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We are pleased to announce our new live chat section. Palm Infocenter is now the official sponsor and website of the #Palm IRC channel on EFNet. Anyone can easily log in through our web based IRC java applet and talk with other Palm enthusiasts in real time. It's a convenient place to ask questions or to just chat about Palm news and issues. We will have some special guest speakers and chat sessions in the future, so check it out and stay tuned for announcements.

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Original IRC palm chat!

Calvin @ 3/27/2000 2:58:43 AM #
See" CLASS=NEWS> for information about connecting to #palmchat on the servers. This IRC channel has been around for three years now and is the *ORIGINAL* IRC Palm channel. We're on a great IRC network, one that doesn't limit access in broad manners like EFnet (large providers such as Earthlink and Cox@home are traditionally banned/k-lined from EFnet!) and welcome new users and experienced users alike!

P.S. PalmLife offers a Javachat access to #palmchat on openprojects that actually works; not like the one offered here...

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
Mike_W @ 3/27/2000 9:47:23 AM #
I have to agree. #palmchat on is one of the oldest palm forums available. Itís one of the few places where you will actually get to meet the developers of some of your favorite applications. #palmchat in specifically, and the entire openprojects network in general, is a very community-orientated environment. Itís not based on corporate sponsorship, although it is welcomed, and occasionally there are company-sponsored giveaways (check palmstation, , for announcements and details). If the past we have given away software from our various developer attendees, as well as hardware from TRG, Landware, and PDA Panache, as well as clear shells, styli, etc.

Stop by sometime and join us. Thereís normally someone active in the channel, but keep in mind that there are a lot of lurkers who watch and log while at work.

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/27/2000 10:35:58 AM #
EFnet Does *NOT* ban earthlink or @Home I actually have both ISP's and have connected with no problems. This chat applet works ok for me.
RE: Original IRC palm chat!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/27/2000 10:52:57 AM #
How about a server name? When I try I get either the k-lined or "you are not authorized" message...
RE: Original IRC palm chat!
Smev @ 3/27/2000 1:30:22 PM #
It doesn't matter which one is older, this channel was selected by PalmInfocenter and is the offical channel. Efnet is the most popular IRC network. If you are having troubles connecting try a different efnet server. I recommend

Heres a list of some other servers











[IL] (alias)

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
RogerC @ 3/27/2000 5:44:16 PM #
Well, it probably doesn't really matter in the end which channel is proclaimed to be the "official" one. What does matter is, which channel is the one where you can get help if you need it?

"That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
Isaac @ 3/28/2000 1:27:14 PM #
To the guy who can't connect to efnet, make sure that identd is enabled in your client or platform.. in mIRC, it's in Settings->Identd (I think), and in UNIX you should just run 'identd' or search for an identd.


- Isaac

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/28/2000 7:03:13 PM #
This whole thing makes my blood boil! You have the nerve to declare your channel the "official" one? Who the F*** are you anyway?

The official channel will always be #palmchat.

And another thing.. If you want to be taken seriously, the least you could do would be to replace your background image with one that tiles *seamlessly*

I'm getting off my high horse now... It's not good for the blood pressure. GODDAMMIT!!

RE: Original IRC palm chat!
Ryan @ 3/28/2000 8:50:59 PM #
Let me clear up any confusion here...
We are not claiming that our new chat feature is the official place to discuss palm stuff.
That is ludicrous and I do not see where you are getting this from.
Rather, is the official sponsor and website of the #Palm channel on EFNet as it says clearly in my post.
To address you other concern, as of over a week ago we have replaced our background with one that "tiles seamlessly." One of our readers was kind enough to tweak it and I further reduced the file size by about 6k.


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