imagine receiving a call and then having to either:

a. uncoil the handsfree which is wrapped around your phone or undo the mess of wires in your pocket; or

b. look in your other pocket, get the handsfree, plug it in and then shove the thing in your ear.

All of this while the phone's ringing.

* Oh: btw... If it doesn't require a handsfree then I'm feeling stupid right now

On top of that there's the size increase. The big plus on the V was the small size. Now I'm aware that you can always take the sled off, but I always use my mobile phone. No way I'm turning it off when I want to use a small palm device. It would be better if the sled worked independently as well as attached to the palm..

The other issue, well: Handspring Visor with the VisorPhone now looks awfully good. Same size now, since the VisorPhone springboard module is smaller and handspring is a nice piece of work.


RE: Downfall
GregGaub @ 1/15/2001 11:58:04 AM #
I'm not sure about this one, but the Oh!Fish sled has a built-in speaker and mike, PLUS a hands-free system! :) Yet another reason (apparently) to prefer the Oh!Fish over this one.
Size increase I can deal with, because it's essentially just thickness increase and added weight. I already carry my PalmV in a hard case on my belt (kept slipping out of my shirt pocket, OUCH!) so changing cases and carrying a little extra won't be a big deal. In which case, I certainly won't care about the fact that it doesn't work by itself. I like my Motorola just fine, but would much rather have only ONE thing clipped to my belt, than two. ;-)

RE: the Visorphone. It's cool, but it does add bulk to the Visor, both on top AND in back. If they come out with a VisorPhone that doesn't stick 1/2" out the back, and over the top (plus an antenna) then it will be that much more attractive. Alas, I don't have a Visor anyway (Though my brother just got a Prism, and plans to get the VisorPhone as well, so I'll probably get to play with one a little. hehe)

RE: Downfall
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/20/2001 11:32:04 AM #
I've checked out the specifications for both the Ohfish and Ubinetics modem/phone on their respective websites. From what little info is available, the Ohfish modem does appear to have the advantages of being less expensive and having a built-in speaker and microphone. However, it has a data transfer speed of only 9.6 kps. For those used to the Omnisky service like myself, my concern is that the Ohfish modem may be noticeably slower than the Ubinetics one which can go up to 14.4 kps.

Looking forward to GPRS

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 6:41:00 AM #
Usually only the higher-end GSM phones have IR & modem built in. I think proper implementation of GPRS (so called 2.5G) is pretty exciting. A GPRS phone with either IR or BlueTooth combined with a similarly equipped Palm offers potentially very exciting apps. As service providers didn't spend a fortune on 2.5G license & equipment, a reasonable pricing is more feasible. A peak data rate of 115kb/s with GPRS can transmit video at PDA level resolution.

Why would I buy one if I can get one from Ohfish for $350

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 6:56:33 AM #
Why would I buy one if I can get one from Ohfish for $350 and it is available now???

Also for the III series ?

Phil @ 1/20/2001 1:20:40 AM #
When will they make a gsm add on model for the populair Palm III (c) series?
It's alway for those "exclusive" V-series.

UbiNetics' GSM Phone Delayed

Ed @ 2/2/2001 12:13:05 PM #
Palm COO Alan Kessler's keynote at PalmSource Forum Europe 2001 included a demo of the forthcoming UbiNetics' GA100 GSM clip-on phone. The GA100's release date, which was originally scheduled for January 31, has slipped to March.

Palm Infocenter
RE: UbiNetics' GSM Phone Delayed
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 2:57:16 AM #
Is Ubinetics only sold in Europe? I would like to buy one thus I would like to read some reviews on it first. Since I a, still trying to decide Ubinetics vs Ohfish



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