Visor Report from Internet World

Many thanks goes out to Mike Cane for sending us a great, detailed report on all things Palm from Internet World 99 in NY. Mike has just about answered anything you wanted to know about the new Visor. There's also plenty of info on new SpringBoards in the works, and even a surprise unit from Innogear that has everything. Click Here for the full article. Update: VisorCentral also has some more info and pictures from the event.

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Springboards Link

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 9:23:43 AM #
Your link to the Springboards area on Handspring's site contains a shopping cart id...
RE: Springboards Link
palmcrazy @ 10/7/1999 1:24:51 PM #
Here's the link:
href= class=news>SpringBoards
Where is the ID? I don't see it.
Handsprings CGI scrips automatically creates a unique transaction number.

RE: Springboards Link
@tomic212 @ 10/7/1999 2:14:40 PM #
I changed the link just to be safe.

WE need info on the screen!

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 11:28:41 AM #
How does the Visor Deluxe screen compare with the Palm V?
That's a crucial question in my book.
RE: WE need info on the screen!
Sean D. Evans @ 10/7/1999 1:32:50 PM #
The screen on the Visor Deluxe is exactly the same as the Palm V. Very crisp and clear.
RE: WE need info on the screen!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 9:17:35 PM #
This is Mike Cane again ( Yes, the Visor screen is just as good as the IIIx and the V. Bright, crisp, clean. No complaints.
RE: WE need info on the screen!
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/23/1999 8:19:04 PM #
I have a friend who hase a palm IIIx. The screen on my blue visor deluxe is much clearer than the screen on his palm pilot. I am 100% pleased with my visor.

Additional info at VisorCentral

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 1:03:25 PM #
VisorCentral has an "enhanced" copy of Mike's report with pictures and additional comments.

What's a six-pack cost?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 1:09:17 PM #
That six-pack sounds cool. When will it be available and what will it cost?
RE: What's a six-pack cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 9:15:55 PM #
This is Mike Cane ( No price has yet been set on the "Six Pack" yet. Innogear was rather taken aback that I blabbed about it all over the web!


adam deaves @ 10/7/1999 1:34:28 PM #
thanks for the GREAT article..i almost feel like i already have one in my hand.

Six Pack Revelation

dstrauss @ 10/7/1999 3:37:27 PM #
This is a definite must have. Modem/memory/voice and finally VIBRATING ALARM. Why are virbating alarms standard for PDA's? Best of all. Innogear told me the current design fits fully inside the Visor form factor (nothing sticks out the top - presumably just like a Handspring Flash card).
RE: Six Pack Revelation
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 9:19:09 PM #
This is Mike Cane yet again ( I have no idea why people like vibrating alarms on their PDAs! When I had a pager (a thing I loathe!), I always had the screecher -- er, beeper -- turned on. Innogear's Chief Engineer is a wizard. This guy will rule the world if nanotechnology fabrication ever becomes a reality! Shrinkage is his business!
RE: Six Pack Revelation
dstrauss @ 10/7/1999 10:53:39 PM #

People want the vibrating alarm becausethey are tired of unending "screeching" "beeping" and now "William Tell Overture" announcements from cell phones, pagers, and PDA's. Silence is golden in some respects.

RE: Six Pack Revelation
dstrauss @ 10/7/1999 10:53:39 PM #

People want the vibrating alarm becausethey are tired of unending "screeching" "beeping" and now "William Tell Overture" announcements from cell phones, pagers, and PDA's. Silence is golden in some respects.

RE: Six Pack Revelation
T.E. @ 11/15/1999 6:16:50 PM #
A vibrating alarm should be standard in ALL personal notification devices! Nothing is more annoying than being in a meeting when someone's pager/phone starts yelling out to the whole world, "Look at me!".

Since I drive an old car with a loud, high-performance engine I put my cell phone on vibrate while driving since I cannot hear the ringer -- especially if I have the radio on! The point is, not all alarms will ring in quiet environments. :)

Bluetooth Correction!

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 9:15:32 PM #
This is Mike Cane ( I made an error in my Bluettoth report. Although I have submitted a second report to PalmInfoCenter, I don't know if it will run, so I want to put out the correction now, ASAP. This is it:

CORRECTION: Due to a misunderstanding or miscommunication or buffer collision (on my part, no doubt), I mistakenly reported that a Bluetooth-enabled Visor can communicate with another Bluetooth-enabled Visor up to 150 feet away. NOT SO! It is a maximum of THIRTY FEET! Apologies to Widcomm and to every PalmOS fanatic who was looking forward to something that probably won't be available until the next century!

What About the Screen?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/7/1999 10:29:55 PM #
What about the screen? How does it look versus the Palm? Is it closer to the III, IIIx or 5?
RE: What About the Screen?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2000 7:11:47 AM #
I couldn't find a backlight.

Calculator Bug Is a Known Parens Bug

dstrauss @ 10/7/1999 10:49:53 PM #
The calculator is a versionof the Parens calculator. You can get the same "hole" in the menu as described, but it really makes me wonder how you ever found this bug.
RE: Calculator Bug Is a Known Parens Bug
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/8/1999 4:47:40 PM #
This is Mike Cane ( Sorry, that's a trade secret (but I did find it by myself, no one else told me about it and I never did read about it anywhere -- and, no, I didn't it know it was a version of someone else's software!).

Visor impressions @ 10/7/1999 11:45:08 PM #
I had bought a Palm IIIe last weekend at Fry's and am
now heading back up there to return it so I can order
a Visor Deluxe. This is one sweet machine. I'll have
returned my Palm III (my first Palm) tomorrow and will
be eagerly awaiting my Visor.

Why are you so down on CompactFlash?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/8/1999 7:17:29 PM #
You seem to be pushing a line that there is going to
be some big price saving in using the Visor instead of
a CF-enabled PalmOS device.

Looking at the prices from various online dealers, I
can buy a 32MB CF card that will slip straight into my
PC/Notebook and act as a removable hard-drive for less
than the cost of the 8MB Flash springboard.

Unless you've actually USED one of the CF devices, I
wouldn't be quite so fast to make sweeping statements
about their function or cost.

RE: Why are you so down on CompactFlash?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/9/1999 11:43:50 AM #
This is Mike Cane. I'm not down on CF. It's simply that I expect TRG's CF-enabled unit to be priced for corporations, not individuals. It certainly will not be price-competitive w/the $249 Visor Deluxe. Taking into the account the extra money for the TRG vs. the money saved for the VD, compare that to the time saved with CF-to-PC/Mac communication via CF reader vs manually moving files from the VD internal RAM to the Flash card. I was just pointing out there's going to be a choice involved between the TRG and VD: you can save time (w/TRG) or you can save money (VD), but you can't yet do both. I still expect TRG to do very well with their unit because CF is still needed for certain people (who knows? I might find out that I'm one of them!). mc

Springboard Color?

Kirrha @ 10/15/1999 10:45:33 PM #
Thanks for the details on colors! But
what color are the Springboards? I think
the colored visors would look hideous with
a large, black, plastic lump sticking out
of the translucent back. And I can't see
many third-party companies making Springboards
in both graphite and ice....
RE: Springboard Color?
Flaming Bok Choy @ 11/30/1999 3:38:06 PM #
Innogear said their "minijam" springboard MP3-player will be released in an "ice" version
too." CLASS=NEWS> Hats off to them!

where to buy 'new' stylus for extra money

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/17/2000 11:09:24 AM #
I'd like to know where to buy the better (Palm III-like) stylus for extra money.


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2000 7:08:21 AM #
Unless I'm realy dumb, I couldn't find a backlight for the visor. I sent it back. I'm waiting in a que for the Palm Vx. I didn't know what I wanted until I got something I know I don't.


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