It's Official, m105 is Out

m105 in Cradle Palm's latest handheld, the m105, has finally appeared on the company's Web site. As predicted, the $200 device has 8 MB of memory and comes with a cradle and the Mobile Internet Kit to allow it to use a mobile phone as a modem. It is the exact same size as the m100 and runs OS 3.5.

It is now available from Amazon, too.

The m105 comes with the same built-in applications that the m100 does. This means it lacks the Expense app that comes on Palm's other models but it does have the notepad app that allows scribbling directly on the screen. It also comes with AOL for Palm OS and AvantGo

It includes Palm HotSync Mail, which allows it to access popular desktop e-mail programs. The Mobile Internet Kit has a version of MultiMail as well as an SMS app.

The m105 is the replacement for the IIIxe, which has been discontinued. It appeared first on Palm's European Web site overnight.

It is expected to be available outside the U.S. beginning in mid-March. International users can choose from six languages -- English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Wireless Internet access via the Palm Mobile Internet Kit will vary among regions.

Palm is also debuting 14 new faceplates for the m100 series in new colors and patterns. These cost $20.

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It IS on the US site.

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 8:56:58 AM #
I went to, and found the m105 there at 8:55AM eastern time, US.


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 9:35:30 AM #

RE: *Yawn*
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 10:05:37 AM #
That must be the sound of the wee-little industrial designers at Palm sleeeppiinngg . . . nighty-night little cuddle-buns. Wake me when it's over.

Same Crap, Different Day

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 10:20:37 AM #
Big deal, it's nothing even remotely interesting. Show me somthing better!

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
Ed @ 3/6/2001 10:41:34 AM #
While this might not be the right Palm for you, it is still very important for the Palm platform as a whole. If all Palm Inc. sold was the V series and the soon to be released m500 series, their unit sales would be about a third of what they are now. The m100 is the most successful product Palm has ever had. According to a recent speech by Palm's CEO, it has already outsold every PocketPC model ever released.

Palm needs a complete product line, both high end and low end. One of several reasons Palm is cleaning Microsoft's clock in the handheld market is there is no way to to release a low end PPC. I wish I had a dollar for every post I've read on PPC message boards wishing for a PPC that cost less than $300.

So if you aren't interested in the m105, you don't have to read about it. There will be more news about the m500 coming soon, I've got a source who has leaked a few details about the device and I'm trying to come up with a way to post them in such a way that they can't be traced back to him.

Palm Infocenter

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 1:38:58 PM #
Bravo, the m105 isn't what I'm looking for, but it is the right palm for someone and when I'm asked to recomend a device it's nice to be able to point people to the best device for them. It's like buyinh a car,people just because you can afford a Benz, it's not nesscary to disparage the econo bax sedan. I'm waiting for a color wireless palm with the V series body, but I realize not everyone else wants or needs that

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 2:10:15 PM #
This might be a good low-end unit for the masses. But compared to the unit it replaced, the IIIxe, it's actually a step backward. You lose flash memory and get a smaller screen, in exchange for removeable faceplates. And there is no expansion slot, which would have made this unit a clear step ahead of the IIIxe.

I admit that the III series design is looking really dated at this point. But Palm, with the M100 series, is targeting the average user at the expense of power users who want a value-priced unit with expansion potential. For those users, you can either pay approx. $400 for an m500 unit, or buy from Handspring, who does have a value-priced unit for power users.

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 2:18:40 PM #
oh come on, you can't have it both ways. you argue that the lack of flash rom is unappealing to 'power users' and then you say handspring has well priced units for the 'power user'....ummm..last time i looked at my Prism or Deluxe, neither had flash rom.

quit your whining and stop acting like the 'tough' teenage kids at the pg-13 movie who have to prove how 'beneath' them everything is.

re-read the post above that explains how this unit has outsold all PPC devices and has brought the Palm platform to many more people. i'd hate to see a company run by you...that's right, top of the line 'power user' stuff....great profits there.

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 2:25:33 PM #
oh and as for expansion, name me one module for the handspring and i can show you a comparable product for the palm. Everything from backup to a camera.
palm just hasn't advertised its expansion capabilities properly.

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
Ed @ 3/6/2001 2:29:59 PM #
Palm does seem to have abandoned the mid range. If they have a mid-range model coming (the m300?) they have done a brilliant job of keeping it quiet.

I'm not sure what Palm is intending for people who want better than a m105 but can't afford an m500. Perhaps they have decided to limit themselves to three body designs (m100, m500, and the upcoming wireless m700) and decided adding a fourth wasn't worth the money. I'm sure the profit margins are much higher on the m500 series than on the m100's. Perhaps they are hoping to improve the bottom line by forcing people who want better than a base model to buy a high-end one.

There might be another option. Could Palm release a version of the m500 with a plastic, rather than metal, body? This might reduce the production cost enough to let this model fall between the m100 and the m500 series. But that's just an idea.

On the other hand, we rumormongers might have blown it completely and there is an m300 waiting in the wings and Michael Mace is chortling over his coffee right now. Hopefully we'll know by the end of the month.

Palm Infocenter

RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 3:36:47 PM #
The definition of "value priced" does equate to "flash memory". The Handspring series never had flash memory, but it does have a true expansion port to make up for it.

Compared to the M105, the Visor Deluxe has a true USB connection, a larger screen, and a dedicated expansion port for $50 more - a true "midrange" unit between the M100 and M500 series. In fact, it costs exactly the same as the M105 right now due to a rebate - making it clearly the better buy in my opinion.

As for expansion options, the Springboard slot is technically superior to the hotsync port for expansion options. Witness Handspring users, who can now choose from Compact Flash, Smart Media, and soon Memory stick storage for their units. This was easy to do for Handspring because the Springboard slot makes memory adapters easier and cheaper to implement.

RE: Midrange Palm
Ed @ 3/6/2001 3:55:00 PM #
Maybe Palm has decided to cede to midrange market to Handspring. They do get a fee for every Visor sold.

Palm Infocenter
RE: Same Crap, Different Day
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/7/2001 12:15:09 PM #
Hmmm... That may be true, but if you ask me I think that idea about Palm leaving the mid range Palm based PDAs floats like a ton of lead. Palm has already announced several times that they don't make near enough in their licensee fee to other vendors. In an article I read some times ago, I got the impression the only reason why Palm allowed other vendors to license their OS, more or less was their fear of Microsoft and the release of Pocket PCs. They had hoped by doing so it would broaden their OS as a dominant OS for PDAs, smart cell phones other projects the invisioned. I don't think Palm purposly planned for Handspring to sweep as much market share away from them as they did.

If you look at their history, Palm has always been slow to act in all their "innovations". And when thay have acted it was stagger foward. It's just been lately from their other Licensee that has shaken Palm to do something.

The M100 is nice for entry level PDA. But the M105 is a step backwards for what it replaced. Even though Handspring doesn't have a flashable Rom it still is the better buy for a PDA. At least I can keep my attachments and hotsync at the same time and not have to sacrafice SIZE on my display.

Fine, but what about the m505.

hockeychiro @ 3/6/2001 10:52:51 AM #
Fine, but I'm waiting for the m505. That's the one that should cause some excitement.

III kit with m10x ?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 11:44:10 AM #
Anyone trying placing a m100/m105 with stuff like a
palmIII cradle ? How bad does it fall ?
Afaik the connector is compatible, so a little duct
tape should do it no ? :)

RE: III kit with m10x ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 12:11:32 PM #
No. The serial port on the M100 is completely incompatible with everything else Palm has ever made.

The serial port on the rest of the Palm units is a opensided connection, meaning the pins are open faced to the back of the unit - some have a little sliding door but are always openfaced to the back of the unit.

The M100 series is closed faced. The connector fits INSIDE the serial port on the unit itself. It does not connect at all in the least with anything else (I've attempted with my III cradle)

RE: III kit with m10x ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 12:17:08 PM #
I've seen a keyboard for III/m100. How does that work ?

RE: III kit with m10x ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 1:44:15 PM #
Eeek, yah, forgot about that.

That works because of the connector on the keyboard.

The cradles have the back right up against it. Look at the design sometime of the cradle and you'll see.

The keyboard connector is open, theres no "back" to it. The palm pretty much just sits on it, whereas with a cradle it rests against it.

RE: III kit with m10x ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 5:52:54 PM #
Also, the m100/105 is compatible with the Pilot/III/VII hotsync cable, and vice-versa. I'd like to get a m100 cable just for the Hotsync button on the connector end to use on my VIIx while travelling.

RE: III kit with m10x ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/7/2001 1:49:15 AM #
So this is the VII's death sentence?

No new perhipals for non m series palms!?!?

RE: III kit with m10x ?
bcombee @ 3/7/2001 5:37:34 AM #
The Mobile Internet Kit has been out for a few months. If you already have a phone and the right cable, you have a plan which allows data, are comfortable paying cell phone rates, and don't mind having to hook everything up, the MIK does replace the VII/VIIx. However, the VIIx is a very attractive all-in-one unit for a lot of tasks, No one is dead just yet, although I suspect Palm's always-on wireless device will replace the VIIx in their product line, although it probably will still use the Mobitex network, just with better radio design.


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 1:54:15 PM #
What gray scale level is supported on the m100 and m105 screens (4 or 16 colors?)

RE: Depth
SilliconMan @ 3/6/2001 2:58:05 PM #
16 colors
i had an m100 till i upgraded the thing to the iiixe
this m105 sounds like crap

Palming away.....

Yawn II

mattyhayes @ 3/6/2001 3:32:00 PM #
New hardware...yeah, nice. But where is the increased functionality? What does the Mobile Internet Kit really solve? I am on my third Palm (IIIc), and it may be my last. Besides for color, it is essentially the same as my old IIIe and IIIxe. New OS? More like slightly enhanced. By the time they have real add-on capability, the rest of the market will be way ahead of them.

It is true that they are the biggest handheld device, but the question is are they going to retain future buyers? I can see future new users rolling into the Palm platform, but without new enhancements soon, they will start to lose the veteran users.

Give me one new function. Just one. Like HoySync Mail directly with a SMTP server. Currently,
if I want my Yahoo! mail on my Palm, I need to run a local program to get the mail, then HotSync. Or how about standard USB hotsync?

Let's hope they don't fall by the wayside like other hardware focused company/products like ReplayTV and Sega Dreamcast...


RE: Yawn II
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 4:17:59 PM #
"New hardware...yeah, nice. But where is the increased functionality?"

Dude this is an ENTRY level device. You expect INCREASED FUNCTIONALLITY for 200 bucks Get real. Wait for the 505, then do your whining!!!!

RE: Yawn II
mattyhayes @ 3/7/2001 7:26:07 AM #
'Dude this is an ENTRY level device. You expect INCREASED FUNCTIONALLITY for 200 bucks Get real. Wait for the 505, then do your whining!!!!'

I am not whining about the new model. I am pointing out that the Palm model, barring the introduction of the IIIc, have not changed since the first III series. Even the Palm V is the same, just a different case and thinner. I am talking about 'innovation'. I'd rather buy a discontinued Palm IIIxe than the new m105. Smaller isn't always innovation. Same memory. Same features. Less price at the moment.

Here's innovation. Improve the 'mail' application. Allow attachments. Allow HTML format. Allow HotSync via SMTP.

If the future is low-end for Palm, fine. Let Handspring take over. But even for high-end, Palm is not the clear winner.


I am

Maybe not so bad

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2001 3:50:41 PM #
Remember this site that told us about both the 500(mono) and the 505 (color) models right. Perhaps the 500 will cost considerably less than the color 550. Ive seen rumkors of a 400/450 price which I dont think will work even if they start out with those prices. If the 505 is indeed 450 the 500 has to be at least 100 bucks cheaper in order to have any kind of demand. 350 perhaps?

Or if 505 is 500 and 500 is 400, Who is to say that the very successful Vx must be discontinued? It may settle into that midrange 300 dollar spot. BTW 300-350 bucks is around the price that seem to be the starting price for the III series type user. We were getting spoiled with recent reductions on the IIIx. No way would a replacement for it be 200 buck anyway.

My guess is that the V will continue and be sold at 300, the mono 500 will start at 400.00, with the 505 at 500.00. The 500 and the 505 will eventually be reduced by 50 bucks each, at which point the V will be eliminated.
Bottom line, SOMETHING will fill the middle area.

Good news for future 505/500 buyers. A Palm spokesmen said that one more palm would be released after which all future palms would have better compatbility so that things like keyboards could be used across the board. It looked like the 500 series was the last incompatable design. Now it appears that the 500 series is the first compatable design.

Ok. What's next, please?

Spell @ 3/6/2001 4:50:09 PM #
Well, it's cheaper than my Visor Deluxe a year ago--but the screen is smaller, the shape is just silly, and the OS is virutally unchanged. Meanwhile, desktop technology has continued to advance. The form factor of handhelds can't be so constraining that the best Palm could bring us in a year is that dorky rounded case and a smaller, blurrier screen. Even if it had twice the memory of my Visor, at half the price, who'd want to squint at the tiny screen? The snap-on face plates are cute, but don't make up for functionality, either. Here's hoping that whatever Handspring is unveiling next is far more interesting than this whole M-series from Palm...otherwise, the people I've been singing the praises of handhelds to are going to buy a bunch of silly "bubblegum" pink snap on covers and stone me with them!

RE: Ok. What's next, please?
GregGaub @ 3/6/2001 6:33:15 PM #
Aww come on. You gotta love the Leopard print faceplate! :)

Actually... that Burl Wood one looks rather nice. For $20, though, they should come with matching flip covers. That's just too much money for a piece of plastic.
Then again, it's smart business sense for Palm. not only do they make money on one of the most popular Palm devices, but they're bound to make a lot more on faceplates. I'd imagine the profit margin is quite high on those. You know it doesn't cost anywhere near $20 per faceplate to produce. $.20 maybe. ;-)


You get what you pay for!

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/7/2001 12:56:25 AM #
I bought a m100 2 weeks ago after getting rid of my winCE device. I couldn't wait any longer but I got a great deal on this device. I do love the screen & 16 shades of grey. The screen is remarkable compared to the old palmprofessionals & old III. If you can't have color, this is the next best thing. The size is perfect in my hand and the color faceplates are a nice touch. It's a nice device for the $100US price I paid for. No complaints. The new devices coming this year will be better and give more functionality to us all. It's always nice to have more, but you pay the price for it. Just like the PocketPC users that I love to bug after they find out my m100 does all the same things for hundreds less. They don't listen to mp3's or play videos using windowsmedia player b/c they don't even know it does! Fools!

IIIxe owners out in the cold?

Wescott @ 3/7/2001 8:04:58 AM #
What happens to those of us that own IIIxe's? Will Palm leave us out in the cold? What are their plans to continue support for peripherals and such?
RE: IIIxe owners out in the cold?
Ed @ 3/7/2001 8:07:46 AM #
If there is any peripheral you want, I suggest you buy it soon. There's a pretty good chance there will not be any new accessories for the III series.

On the other hand, I'm hoping someone is developing adapters to let the III and V series use peripherals designed for the upcoming Universal Connector. This is probably be a bit kludgy but better than having to replace all accessories immediately.

Palm Infocenter

RE: IIIxe owners out in the cold?
palmdiva @ 3/7/2001 9:38:36 AM #
I had a converation with an engineer at Palm (around the beginning of the year) and while he strongly hinted that the III/VII form fsactor was at the end of the line. He did say that palm was committed to maintaining customer support for them and that devices such as the bridge that lets V 's use stuff for the III's would and should be available through 3rd parties to so that peopleusing the older form factor could use acessories for the new and upcoming body styles. Mind you this was all off the record, so we shall see.

RE: IIIxe owners out in the cold?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/7/2001 9:41:00 AM #
Well, does anyone think that the prices for the existing peripherals will come down? If the peripherals that are out there for the III series now, won't work with anything else, to me, it seems only logical.


matt begaye @ 3/7/2001 9:14:59 PM #
ok, who would go out and buy one those ugly m100 they look terrible. plus palm is now trying to copy handspring by coming out with an mp3 player. come on guys think of your own ideas
RE: m105
Ed @ 3/7/2001 9:37:17 PM #
Here's a quote from a recent Palm press release:

Women and younger buyers were especially attracted to the Palm m100 series, expanding Palm's reach into new markets beyond its traditional mobile professional customer base.

"These new buyers immediately loved the innovative design and low price, making the m100 the fastest-selling product in Palm's history. And our research indicates m100 handheld owners are extremely happy with their purchases," said Byron Connell, vice president, Consumer Markets Group, Palm, Inc. "The m105 builds on that foundation."

Palm Infocenter
RE: m105
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/9/2002 4:06:27 PM #
Hey look, I have a palm m100. It's not ugly, especially since you can schange the faceplate!! Get a life whoever you are!!

Entry-level m105

Ed @ 3/8/2001 5:04:01 AM #
Seriously, do we all need to be elitists here? 97% of m100 buyers are buying their first PDA. I think Palm is making the right move to try to build their user base.

Bubblegum pink

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/9/2002 4:09:00 PM #
I have a palm m100. I love it!! The only thing is, I can't find a bubblegum pink faceplate!! It isn't online anywhere. The way I know about this color, it was in my palm catalog. Does anyone know where to get that shade of color?

RE: Bubblegum pink
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/3/2002 4:37:54 PM #


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