Canada Bell Drops Pre to Free

Palm Pre Canada Bell Bell Mobility in Canada is now giving the Palm Pre away when customers sign up for a new contract. In its third major price drop since launching the handset late last August.

The new price points gives the Palm Pre away for essentially nothing with a three year contract agreement, while 2 year commitments will put it in your mitts for $99 CAD. The no contract option remains unchanged at $599.

Thanks to Graham Norton for the tip.

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Palm Pre Plus?

HandyMan @ 1/25/2010 11:28:00 AM # Q
Maybe an HSPA Palm Pre Plus on the way? Bell Mobility has been pushing their new HSPA network lately.

RE: Palm Pre Plus?
LiveFaith @ 1/25/2010 8:28:54 PM # M Q
Did the price actually drop or did they just make a 3yr contract option. $99 for an extra YEAR of bondage to an overpriced plan. Overpriced by the amount of the subsidized hardware plus some huge premium.

I hate the North American subsidized ant-competitive mess. A Euro style company could wreak havoc if they went nationwide on it's own network. That is IF North Americans could figure out the benefits of actually buying their phone. Ahhh, never mind.

Rant over. Just give me my free Pixi with Verizons stupid checkmark across the front. :-(

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