Music studio in your pocket

Swivel Systems have developed the first General MIDI synthesizer module for the Palm Computing Platform. The device puts 128 different musical instruments and 140 drum sounds into a clip-on module that is about the size of a palm III modem. The device is expected to retail around $200 and should be available this summer.

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I dont get it

Huh @ 3/3/2000 9:30:54 PM #
Expensive way to make sounds and with very little utility.
RE: I dont get it
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/4/2000 9:12:34 AM #
Actually, if you're a songwriter keyboardist like me, it's an awesome way to lay down ideas while you're away. Many sond ideas come when you're away from the keys. I'm looking forward to the Springboard version for my Visor!

swivel systems

Jeffrey Kishner @ 3/5/2000 12:15:09 PM #
I think this is a great idea. As a composer, I can write songs on the road, and hear how they sound immediately. The only thing missing is a converter from .pdb to .mid so that the songs can be edited on desktop software.

Already been done

Xunker @ 3/5/2000 3:59:13 PM #
Handi Systems already has somthing like this, released almost a month ago." CLASS=NEWS> to see more.
RE: Already been done @ 3/6/2000 4:11:09 PM #
Handi Systems (" CLASS=NEWS> is indeed doing interesting stuff, but it is for a very special market - sound reinforcement set up. For ~$200 you get a MIDI interface that runs over long distance and software for controlling digital EQ.

Swivel Systems (" CLASS=NEWS> is coming out with a General MIDI synth in a clip on module. This will be bundled with sequencing software from miniMusic. With this set up you can write and perform music anywhere from your Palm.

Palm V?

CmdrTaco @ 3/5/2000 4:15:13 PM #
Will there be a palm v version
RE: Palm V?
NumLock @ 3/5/2000 10:38:02 PM #
I'm sure it will work with the PalmDock" CLASS=NEWS>
RE: Palm V? @ 3/6/2000 4:20:53 PM #

As "Numlock" mentioned, the SG20 will work with the Palm V by using the Palmdock. If enough people request a Palm V version, Swivel Systems may develop one. Right now we are concentrating on the Palm III version since that covers so many different Palm models. Next we will bring out the Springboard module for the Visor.

Keep in mind that Swivel Systems will be bringing out the SMA series of MIDI adapter cables. We will definitely have a Palm V version of that. Check out" CLASS=NEWS>



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