m105 Details Leaked (Updated)

Click for larger version We have just received a leaked advertising brochure for the m105 from a source in Europe. It isn't in English but still a great deal can be learned from it.

As predicted, the m105 will have 8MB of RAM. It will have 2MB of non-flashable ROM and come pre-installed with OS 3.5. It will also come with the Palm Internet Kit, allowing it to use a mobile phone to make an Internet connection. In addition, it will have AvantGo and Sync to Desktop Mail, a conduit that will allow it to synchronize with Outlook, Eudora, cc:Mail, and more. It even comes with the Macintosh software.

According to the source, it will be released on Tuesday, March 6. It will sell for about $200.

Aside from its increased memory, the m105 is almost physically indistinguishable from the m100. Its dimensions are 11.8 cm x 7.9 cm x 1.8 cm and 125 g. Naturally, this means that all accessories designed to work with the m100 will work with the m105. Unlike the m100, the m105 will come with a cradle. Click for larger version

According to a recent Cnet article, this is the model that is going to replace the IIIxe, which has been discontinued.

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Disclaimer: I got this information from a product brochure written in a language that I don't speak. If any of it turns out to be incorrect, sorry.

Update: Technomatic in the UK are advertising the Palm m105 in their printed catalogue delivered today (1st of March), at a price of 170 (roughly $240) including sales tax (145 / $206 excluding tax).

The device is not available on the web site, nor possible to order. The company's sales team quotes an availability date of the 9th of March. The sales team had no information on Palm m505. -Johnny Christoffersen

There are also reports that another UK company, Misco, has the m105 in its latest printed catalog, which says the device will be out on March 6. The details are on page 15 of the catalog.

Update 2: Numerous people wrote in to point out that the m105 appeared on the products page of Palm.com. The link didn't go anywhere but to a "Page Not Found" error. It has since been removed.

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could we see the ad in whatever language

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 4:23:35 PM #
or a link?

can't wait for the freaking m505..

RE: could we see the ad in whatever language
PFloyd @ 2/28/2001 5:22:03 PM #
Me either, me either, me either! ;-)

I guess that is the new memo format there too...

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 4:25:47 PM #
Like in the leaked pics of the m505


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 5:14:28 PM #
I'm beginning to think the Palm V was an anomaly. All of their other models look like they were designed by student interns.


RE: m105
RoofusPennymore @ 2/28/2001 8:18:24 PM #
Yeah, the "m" series is pretty unattractive. Maybe for a teenager but the "V" series is the way to go.

RE: m105
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 11:50:19 AM #
I know Palm turned to a third party for the Palm V design. Now that I think about it, Palm has always outsourced their hardware design from the original Pilot up to the Palm VII. Perhaps the m series is their first in-house attempt at hardware design. :-)

RE: m105
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 9:15:22 PM #
Heh, how true. My m100 broke and I replaced it with the much better IIIxe fore they discontinued it. The m100 is VERY cheaply built.

M105 at FRY's

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 5:54:12 PM #
I was at Fry's yesterday and I asked if the M505 was in the computer yet, they said it was in the
computer but they didnt know when it would be available yet. However they told me the m505 had just come in and asked me if I wanted one.

RE: M105 at FRY's
@ 2/28/2001 6:00:46 PM #
Yeah, right. If that's true, I'll believe it when I see it. If it's true, you're a fool for not buying one.

The more likely thing is that they thought you were talking about the m105. Or maybe you don't even know the difference.

Visit the Internet Only Palm Users Group Home Page

RE: M105 at FRY's
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 8:58:53 AM #
Did you ever consider that he didn't want to buy it genius?

RE: M105 at FRY's
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2001 4:01:33 PM #
All I considered was that he was a lying bitch. You mean nobody heard about it in the news, or on Palm's website, but it's available in stores? No way! No way!

RE: M105 at FRY's
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/3/2001 4:35:48 AM #
A friend of mine bought the 8M M105 at Fry's in CA two days ago. They're out....

RE: M105 at FRY's
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/4/2001 4:55:04 AM #
To be honest, I woulden't trust the employees at Fry's to tell me the correct time of day.
Most of them are so disgruntled/abused/perverse that you're usually better off just finding stuff yourself or pestering somebody who looks like they might have an answer.

RE: M105 at FRY's
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/4/2001 4:35:23 PM #
I am the person who posted the original message on 2/28 that the M105 was at Fry's 2.27 . which
should have read they told me the M105 was in the store and asked if I wanted one. However From
the line above that in the original message it was obvious that it a typo.

I mistakenly thought that the information would be appreciated by those who were interested in the
purchasing one. I did not purchase one because I am not interested in the M105.
Instead I have been called a fool, a liar and a bitch all because of an OBVIOUS TYPO.

Today I came to post the prices of the M105 at Fry's, Comp USA and Staples which i saw in their computer with my own eyes and the release date I was given
for the M505 however rather than be attacked for trying to help from now on I will keep my information
to myself.

Responsible Posting
Ed @ 3/4/2001 5:03:24 PM #
Unfortunately, all too many people take advantage of the anonymity of the Internet to act in ways that they never would if their identity were known. There is an old saying, "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog." I'd like to add to that, "but everyone knows if you're a jerk."

There is only one answer to rude behavior of this kind, ignore it. Don't try to answer it in kind. If you sink to their level, they win.

On the other hand, as an experienced reader of discussion groups I immediately decided your first post on Fry's selling the m105 last week was not likely to be true. It had too much against it. First off, the fact that a major company was willing to risk Palm's ire by releasing a product ahead of schedule was very unlikely and you offered no way of proving your assertion was true. Second, the typo was a bit confusing and made the whole message look a bit worse. Third, you posted your message anonymously, which means you probably aren't a regular poster in this site.

Taken together, these made most regular readers read your post, think "Yeah right", and move on. That meant the only people likely to reply to your message were trolls and other immature types.

Like anything, there are rules everyone should follow if you want your comments to be taken seriously. First off, take a minute to register on the site. Use totally fake info; I couldn't care less. Just having a user name shows that you take what you are doing seriously. Second, carefully read over your messages to make sure they say what you mean. Spell check them, too. Third, if you going to flame someone, write your message then don't send it for a while. If you are still as angry later as you are now, flame away.

That said, I won't allow what happened to the PalmStation boards to happen to this one. I read everything that is posted here every day and have the ability to delete inappropriate content. The fact that I almost never have to do this is a tribute to the maturity level of the vast majority of Palm Infocenter readers.

Ryan and I both believe that these boards should be very loosely moderated. About all we ever delete is spam, accidental duplicates, and test messages. But we could change this and make them much more moderated. It all depends on you.

p.s. So, what day did the Fry's guys say the m505 would be out?

Palm Infocenter

same screen size?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 6:10:01 PM #
So since the form factor's identical to the m100, does that mean the screen size is the same, too? if it is, as well as future models, i'm gonna be really ticked off. I don't want to squint at a tiny screen . . . looks like i'll have to suck it up and get a visor when it's time for my next handheld (color, of course). I just don't like the way they look or feel, though. dang!

RE: same screen size?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 6:36:54 PM #
I agree for that crappy size screen I will buy an IIIXE while they last (for the same price at least I will have a bigger screen) or buy a Handspring.
Palm you are going the wrong way.

RE: same screen size?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 2:08:08 AM #
the screen is the same size you idots. it jsut takes up less space than on teh IIIxe. get the m105 and live with the more versitle palm unless u need a m505 or better.

RE: same screen size?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 2:17:50 AM #
Anyone b*tching about the m100 series handhelds screen size being "too small" obviously hasn't used one for any length of time. Sure, my initial reaction was it was too small, but after using one for six weeks now, the smaller screen's tighter packed pixels and the clarity that comes with more than make up for the difference in screen size....

RE: same screen size?
Ed @ 3/1/2001 7:36:20 AM #
To the person who keeps insisting that the m100's screen is the same size:

I'm sorry, this turns out to be incorrect. The m100's screen really is 25% smaller. Yes, there is less blank space around the m100 screen than on other models but the actual working area is smaller, too. The resolution is the same (160 x 160) but the pixels are smaller.

I was thinking about your comments yesterday when I was in an Office Max and did a careful comparison of the Palm models available. The m100's screen was at least a half inch thinner than that of any other Palm model.

That said, I don't think this is a big deal. The m100/m105 is mostly targeted at younger users whose eyes are still good. And the advantages of making the device small enough to fit in a pocket make the smaller screen worth it.

Palm Infocenter

RE: same screen size?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 9:13:05 PM #
Yeah, I had a Palm m100 till it broke. YES, the screen was crap. Its crisp but reading is impossible. I replaced it with the IIIxe just about 1 damn week fore they discontinued it. Palm could you give us better notification of these little crappy details?????


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 7:48:03 PM #
what are the benefits vs the IIIxe? why would you get this instead of the visor? must be some new features for which i am unaware.

RE: m505
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2001 11:59:28 AM #
Visor does not offer Flash ROM, which means that the operating system is not upgradable in any of the Handspring units. In comparison, IIIxe does have Flash ROM and it makes IIIxe more superior.

I hate the look of m100 (cheap looking, plastic screen, and not well built) and therefore, if upcoming m105 looks the same, I would not even consider it..

At this point, I am waiting for the m505 to come out and hopefully that would be soon....

m105 last post was a typo

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 7:48:03 PM #
what are the benefits vs the IIIxe? why would you get this instead of the visor? must be some new features for which i am unaware.

RE: m105 last post was a typo
PFloyd @ 3/1/2001 9:41:34 AM #
I'll get the m505 (or whatever they call it) because of the smaller form factor compared to my Prism and all that flash ram. I understand the m505 should have 4 MB compared to the 2 MB in the Vx. With a handy tool like JackBack you can make on-device, compressed backups of your key data in flash. You can also run TealLock in flash if security is an issue for you. I've had a III, a IIIx, a Vx and now a Prism. Personally, I prefer the smaller size units 'cause I tend to carry a cell phone and a Leatherman around all the time and the greater size really does make a difference in daily convenience.

RE: Flash ROM
Ed @ 3/1/2001 10:11:31 AM #
Keep in mind that Palm didn't increase the size of the Flash ROM on the m500 series for the benefit of us JackFlash users; OS 4 is larger than 2 MB so they had bump it up.

How much larger is the question. Can any of you developers using OS 4 tell us how much ROM space is left after installing it?

Just to make it clear, the m105 doesn't have flash ROM so none of this applies to it.

Palm Infocenter

RE: m105 last post was a typo
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2001 1:12:34 AM #
The various testing ROMs for PalmOS 4.0 vary from 1.6MB to 3.4MB depending on the feature set, the languages supported, and if they are release or debug versions. I'm fairly sure that current flashable devices will be able to upgrade to 4.0 -- they don't need all the new managers since they don't have the hardware that those components support.


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2001 8:43:18 PM #
Are the m105 specs identical to the IIIxe specs?

If they are, the IIIxe looks better!

RE: ???
SilliconMan @ 3/2/2001 5:34:09 PM #
The m105 will be the IIIxe in terms of hardware but withhout flash rom. What a rip before os 4 comes out!!

Palming away.....


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 3:37:01 AM #
What language?
I speak a few of these european languages..;-)
scan the ad ad mail it to me, I'll translate!
(Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Europe)

RE: language?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 3:45:21 AM #
If it is in Swedish, Norway, Danish or Finish I can help.
Nizenco [nizenco@hotmail.com]

RE: language? -> Spanish & French
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 3:47:46 AM #
If the info is in Spanish or French you can send it to me: jj@pdainfo.net

RE: language?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 5:15:04 AM #
if it's in Dutch, French or German you can send it to me at tomc_in_india@hotmail.com

Can't Post Brochure
Ed @ 3/1/2001 7:21:26 AM #
I'm sorry, I talked with my source and he asked that I not put the brochure directly on the site. Even telling what country he's from might let someone at Palm figure out who he is, and his business depends on keeping a good relationship with them. I realize this is going to make some of the more suspicious of you think that I'm making all this up but I can't help it. My source is taking a risk leaking this info and it would be pretty contemptible of me to do anything that might cause problems for him.

Palm Infocenter

Re: ???

hi_timkennett@yahoo.com @ 3/1/2001 8:09:32 AM #
Are you kidding? I like the m105 design so much more than the clunky look of my Visor Delux! I only wish it had an SD slot. My thot-the m105 is the IIIxe replacement since it is an 8MB device w/out SD slot. The new unknown m30x series is part of the new family of SD Palms-they have no predecessor.
RE: Re: ???
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 8:32:13 AM #
Tim, your a bit behind. There isn't going to be a m300. Read this: http://www.palminfocenter.com/view_Story.asp?ID=1667&MODE=FLAT

RE: Re: ???
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 5:52:51 PM #
Correction - did you read the CNET article??? The only thing that the article said was that the m105 would replace the Palm IIIxe. Palm Infocenter took that info and said the m30x series rumors MAY be false. What I'm saying is, why does that CNET article statement about m105 replacing the IIIxe have ANYTHING to do with there being no m30x series???!!!! I think that the m105 truly is a replacement for the Palm IIIxe - they both had no SD slot and both had 8MB of space. This could mean that the m30x series may still come out. They, however, are not replacing any older item. They are a new family of SD devices. Larger, newly designed, 8MB, SD slot. That's it. Maybe you should read between the lines.

Is it time?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 1:04:22 PM #
Can anyone say Pocket PC Time?
oh... Oops I'm sorry. I'm in the wrong group and time. We're still light years ahead of this group. Anyway..in time everyone see that this new move by Palm will be the beginning of their end.
Sorry Palm.. Just think you're making some bad moves now-a-days.

Dude, YOU'RE the one hanging out in a Palm group...
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2001 6:38:44 PM #
...so what are you, jealous or a fucking moron? It's one or the other.

RE: Is it time?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2001 4:42:49 AM #
I dunno, I think he's both... a jealous f'ing mo-ron!

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