Demo 2001 Brings New Palm-related Products

Demo 2001 kicked off yesterday and there are many Palm-related products being shown there.

The big news is the new Springboards. MARGI Systems introduced Presenter-to-Go, which allows people to project PowerPoint presentations through the Visor. Users can connect Presenter-to-Go directly to a digital projector or other VGA display to transfer and present Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and HTML documents in color. A remote control is included, so that presenters can operate without holding the Visor itself. Slides can be rearranged and hidden, slide notes reviewed, and manual, automatic, or continuous looping modes may be selected. Presenter-to-Go is available now for $300.

Update: Presenter-to-Go is available now, not later this quarter as was originally stated.

Buy the eyemodule2 IDEO unveiled the eyemodule2, a full-color, full-VGA digital Springboard camera capable of capturing images and short video clips in color or black and white. The new "eyedrop" feature allows users to upload images from a PC. Included are the eyecontact address book software that attaches images to address book entries, an image browser from ACD Systems, and ClubPhoto's album making and Internet sharing software. The eyemodule2 includes a timer, thumbnail views, sorting, batch editing, slideshows, and sizing in capture modes. It is available now for $200.

Palm itself will show several prototype Bluetooth applications, including the ability of two Palm users to wirelessly check each others' calendars to schedule a meeting.

As a historical note, the original Palm Pilot once appeared at a Demo show.

Update 2: Presenter-to-Go ships with software that converts a PowerPoint 97 or 2000 presentation, a Word document, or an HTML file into a proprietary Mobile Presentation format that can be downloaded into the Visor. Complex animations and video are not transferred, and neither are Adobe Acrobat files, according to John Hurst, manager of developer relations at Handspring.

The 2-Mbyte Springboard holds, on average, about 100 slides. The module does not maintain all of the colors in the original presentation, but the output is of 1024 x 768 resolution with a customized 8-bit palette.

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The Presenter module is just what I wanted

bcombee @ 2/12/2001 3:46:45 PM #
At PalmSource 2000, I was talking with a friend about the Springboard modules I'd love to see, and the idea for a VGA module with TV-out so you could do PowerPoint presentations was one of the better ideas we had. I'm really glad someone else was thinking of the same thing, and I can't wait to see how well this works.

RE: The Presenter module is just what I wanted
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/12/2001 6:45:36 PM #
So what is the resolution on this thing? I hope not 160x160? And can it be used for other things?

RE: The Presenter module is just what I wanted
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/13/2001 2:05:54 AM #

RE: The Presenter module is just what I wanted
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/13/2001 10:22:57 AM #
only 2 Mo to transport your presentations : that's not enough !!! (especially for 1024 x 768 presentations containing photos)
one problem with the remote controle? if it communicates with the infrared cell of the visor, don't expect to get far away from your palm :(

nevertheless the idea is very great : bye bye those heavy and bulky laptops. Just hope it is the first generation of a generalized way to connect palms to screens and videos.

Presenter-to-Go Available Now

Ed @ 2/13/2001 11:42:24 AM #
Presenter-to-Go is available now, not later this quarter as was originally stated. Though I suppose the next day kind of qualifies as "later this quarter".

Palm Infocenter
More Presenter-to-Go Details
Ed @ 2/13/2001 10:06:02 PM #
I found a few more details about this Springboard and added them at the end of the article after "Update 2".

Palm Infocenter

Presenter question

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/19/2001 10:25:14 AM #
All of the information I have found on Presenter-to-Go mention the Visor Handheld. Does this product also work with a Palm Pilot? If so - which version?

I have been looking for months for something to allow me to leave my laptop at home!

RE: Presenter question
Ed @ 2/19/2001 10:45:57 AM #
Sorry, this is a Springboard module and will work only with Visor handhelds.

Palm Infocenter
RE: Presenter question
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/19/2001 12:58:52 PM #
Thanks for the answer. I haven't bought my palm device yet - and wanted to make sure i get the one that will do the power point presentations.

is there one place i can go to buy all of the items necessary to get set to run my presentations - or do i have to visit several web locations?

I know I need the Handspring device. I also need the presenter-to-go product. Is there anything else I need to use the presenter to go for my presentation?

Thanks for your help.
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