Palm Releases m125 Digitizer Patch

Since its release, some users have complained of problems with the digitizer on the m125. Palm has released a software patch for this model which has been designed to clear up any problems. According to user reports, it will also improve the handheld's Graffiti recognition. This patch is only for the m125.

Some, though not all, m125 users have had problems with the m125's digitizer registering taps in incorrect places on the screen. It can be difficult drawing a straight line in Note Pad and tapping icons in the Launcher sometimes opens the wrong apps.

Users who have installed the new software patch, which is only a few kb, have reported that these problems have been fixed.

Thanks to Simon and jacksonaaronc for their help. -Ed

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what about the m515

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/22/2002 10:23:56 AM #
They still need to fix the screwy digitizer on the m515
RE: and the m105
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/22/2002 10:30:34 AM #
I have the same problem on my m105 no matter how many times I calibrate it...will it work for it also?
Will There Be Smillar Patch For M500 Series
PIC mobile user @ 4/22/2002 10:41:47 AM #
i think M500 Need Digitizer Patch Also.
RE: what about the m515
latortilla @ 4/22/2002 11:04:06 AM #
I used to have digitizer problems as well, but this program helped to fix things:

RE: what about the m515
Altema @ 4/22/2002 11:27:50 AM #
"They still need to fix the screwy digitizer on the m515"

They need to fix YOUR device. If recalibrating the Digitizer does not work even after a hard reset, call Palm Support. They will replace it if it's defective.

If you have not done a hard reset before, make sure you backup your data first, as it will erase all your data from the Palm.

RE: what about the m515
Bartman007 @ 4/23/2002 2:08:39 AM #
I have the same problem with my m100. Altema, the question is... Will they charge for the replacement?

I hope

spartacvs @ 4/22/2002 10:36:37 AM #
The m125 I baugh in december had this problem. I made some tests writing iiiiiii. Well the accuracy was hardly 50% (ilicjiilill...). It finnaly broke.

Palm sent me another one and the problem was resolved.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.
Dr. Strangelove

Digitizer Fix

markmp @ 4/22/2002 1:29:11 PM #
A number of Palms have digitizer alignment problems. Often, these problems become so severe the Palm can no longer be used - and there is no way for the user to access the recalibration step.

Several months ago I developed a small utility to help with these alignment problems. It is free, open source, and available on our company website:

RE: Digitizer Fix
swinginjonny @ 4/22/2002 2:27:52 PM #
DigiFix is a fantastic product! I recommend it all the time.

(Self-confessed Palm Geek)
RE: Digitizer Fix
Altema @ 4/22/2002 2:52:42 PM #
My first Palm (IIIe) could have been fixed by this app... good idea. The IIIe is still in the family, but is on it's third screen now thanks to the kids and "Mr. Gravity".

Digitizer Fix - DON'T DO IT!
mrtech @ 4/22/2002 11:34:46 PM #
I installed this on my Palm V and it totally hosed things and would let me get out of an infinite reset loop, I had to finally hard reset which of course hosed my FlashPro installed apps and then couldn't fit everything back on till I removed apps from my backup directory, reinstalled flashpro and then put the apps back, I dont' think I ever fully recovered from that. Now I just manually reset my digitizer every now and then.
RE: Digitizer Fix
Bartman007 @ 4/23/2002 2:10:17 AM #
mr. tech,

hindsight is 20/20 but...
next time don't install a patch meant specifically for a m125 on your Vx... just a little bit of common sense.

RE: Digitizer Fix
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/23/2002 3:09:14 AM #
Maybe mrtech is talking about DigiFix, not the palm m125 patch?
RE: Digitizer Fix
Bartman007 @ 4/23/2002 11:28:02 AM #
Very possible, thank you for pointing that out.

If this is the case, has he tried emailing the developer?

Palm IIIx Digitizer Also

PIC mobile user @ 4/23/2002 4:12:17 PM #
I have had the same problem with my Palm IIIx. Taps on the screen register in the wrong location & writing is sometimes nearly impossible. Is there a patch for the IIIx as well?

The patch works!

Strider_mt2k @ 4/23/2002 5:45:30 PM #
Finally! I can play SimCity again!
I saw the glitch once when testing my digitizer, but it didn't return again after.
I guess I'll keep my M125 after all.



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