Quickoffice/SnapperMail Team for Attachments

Cutting Edge Software subsidiary has teamed with Snapperfish to develop integrated e-mail attachment solutions enabling Palm OS® handheld users to receive attachments via e-mail and view and edit those files in their native desktop format. In a releated release, CES has also announced that QuickOffice Pro will be bundled with the Kyocera 7135 Smartphone.

The initiative between the two companies has been ongoing since early 2002, when Snapperfish Ltd. was founded with a vision to create the ultimate mobile e-mail solution. The cooperative effort resulted in distinctive capabilities in Quickoffice 6.2 to open native desktop format HTML (hypertext markup language), TXT (text) and CSV (comma-separated-value spreadsheet) format documents for use in the Cutting Edge Software’s Quickword word processor and Quicksheet spreadsheet. Last year, SnapperMail® became the first to add direct support for native file attachment compatibility (including JPEG and ZIP, among others). Also, as the two companies forge ahead in their cooperative development, file compatibility support is planned for additional desktop file formats.

"Traditionally, in order to receive and view complex office attachments on wireless handheld devices, the industry has relied on expensive, unwieldy, and temperamental conversion servers to transform the files into something simple the handheld can read," said Will Lau, director of product design and business development at Snapperfish. "Our partnership with Cutting Edge Software has allowed our shared vision to become a reality, moving 180 degrees away from the problematic ‘middleware translation server’ approach and moving toward an elegant client-based solution that offers the optimum user experience of receiving, forwarding, viewing, and editing native desktop files directly on the mobile device."

"The Quickoffice/SnapperMail combination is the first in a series of groundbreaking solutions we will be unveiling this year," said Michael Compeau, Cutting Edge Software’s vice president of business development and planning. "Since releasing the very first Palm OS spreadsheet back in 1997, Cutting Edge Software will continue its tradition of pushing forward with innovations that further empower mobile professionals to be more productive on the go."

Pricing and Availability
SnapperMail Standard Edition is available as a free trial via electronic download from the SnapperMail Web site. Standard pricing for SnapperMail is $34.95. Quickoffice is also available as a free trial and retails for $39.95. Quickoffice Pro, which includes the Quickpoint presentation software, retails for $49.95. Both Cutting Edge Software and Snapperfish will be offering free trial versions of each other’s products in future releases of Quickoffice and SnapperMail.

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Woo Hoo!

mashby @ 2/12/2003 2:59:57 PM #
SnapperMail is already a must have e-mail app. The integration with QuickOffice and the ability to handle attachments is nothing short of fantastic.

However, it sounds like the best is yet to come! :-)

Michael T. Ashby

RE: Woo Hoo!
419400 @ 9/4/2003 4:24:27 PM #
i have the versione 1.8.1 of Snappermail and works fine, have you please a serial to register it?


M3wThr33 @ 2/12/2003 3:26:27 PM #
So the ones at GetConnected.com don't come with QuickOffice yet?

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

Snappermail conduit

blue9 @ 2/12/2003 6:24:54 PM #
When is there going to be a frickin hotsync conduit coming out?? I'm just waiting for this one component to be released before I plunk down my hard-earned fish in the dish.

RE: Snappermail conduit
Impartial @ 2/12/2003 6:30:31 PM #
Isn't the whole idea here to eliminate the need for a desktop conduit?

You may imagine that this is a witty statement, if you like.
RE: Snappermail conduit
blue9 @ 2/12/2003 8:15:36 PM #
I have a Clie SJ30 and currently synchronize with my PC using a sony usb cradle. My PC is behind a corporate firewall so pop access won't work. However, I can easily forward my yahoo mail to our corporate mail exchange server and use microsoft outlook to read it.

Tell me this. How can I use snappermail to get at this email? Pop access is blocked. Ok, so what if I buy another usb cradle for my home connection, which also has a firewall around it but does not block pop. How can I get snappermail to work with the cradle to make an internet connection via the pc and access my yahoo mail directly? I've been unsuccessful at both, and emailed tech support for a solution.

RE: Snappermail conduit
blue9 @ 2/12/2003 8:26:24 PM #
(oops, accidently hit the return key and had my posting prematurely sent)

I got no response from tech support. One suggestion i got from the forums was to use a serial cable to connect via PPP with my pc to establish the network connect. If I'm going to jump through this hoop, what's the difference between this method and using a hotsync conduit?

I really want to be able to use this mail program, badly, but I need a solution!!

RE: Snappermail conduit
Impartial @ 2/12/2003 8:29:23 PM #
Quite a dilemma... You could try POPing it at home (if it's your network you can always open the correct ports) and asking your work sysadmin to open the ones at your work for you.

You may imagine that this is a witty statement, if you like.
RE: Snappermail conduit
blue9 @ 2/12/2003 10:35:53 PM #
As I already said, I can do pop at home, but I can't establish a direct network connection with my usb cradle.

RE: Snappermail conduit
jonecool @ 2/13/2003 12:26:54 AM #
You might be able to use ReDirector to access your home PC via a PPP connection. Although, it only works on serial cradles or Ir connections. It saves you from having to swap cables and allows you to use your PC's internal modem for PPP from a Palm Device. You can download ReDirector from http://www.wagware.com

Hope this helps you

RE: Snappermail conduit
blue9 @ 2/13/2003 1:09:16 PM #
This is why a conduit is needed =)

RE: Snappermail conduit
johnwin @ 2/13/2003 1:20:29 PM #
I agree with you 'blue' - I'm currently using iambicMail untill SnapperMail come up with an Outlook conduit - we need the option of syncing with Outlook - not some kludge that 'sort of' works! Fingers crossed for a conduit some time soon

RE: Snappermail conduit
tuance @ 2/13/2003 6:40:48 PM #
try out Basejet mail at http://www.basejet.com

they sync wirelessly with outlook through corporate firewalls and has a cradle conduit - you have to install software on a PC inside your company's network. lots of features. go to the site for more info. currently it's free in beta.

RE: Snappermail conduit
jsulmeyer @ 2/14/2003 11:44:04 PM #
According to Will Lau, author of SnapperMail, conduits will be for v3.0 - about the end of the year, unless they employ more staff. Unless you're prepared to plop down the $69.95 for the "lifetime upgrade" plan, you'll want to keep in mind that there will be upgrade fees for v1->v2 and v2->v3. SnapperMail is a VERY cool app, and Will is a really nice guy - very responsive, etc. - but the program is prohibitively expensive for the non-expense account user like me!

The PalmOS Software Industry is still HOT

asiayeah @ 2/13/2003 8:56:07 AM #
It's amazing that both DataViz and QuickOffice team has announced support for native office support on PalmOS in pretty much the same day. The winners are certainly the consumers and it just shows another example of the benefits to consumers when there are competitions.

On the other hand, the PocketPC or Windows platform has only a single Microsoft solution.

With great power comes great responsiblity.

Serial for Snappermail 1.8.1

419400 @ 9/4/2003 4:26:38 PM #
Hi all,
i have the trial version of Snappermail 1.8.1 and it works fine. Is there anybody that could give me the serial number to register it?



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