Cerience Releases Repligo 2.0

Cerience has released RepliGo 2.0, the next-generation of its award winning content publishing solution for mobile devices. RepliGo translates virtually any windows desktop document or printable information into precise, optimized content PDAs and smartphones.

RepliGo 2.0 provides a seamless way to get information from your desktop to your Palm device, regardless of the source document or application, said Lynn Formanek, co-founder and president of Cerience. RepliGo empowers everyday mobile device users to carry vast amounts of diverse information on their PDA or smartphone. New features found in the latest version include:

Repligo 2 Palm OS

  • New bookmark, comment and hyperlink features. Automatic conversion of bookmarks, comments and hyperlinks from popular desktop formats like Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents. Additionally, users can add personal bookmarks, notes and highlight text.
  • New text capabilities. Unicode support allows for text searching, making it effortless to find information. Copying text to the clipboard is also supported.
  • Higher quality graphics. New capabilities allow images to retain their full 24-bit quality, providing more clarity.
  • Improved document management. Category support provides straightforward organization of device or card-based documents. New features allow a direct HotSync of documents to memory cards, moving and renaming of documents and the ability to reopen documents at their last position. Improved memory card support allows large documents be read directly from cards, saving time and memory.
  • Enhanced Internet Explorer Integration. New conversion preview and automatic scaling features allow translation of Web pages with ease and accuracy.
  • All new Windows Viewer. The new Windows Viewer enables convenient reference and annotation on the desktop while remaining completely portable to any supported mobile device.
  • Existing features. RepliGo continues to support reflowed text for easy reading on small screens, infrared and Bluetooth printing to compatible HP printers, high resolution screen support on Palm OS devices, rotated document viewing and free RepliGo Viewer software.

RepliGo is priced at $29.95 USD for the full version and $14.95 USD if upgrading from a registered version of RepliGo 1.x. The software is available for a fully functional 14-day trial or purchase at the Cerience Web site and popular Internet distribution sites. It requires Palm OS 5 or higher. There is currently only a windows desktop converter available. Cerience is "seriously considering" a mac version, interested users are encouraged to contact the company to show interest in a OS X version.

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Ever tried it?

palm0045 @ 1/29/2004 11:29:13 AM #
Has anyone ever tried Repligo 1.x on their palm? My girlfriend's got Acrobat Reader so she can look at PDFs, but Repligo seems cooler, since it's intended strictly for pda content.

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RE: Ever tried it?
jbarr @ 1/29/2004 11:50:00 AM #
Yes, I have tried it, and I highly recommend it. Repligo is an EXCELLENT viewer. It is flexible and very complete. I am currently trying out the new v2.0 before I upgrade, but so far, it looks sweet. V1.x was stable, fast, and very useful. For example, a team lead at work sent us a 105 page PowerPoint presentation detailing development standards. Repligo faithfully reproduced the presentation in just over 300K, and I was able to read it without any problems on my PDA.

Generating document files is as easy as selecting the Repligo Printer and printing. It's VERY simple. Basically, if you can print it, you can send it to RepliGo. That's power.

Also, the company is very responsive. They seem to actually want to please their customers. I am often put off by upgrade fees, but this is one I'll gladly pay because the product is great and the service/support has been top-notch.

For what it's worth, I am running it on a Sony Clie NX70V, so it's speed is very good.

Just my $.02 from a very satisfied customer...

RE: Ever tried it?
JonathanChoo @ 1/29/2004 1:56:45 PM #
Yes, me too. It is excellent and blends well with most program using the virtual printer driver. Much better than Acrobat which is slow.

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RE: Ever tried it?
acaltabiano @ 1/29/2004 3:01:59 PM #
Not only is Adobe reader s-l-o-w, but it isn't really viewable for some content on the PDA.

I have it on my TT3, and it DOESN'T support the full screen, and on my PDF manuals for my car that I tried loading, couldn't convert them, and I was stuck trying to view a condensed version, w/o the capability to zoom in to a level that made the text readable.

If you are on the fence about this program over Adobe, go ahead and jump!

RE: Ever tried it?
rsc1000 @ 1/29/2004 4:39:00 PM #
>>Not only is Adobe reader s-l-o-w, but it isn't really viewable for some content on the PDA.

yes - always been bloated and slow on the dewsktop too. i've never been able to understand how this slogware ever become the standard. the palm version is especially terrible.

RE: Ever tried it?
cg @ 1/29/2004 5:02:04 PM #
I just tried this software today and I'm really impressed. I couldn't believe my eyes when I tested the print option to my HP bluetooth printer C8145A and my word an excell files were printed full color, images and tables and all the formating as if I did it from my desktop.

I have printboy and btprint and none of them can compare with the printing power of this software. I think I will buy it!

RE: Ever tried it?
MikeInDM @ 1/30/2004 3:16:43 PM #
I downloaded it yesterday and registered it today. It is great! PowerPoint looks exactly like the desktop as does Adobe PDF files. Great for viewing word documents that are 'reference' kind of documents. Allows for notes and highlighting as well.

It won't replace Documents To Go, but is it a good reason to skip the upgrade that gives you PowerPoint compatability (unless you need to edit PowerPoint files on the Palm).


RE: Ever tried it?
treo007 @ 2/1/2004 9:37:15 PM #
Yea, like a lot of others here, I have to whole-heartedly say it's one of the best programs I've EVER used, on any platform (desktop or mobile).

I use it on my MPx200 and it's allowed me to do nothing short of going virtually paperless in my work and personal life. Convert anything quickly and cheaply.

Great Viewer

DWD @ 1/29/2004 11:32:35 AM #
Wow, seems like a pretty powerful all-in-one viewer. The Cerience website show screenshots for PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web pages, Visio Drawing, Microsoft Project, Images, and Other types of documents. But keep in mind, this is just a viewer. For editing, Documents To Go is probably the product of have.

RE: Great Viewer
jbm @ 1/29/2004 12:56:20 PM #
Docs To Go is a great product for editing your documents, I use it on a regular basis. Sometimes though, full editing is not required, just the ability to mark up for review. With RepliGo 2.0, the comment and highlight features allow you to do that, similar to how Adobe Professional works with PDF files.

Jim Moy - Software Engineer, Cerience
(The views expressed by the author may not represent the views of Cerience Corporation, etc., etc.)
RE: Great Viewer
matthewarena @ 1/29/2004 1:17:28 PM #
Adobe should watch out and purchase this company...

This should be what Acrobrat PDA version 2 should be...

Cerience can innovate such a wonderful product compared to big and bulky Adobe ...
Adobe should learn to KISS (Keep It Sexily Simple )like Cerience...

Look like this time, a giant is overwhelmed by a superAnt...


RE: Great Viewer
DWD @ 1/29/2004 2:10:01 PM #
Hey...I like when Adobe Reader starts up so I can view a PDF file on my computer. The time it takes allows me to get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom.

RE: Great Viewer
acaltabiano @ 1/29/2004 3:23:34 PM #
If by "...get a cup of coffee..." you mean fly to columbia, talk Juan out of some of him and his donkeys beans, take them home, grind them, then brew it, yeah, that seems about right ;)

RE: Great Viewer
Altema @ 1/29/2004 4:44:43 PM #
"Adobe should watch out and purchase this company..."

I hope not. They would mess up a good thing!

RE: Great Viewer
Konstantin @ 1/29/2004 4:45:52 PM #
Yeah , viewer is the word. I d like something more of a Reader to read the docs and not view them.

upgrade only for OS5 devices

Ronin @ 1/29/2004 2:12:53 PM #
If I am understanding this correctly, this upgrade is only for OS5 devices.

Unless I missed it, the news item does not mention this.

In the Spirit of Umoja,

RE: upgrade only for OS5 devices
DWD @ 1/29/2004 2:49:36 PM #
It appears that way from the Cerience website which has the following:

"RepliGo 2.0 for Palm OS 5 brings incredible new functionality and blazing speed to your document viewing experience on the latest and most innovative Palm OS 5 devices available."

RE: upgrade only for OS5 devices
Admin @ 1/29/2004 5:32:25 PM #
thanks, I'll update that

Desktop viewer

Galley_SimRacer @ 1/30/2004 1:30:06 AM #
Don't forget the FREE viewer for Windows, (also just released)! It beats the snot out of Adobe Reader 6.

"Life is what you experience between racing games"
RE: Desktop viewer
DWD @ 1/30/2004 3:47:37 AM #
Ummmm...I think you are missing something. From Cerience's website:

"The best part is that RepliGo Viewer 2.0 for Windows is free! All RepliGo Viewers are free to use and distribute to your colleagues. Simply purchase the conversion software, created (sic) RepliGo documents, and distribute them to your mobile or desktop workforce."

(I noted the typo which should be "create" not "created.") The free Adobe Reader can read pdf files. However, the free Cerience RepliGo 2.0 reader cannot read pdf files. It can only read pdf files that have been converted to the RepliGo format using the not-free conversion software. So...as much as I am not a fan of Adobe Reader, a comparison between the free Adobe reader and the not-actually-free RepliGo reader is not fair.

RE: Desktop viewer
MikeInDM @ 1/30/2004 3:11:07 PM #
So...as much as I am not a fan of Adobe Reader, a comparison between the free Adobe reader and the not-actually-free RepliGo reader is not fair.
end quote

True, no comparison at all. Adobe is supposed to be a cross platform publishing product that allow you to view the same thing regardless of the platform. It's not when it comes to Palm.

RepliGo will convert a PDF file to the Palm and it looks EXACTLY like the PDF file would look on your desktop. Graphics, lines, drawing, text, color and all. Exactly the same.

With the free Adobe reader, you get 'not exactly' ;)

Mike (you get what you pay for).

Beam files from Palm to Desktop

fahn5150 @ 1/30/2004 12:01:12 PM #
I've searched the web a 1,000 times looking for a software that let's me beam files from my palm Tungsten C to my desktop.
I allways get the same error "Could not find receiving handheld computer".

and yes, I do have an infrared port.

Please Help!

RE: Beam files from Palm to Desktop
amflores @ 1/30/2004 12:38:09 PM #
well, I've never had problems with my old m105 and my laptop. Instead, I've had to turn off the beam receive preference on the palm since it keeps turning the "waiting for sender messagge" on every time it comes close to the laptop.

RE: Beam files from Palm to Desktop
bthornton @ 1/30/2004 1:19:24 PM #

Haven't done this in a while since BT came along, but I think if you beam a contact from your Palm to your desktop, don't 'ok' the transfer on the desktop just yet, and then start your IR transfer to the Palm it will work.



RE: Beam files from Palm to Desktop
fahn5150 @ 1/30/2004 2:14:09 PM #
It does not work, the weird thing is that I can beam from desktop to palm, but not from palm to desktop.....

thaks anyways



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