Aceeca PDA32 to Begin Pre-Production Soon

aceeca pda32 With the five-year anniversary approaching of the most recent Garnet-powered handhelds from Palm, the wait for Aceeca's PDA32 continues. The upcoming Garnet-based PDA32 has long passed its preliminary release date of April 10th and is now slated for release sometime this month, according to Tam Hanna, who continues to closely monitor the situation.

According to Aceeca's latest update from Tam, they have no news on the Windows CE-based (and therefore, far less interesting to PIC readers) MEZ1500 yet but the first pre-production run of the PDA32 will occur in "...early June, so we should have more news for you in June."

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June what year?

BaalthazaaR @ 6/16/2010 11:47:49 AM # Q
Old news... I tipped ya'll off about that post last month.
Aceeca in Beta?
BaalthazaaR @ 6/21/2010 9:38:35 AM # Q
There is a claim that Aceeca's PDA32 is in beta.

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