AvantGo Adds Ten Big Name Magazines

Thanks to an agreement with Lagardere Active, AvantGo's mobile service now includes ten new well-known magazine titles, including Car and Driver, Road & Track, ELLE, Woman's Day, and Mobile Entertainment. All of these magazines are available now as free channels on AvantGo's service. Lagardere Active hopes they will support themselves through advertising revenue.

Other magazines just added because of this agreement include Boating, Cycle World, Premiere, Sound & Vision, and Travel Holiday.

The content available through these channels appears to be quite extensive, as the suggested size for them ranges from 200 k to 500 k.

"We are thrilled to become the largest publisher of content on the AvantGo Mobile Internet Service," said Ben Tatta, chief operating officer, Lagardere Active. "Enthusiasts of all kinds will now have the option of accessing some of their most trusted brands from the palm of their hands."

AvantGo is a free application that downloads Web content onto handheld for viewing later. It is one of the most popular Palm OS apps.

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Uh...where is MacOS X support?

Foo Fighter @ 4/25/2002 9:55:26 AM #
Why is AvantGo dragging its feet? Are they ever going to develop a native conduit? :-(

that's nice... but where is that osX conduit!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 9:55:49 AM #
Nice guys, more info for all of us. But I still can't use it without a freaking osX conduit! Get going so we can all enjoy.
RE: Uh...where is MacOS X support?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 10:33:17 AM #
Don't complain to us. Tell AvantGo:
Maybe if enough people ask for it, you'll get what you want.
RE: Uh...where is MacOS X support?
Foo @ 4/25/2002 11:08:56 AM #
I've already complained to AvantGo, but they don't even reply to my e-mail.

RE: Uh...where is MacOS X support?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 9:48:08 PM #
Same here. I have contacted Avantgo a number of times recently - especially with desktop 4 now being available. But I never get any proper reply. Only an automated thanks, someone will get back to you.
RE: Uh...where is MacOS X support?
atmasphere @ 4/25/2002 11:06:46 PM #
Vindigo claims to be working on a conduit and they licensed the AvantGo system for the previous version. It is quite annoying however, that neither company replies to emails...

RE: Uh...where is MacOS X support?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2002 12:39:21 AM #
Agreed. This is getting ridiculous. Where are you AvantGo?

And, by the way, what happened to Slate on AvantGo? That's one I would really like to have back.

Actual Addys?

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 10:57:55 AM #
Anyone have the actual internet addresses for these new channels? I'm using Isilo and would like to try them out. Thanks.

old news

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 11:17:22 AM #
This is really old news, I knew about this at least 1.5 months ago.
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 11:22:28 AM #
Oh yeah? Nostradamus knew about it in the 16th century:
    Coursan, Narbonne through the salt to warn
    Tuchan, the grace of Perpignan betrayed
    the red town will not wish to consent to it,
    in a high flight, a copy flag and a life ended.

RE: old news
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 11:25:30 AM #
RE: old news
popko @ 4/25/2002 12:35:35 PM #
I've been reading Sound & Vision on my AvantGo client for a while now. But others ... I think they are new.

RE: old news
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 1:13:32 PM #
set up your own site if you think palminfocenter has old news.
RE: old news
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 2:24:06 PM #
Nice one, Nostradamus guy...
RE: old news
chailey @ 4/26/2002 9:09:56 AM #
> set up your own site if you think palminfocenter has old news.

Or better still, email Ed if you think you know something the rest of might find interesting so that he can cover it here.


PIC mobile user @ 4/27/2002 12:28:51 PM #
Right now I'm walking down a rural road in B@E getting my exercise, catching up on things. Avantgo helps me keep in touch, as well with with daily content.-I've been using the ' nw' magazine service since they started it. Avantgo gets better!


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