ProxiWeb to be Deactivated

According to a statement from PumaTech, the ProxiWeb service is about to be shut down. "As of March 12, 2001 the ProxiWeb server will be deactivated." Instead, the company is urging all its users to switch to Browse-it, part of, which is free during its introductory period. What it will eventually cost has not yet been revealed.

ProxiWeb was a browser that, as its name implies, used proxy servers to reformat pages to better fit onto a handheld's small screen. Next month, PumaTech is going to shut down the proxy servers.

Browse-it also allows users to surf the Web plus save sites for later viewing. Intellisync has two other parts, Sync-it, which allows the sharing of PIM data from multiple locations, and Mind-it, which lets users know when Web sites have changed.

PumaTech also said, "All setup configurations created during with ProxiWeb are no longer available, and you will need to register as a New User."

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YadaYada also uses Browse It

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 6:15:03 PM #
YadaYada also uses a version of BrowseIt. You could download the Intellisync version (Newer, in color!) and config it with your free password, ect from YadaYada if Intellisync is serious about charging.

RE: YadaYada also uses Browse It
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/25/2001 4:32:46 AM #
Is there any other browser that can either download .prc or .pdb files, or view and open .zip files like Proxiweb could do? Does Browse-it do this?

RE: YadaYada also uses Browse It
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/25/2001 1:39:54 PM #
I received the email from the proxiweb people telling me to use Browse It.
I downloaded it, tried it a couple of times and it crashed completely and refused to work. what other browsers are available, I tried Blazer but that has never successfully loaded a page. Maybe we should petition them not to deactivate Proxiweb!!

RE: we must request not to drop proxiweb
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2001 5:59:37 PM #
i also believe that we all must ask them not to drop proxiweb ,in the mean time if you come across any other full functional browser please let me know
my mail is


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 6:25:54 PM #
Now this is bad.

Proxiweb was free!

I am NOT paying for something I used to have for free just because they want to make more money.

What other other web browsing apps do you recomend me? I'd like to be able to see pictures like in proxiweb (I don't mind if everything is black and white), and beign able to do all of what I used to be able to do with proxiweb.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 6:35:47 PM #
You could always use AvantGo. It's free and it works pretty well. Go get it at


RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 6:42:24 PM #
Does avantgo give me the possibility of online web browsing, or I can only update my channels?

RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 6:47:55 PM #
yes you can browse online!

But can you see pictures?

RE: help...
GregGaub @ 2/22/2001 8:37:26 PM #
Yes. AvantGo resizes images for the screen, and does a very good job at converting images to 16 grays as well. You can surf online, and you can even allow it to show table formatting, which most web sites use. Sure, if forces horizontal scrolling, but sometimes that's the only way to figure out a web site's content. My only gripe with AvantGo is how huge the application on the Palm is, but it does the job very well.
Of course, all the talk about AvantGo going under kind of makes you want to check out alternatives. :)

RE: help...
GrouchoMarx @ 2/22/2001 11:08:33 PM #
Someone on PalmStation recently recommended Pendragon Browser to me, and I've been giving it a try. So far, I'm rather impressed. It's smaller than AvantGo, and about on par in terms of rendering speed. It also has some nice features that AvantGo lacks, like timed queued downloads (so it will download when you're online and then hotsync it to you when next you sync) and conversion of web sites to yet-another-proprietary-book-format. Give it a try, I may switch over myself. (I was using AvantGo.)


RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2001 11:21:56 PM #
"all the talk about AvantGo going under kind "

Umm what do you mean? (scared face)

Is pendragon free?

Any palm browser supports color? (I got a prism)

Blazer is another alternative
palmcoder @ 2/22/2001 11:44:36 PM #

Blazer is another free alternative and I believe it supports color. Blazer was developed by Bluelark Systems (which was acquired by Handspring in Dec. 2000)

Compared to the other Palm OS browsers, Blazer is quite snappy. I've got three browsers installed on my PalmVx (Clipper, AvantGo, and Blazer) and I find Blazer to be a bit faster than the other two at downloading and rendering pages.

The personal edition is free (online browser). Later this year they are going to roll out a professional edition that includes offline sync/caching. That version will probably cost a few bucks.

More info @

hope that helps,

RE: help...
GregGaub @ 2/23/2001 11:52:12 AM #
Check out "Rumor: AvantGo or AvantNoGo" at this URL (here on PalmIC):

As for a color browser, the only one I know of is PalmScape. It's actually quite a good browser, which I believe supports off-line browsing by synching web pages configured by the user. I'm pretty sure it's still in beta, but can be found here:

One of it's neat features is being able to view memo pad entries as a web page. You can write raw HTML code in a memo pad, then see how it will look on a Palm, right there from your palm (no need to upload it to a web site and sync via AvantGo. :)


RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2001 2:27:50 PM #
PalmScape is not the only color browser for Palm. Check out Browse-it from It is free now and runs very well on Prism's 16bit color screen. It's faster than AvantGo, I might add.

RE: help...
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2001 8:51:27 PM #
I use Eudoraweb, a free internet browser for palm os which comes in the "eudora internet suite" (EIS).

Version 2 is now out in beta, and it "almost" supports frames. With 175K the footprint is acceptable. Eudora allows you to edit bookmarks, and you can even download a bookmarks sync which neatly syncs your IE or Netscape settings.

My 2 cts.



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