Connect to Multiple IMs With Chatopus

Chatopus v1.11 is now available. Chatopus is a Jabber/XMPP client for instant messaging (IM) on the Palm OS platform. Chatopus allows users to communicate with Jabber contacts and many other popular IM clients.

Chatopus is a Jabber/XMPP client for instant messaging. It facilitates instant messaging and presence functionality, enabling users to instantly communicate to other wireless and wired users.

It also supports the transport aspects of Jabber, allowing users to establish links to other instant messaging solutions including MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, GaduGadu, Sametime and others.

Version 1.11 includes several enhancements, including Treo 600 optimizations, high res support, 5-way navigation support on Tungsten and Zire devices, better unicode support and many others. It works with Palm OS 4 or higher and requires a network connection and a Jabber account. The shareware application costs $14.95 USD to register.

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Verichat is better...

momon526 @ 4/16/2004 7:22:32 PM #
Verichat support multiple IMs too! what's so good about Verichat is that it can show offline buddies, this is not!

RE: Verichat is better...
M3wThr33 @ 4/16/2004 7:30:29 PM #
Uhm. Look at the screenshot. There's a checkbox for "Show Offline buddies."

Don't be so quick to judge.

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

RE: Verichat is better...
momon526 @ 4/16/2004 7:35:01 PM #
that's strange... look at their website. It says "option to show online users only".

RE: Verichat is better...
abosco @ 4/16/2004 7:52:38 PM #
Yes, the OPTION to show online users only. You also have the OPTION to show offline users as well.

Verichat is extremely unstable. I'll be running it in the background, and the quick reply feature will either crash my NX or just simply won't reply at all.

NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616

Verichat is NOT better...
rmhurdman @ 4/16/2004 8:19:45 PM #
After you pay for Chatopus, you can use your jabber account for as long as you like. And the jabber account is free to set up. Which means that there is no yearly fee for using Chatopus, à la différence de Verichat.

I haven't had any difficulties using Chatopus, except that I can't type as quickly on my T|C as I can on a keyboard. And I'm looking forward to background threads in Cobalt so that I don't have stare at the screen while I wait for my buddy to type his response.

RE: Verichat is better...
palmdoc88 @ 4/17/2004 3:11:25 AM #
I don't know about Chatopus but I thought that Verichat has a "background" mode, meaning that you could be running another app and if there is an incoming IM, it will be displayed as a popup?

RE: Verichat is better...
skennedy1217 @ 4/17/2004 7:41:09 PM #
From the Chatopus website:

Runs in background in Palm OS


RE: Verichat is better...
enchufao @ 4/18/2004 9:11:25 AM #
I have used both programs on my TC, and I can tell you that the only thing that verichat has and versamail doesn't is the warning that tells you that your buddy is writting a message. This can be annoying because your buddy doesn't receive this alert and he/she may think that you are not answering.
RE: Verichat is better...
alanjrobertson @ 4/20/2004 12:55:30 PM #
Works brilliantly on my Palm - excellent price too.

Verichat was no use to me as I've got no way of using the SMS notification system it employs on my network here in the UK.

Thanks for the info about Chatopus, PIC :D


How practical

RhinoSteve @ 4/17/2004 3:51:10 AM #
Ok, so what Palm OS device is best for IM'ing? I think the Treo 600 would be cool. But also, what aobut some of the fold up keyboards? What experience you all that with this?

RE: How practical
Clymmer @ 4/17/2004 5:39:11 AM #
I use my TC to chat using the freeware version of AIM via wi-fi. Via the thumboard, it's decent enough in a pinch. With the PPK, it's just like sitting at my PC. I use my folding keyboard almost 100% of the time I'm chatting on my handheld.

I've been a Palm user for about 6 years or so and my TC is the first thumboard handheld I've used. I can honestly say that I can't imagine trying to graffiti in a chat session and enjoying the experience. If you're a decent touch typist, graffiti or almost any stylus-based input would be more cumbersome in comparison.

Of course, the fitaly-, jot-, & MessageEase-zealots would probably have a slightly different opinion. :-)


RE: How practical
Luisito @ 4/17/2004 2:25:17 PM #
I use the Tungsten C and I think it's perfec for IM. I use Verichat and it works fine in background mode. I can be connected to msn IM service and surf the internet with web broser pro 3.0.

I have had problems loosing Verichat's connection while checking my mail with Versamail.

So it has problems with some other "connected" applications but not all of them.

SmbMate can be used with Versamail in the background and everything goes well.

I like the instant connection of verichat instead of waiting for my desktop to start and it's very confortable to IM from everywhere away from the desktop.

The T/C 's keyboard ia great also...
I havn't tried chatoppus so I can compare..


RE: How practical
nrosser @ 4/17/2004 11:20:55 PM #
I IM all the time with my 600 and Verichat. In fact, I don't even fire up the desktop clients anymore - being able to IM from anywhere is just so much more practical.

In terms of keyboard use, I use both the 600 thumboard (obviously) as well as the Palm Wireless Keyboard. Certainly the PWK is faster, and I use it quite often when I'm at my office desk, but I also use the thumboard a great deal, and can fly with it, as well.

IMing is a perfact example of the kind of app for which a converged device like a 600 is perfect.

Jabber Server required?

scottyt @ 4/19/2004 9:24:03 AM #
The first thing this software asked me for was the name of my Jabber server, which I don't have.

VeriChat, which I use on the Treo 600, seems to have its own server that it uses and it set everything up for me.

Are there public Jabber servers set up that can be used with this app?

RE: Jabber Server required?
sub_tex @ 4/19/2004 9:49:55 AM #
The two jabber servers I would recommend setting up an account on are either or is a major one, I don't use it though since always has support for all IMs (AIM,MSN,ICQ,Yahoo) and would have spotty or no AIM coverage.

RE: Jabber Server required?
userwaldo @ 4/19/2004 3:00:15 PM #

Also you can use services from other jabber servers, so you only have to register with one server.

Comparison with imchatter?

rogerkang @ 4/19/2004 3:17:26 PM #
How do you guys think this compares to imchatter? I tried this jabber one, and didn't really like the display format. I'm in the process of trying out imchatter, so we'll see how that is.



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