palmOne Updates Palm Desktop Software

palmOne has updated both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the Palm Desktop. The desktop suite adds support for some of the new software features for palmOne handhelds.

Palm Desktop for Windows
palmOne has released the Palm Desktop for Windows version 4.1.4. Most of the updated apply to palmOne handhelds with the new enhanced PIM applications. The update adds new fields for the Contacts application including the Birthday field, website, and IM. It also support multiple contact addresses, more phone and email fields and a contact picture field. Calendar ads appointments that span midnight and an event location field. The desktop version of Memos now supports the larger 32k file size limit and Tasks includes repeating tasks.

The new fields in the updated personal information management applications (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos) will only synchronize with corresponding fields on your handheld. Synchronization with older handhelds is supported, but the new fields will not synchronize to the handheld. Handhels with the enhanced PIM include the Tungsten T3, E and the Zire 72 and 31.

Palm Desktop for Mac
The Macintosh version of the Palm Desktop is now 4.2.1. It adds improved compatibility with Mac OS X Panther (10.3). It also includes an updated send to handheld droplet that allows you to send image and audio files to your palmOne handheld or expansion card.

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Good timing

chinchorrero @ 4/28/2004 10:04:45 PM #
Good timing.

"Life is Too Short"
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RE: Good timing
jmchamblis @ 4/29/2004 9:25:56 AM #
Is this really a totally "new" Desktop, or just a downloadable version of what has been on the Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E CD's already?
RE: Good timing
Vidge @ 4/29/2004 12:25:20 PM #
"Is this really a totally "new" Desktop, or just a downloadable version of what has been on the Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E CD's already?"

It is the new desktop distributed with the Z72 (and maybe the Z31) so it includes the photos in the contacts, etc. Of course, it doesn't update the handheld so you still don't have the new fields on your PDA. TE and T3 users are urged to download this desktop, especially if they are using the Palm Outlook conduit. This includes an updated OL conduit, which actually works!

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Grain of salt...

Strider_mt2k @ 4/28/2004 10:05:53 PM #
This update also includes a revenge factor for PalmOne:

In response to reviewers constantly complaining about the lack of additional polyphonic alarm sounds on new PalmOne handhelds, the new PalmOne Desktop actually requires you to choose one of the existing ones for deletion.

When asked to comment, an anonymous PalmOne exec was heard to say, "That'll teach em!" as he ducked into a nearby executive washroom.


Not Good Enough

Foo Fighter @ 4/28/2004 10:59:34 PM #
Nice to see PalmOne keeping things updated on the desktop software side, but for God's sake....It's time to rewrite Palm Desktop! PD looks and feels like an old Windows 3.1 app that has been ported over to Win32, which in some repects is how this software started out. We need something more robust, like integrated email support perhaps? There aren't enough good PIM solutions out there to compete with Outlook. Lets give Microsoft some much needed competition in this space, shall we? Hell, PalmOne could even sell this software seperately and people would buy it!

Time to go back to the drawing board with PD. While they're at it, give it new name. The Palm Desktop moniker is getting a bit dated.

Contributing Editor,

RE: Not Good Enough
feranick @ 4/28/2004 11:54:42 PM #
To me the new Palm Desktop looks good enough. What I don't really like is the fact that only the Desktop is updated. All the PIM in my T|C are the old ones. So although the new PIMs in the desktop are nice, what can I do with them if I can't syncronize them in my Palm? Palm was about handhelds if I am not mistaken....


RE: Not Good Enough
mikecane @ 4/29/2004 12:02:41 AM #
>>>Time to go back to the drawing board with PD.

Crac, crab, crab.

Leave it alone.

You're not even bloody *using* a PalmOS device, if I recall correctly. (Oooh, look at me! I'm a stalker now!)

RE: Not Good Enough
gfunkmagic @ 4/29/2004 12:08:54 AM #
>>>Time to go back to the drawing board with PD...

Foo... you don't even own a palmOs pda right now right? ;)

Anyway, in regards to integrated email support...what does that mean exactly? Do you mean integrated outlook conduits out the box? AFAIK, You can get the pocket mirror conduits free already...

What I'm really interested in knowing is whether PalmOne is going to bundle the new Mobile Mail client PalmSource recently unveiled? Will PalmOne drop Versmail and start using Mobile Mail instead?

I support


RE: Not Good Enough
hkklife @ 4/29/2004 1:22:22 AM #
I know it's asking too much, but a nice little ROM update package for the T2, T|C and any other OS5 model that doesn't have the new PIM features (but has flash memory!) would be greatly appreciated.

At least they're working to improve the aesthetics of Palm Desktop. I would bet on a major revamp for version 5--"Palm Media Central" or some such fancy term.

Also, I'd like to see the newer version of WebPro & VersaMail released as freebie (or very cheap) upgrades for existing Tungsten owners.

RE: Not Good Enough
Galley_SimRacer @ 4/29/2004 1:28:47 AM #
Yeah, we need the updated PIM apps on our older Palms!

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RE: Not Good Enough
Foo Fighter @ 4/29/2004 1:34:24 AM #
>> "Crac, crab, crab."

LOL! Listen to that. I'm being criticized for complaining too much by Mike "cantankerous" Cane . Physician, heal thyself. :-)

Contributing Editor,


thebman @ 4/28/2004 11:55:36 PM #
i just downloaded the new version. and now i am having problems with my desh top. when i am done syncing it just making clicking noises till i click on the mouse. plus i am now having problem with my favorites list. things are just acting weird. i will make notes and post them on here later.

RE: problems
jjsoh @ 4/29/2004 2:00:57 AM #
I'm having some installation issues, too.

The first time I ran the installation (on my Windows XP Pro, SP1), it froze during the "Removing Backup Files" part. I had to force quit the application via task manager. Re-launching the setup file was not possible unless I restarted. (I noticed a program hanging upon shutting down my machine: IDriver.exe. Whatever that is.)

The second time around after reboot, it seemed to have worked for the most part. At least this time, the shortcuts and Program Files directory were created and the HotSync was working. However, it still froze during the SAME process! Amazing that I had to force quit it again. Thankfully, it's working now, but not without a few retries.

PalmOne's QA testing needs some serious improvement because I remember experiencing this exact same problem with the ORIGINAL CD's of my Tungsten E. Only difference is I had to reinstall Palm Desktop much more than twice to get it running properly back then.

Is/Did anyone else experience similar problems?


RE: problems
Bernie_eigl @ 4/29/2004 12:33:28 PM #
I had the same problem as you, Jim. Hangs at the end first time, need to restart computer, hangs again at end of installation but desktop seems to work after that. Haven't had a chance to use the desktop much yet though so we'll see ... BE

Is PD for Mac off the death row:)?! T3 OS Upgrade PLEASE!!!

palmstory @ 4/29/2004 3:24:49 AM #
What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................:):):):):)....

So does it mean that Palm Desktop has now been taken off the death row?:)

Does it mean that I have to upgrade my Tungsten T3 to Palm OS 5.2.8 from it's OS 5.2.1 at present to use the new PD 4.2.1?? Is such upgrade even possible?

Hope Palm's PR machine goes extra mile in trying to CLARIFY all these Q's, given what a HUGE SCARE they gave the entire Mac-Palm community!

Relying on the 2nd hand information, like

is less than an IDEAL SOLUTION!!!

Verizon Wireless - BlueTooth phones PLEASE for T3 etc.
palmstory @ 4/29/2004 3:30:40 AM #
And, if Verizon Wireless offers BlueTooth phones for T3, I'd be really happy... Or I guess they are waiting for the next Treo and such, and all T1-2-3 users to buy into that?

But with PD for Mac getting a new, hopefully LONG term lease on life, as a Mac, T3, user, I'll take ANY good news from palm I can get...

I am glad that PalmOne has FINALLY seen the light!!!

RE: Is PD for Mac off the death row:)?! T3 OS Upgrade PLEASE!!!
4s @ 4/29/2004 10:36:35 AM #
Motorola is promising a Verizon Bluetooth phone (v710, i think) during Q2 of the is year. A Verizon sales rep confirmed this for me but could not give a release date.

RE: Is PD for Mac off the death row:)?! T3 OS Upgrade PLEAS
Bartman007 @ 4/29/2004 1:35:41 PM #
IF you remember the statement, it said that PalmSource decided to no longer support/develop PD for the mac when Cobalt came around, not PalmOne. IIRC, PalmOne stated that they were committed to supporting the mac, but people didn't know if this meant that they were going to continue developing PD for the mac, or if they would start bundling Missing Sync for Cobalt...



TreoChick @ 4/29/2004 7:54:20 AM #
How come there is no Desktop for the most popular SmartPhone in the world? The Treo?

The treo 270 and treo600 users are left in the dark?

[ ]

RE: Treo!
gfunkmagic @ 4/29/2004 10:21:25 AM #
None of the Treos currenty use the new enhanced PIM, thus the new PD would be useless...

I support


RE: Treo!
TreoChick @ 4/29/2004 2:34:19 PM #
Right. They want you to spend $500 $600 on a brand new treo device...

and they want you to sync it to windows 95 software.

[ ]

Where's my e-mail?

Haber @ 4/29/2004 10:21:49 AM #
Has anyone else signed up for the download and not received the e-mail with the URL many hours later? Why the convoluted and obnoxious two-step process in the first place, just creates the potential for more problems, such as above. Although from previous posts, I'm afraid to install it once I actually *do* get a hold of the thing.

RE: Where's my e-mail?
ReneeRoberts @ 4/29/2004 12:33:28 PM #
They may just be overwhelmed by folk downloading... give it a day, then put in another request.

RE: Where's my e-mail?
a_nonamiss @ 4/29/2004 4:49:00 PM #
I signed up using my Hotmail addresses, (2 different ones) and they never responded. I used my work email address, and the response was under 5 minuntes. Then, about four hours later, I got the emails to my hotmail accounts. I think they are delaying those for some reason. Don't know why, though.


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RE: Where's my e-mail?
Admin @ 4/29/2004 9:11:58 PM #
Still waiting for a response myself!


a_nonamiss @ 4/29/2004 3:09:55 PM #
My HotSync Manager doesn't crash after every sync now! Horay! Thank you Palm!

(Man, I was starting to get used to restarting it after every sync...)


Palm Pilot 1000 > Palm Pilot Professional > Palm III > Palm M100 > Sony Clié PEG-T415 > Palm T|T3

I've became a Mac User, BUT...

vesther @ 4/29/2004 8:00:10 PM #
I'm only hoping that PalmSource would commit itself more to the Mac Platform rather than the Windows Platform, though. Same with the Handheld Software Developers as well.

A Palm-Powered Handheld is the bread and butter for many people. Without a Palm-Powered Handheld, your progress is all for naught.

Agendus for Windows conflict

Galley_SimRacer @ 4/30/2004 1:22:50 AM #
D'oh! Now Agendus for Windows will no longer open. I'm off to Iambic's support site to see if they are working on a fix.

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Backwards compatible.
Kudzu62 @ 4/30/2004 2:20:25 AM #
Before I have any real hassles, does anyone know if this will install and sync properly with my Prism?


From the Great White North

struggling with new Palm OS

car medic @ 4/30/2004 8:36:25 AM #
Recently dug out my old Palm V. It has Palm OS 3.1.1. I got a new desk top machine so downloaded Palm OS v4.1. Installed ok BUT - handheld still shows version 3.1.1. after several hotsyncs. The handheld still has mail icon/app but its not on the desktop - tried everything - should it be there? Also Palm reader on handheld with book but again not on desk top? Are we really progressing?

RE: struggling with new Palm OS
Foo Fighter @ 5/2/2004 12:34:03 AM # you mean you downloaded Palm Desktop 4.1? That is not an OS upgrade. It will not upgrade your Palm V to PalmOS version 4.1 or later.

Contributing Editor,
RE: struggling with new Palm OS
;-o @ 5/4/2004 5:12:46 AM #

PalmOne Tech Support - Q&A :):)!!!

palmstory @ 5/4/2004 12:17:19 AM #
This Q + A between me and PalmOne Tech Support reads like stand-up comedy:)

Hope you find this information useful

------ Forwarded Message
From: Date: Mon, 03 May 2004
To: xxxxxx Subject: palmOne Support [Case ID #: xxxx]

Dear Mr. XXX,

Thank you for contacting palmOne™ eMail Technical Support. This is TJ, I
will be assisting you on this inquiry.

Mr. XXX, I understand that you have several questions regarding your
handheld and the Palm Desktop 4.2.1. I have format our answers as to your

Q. Also, my T3 runs Palm OS 5.2.1 while the new Zires run OS 5.2.8. Is there
an OS Update for my Tungsten T3? If yes, where do I get it? If not, WILL IT

I understand that you wish to know whether you can upgrade the Palm OS
running in your handheld to version 5.2.8. I regret to inform you but the
upgrade of the Palm OS form 5.2.1 to 5.2.8 is not yet available. Also we are
not informed when will the upgrade be on hand. I suggest that you try to
visit our site:, from time to time regarding future updates
in this matter.

Q. Since the new Zire's do OFFICIALLY support Panther 10.3.3, does it mean
that T3 owners, like myself, can breath easy now, after we install the new
PD 4.2.1???!!!

Mac OS 10.3 does support Tungsten T3, and you can HotSync your T3 to that
Mac OS. I also understand that you want to know whether you can now breath
easily after installing Palm desktop 4.2.1 in Panther. We cannot guarantee
that you will not encounter sync problems using the newest version of Palm
Desktop. There is always that possibility.

Q. Will I FINALLY be able to install full screen .JPEG photos onto T3
DIRECTLY via Send To Handheld Droplet, instead the old painful:) work-around
of having to install to SD Card first, and then Copying to Handheld?

Regarding the Send to Handheld droplet, I believe that the new version that
came with Palm desktop 4.2.1 will only correct the problem regarding the
malfunctioning of that software in Panther. I believe that you still cannot
make use of the full screen view for your photos unless you install it first
in your SD card.

Q. My T3 came with Docs To Go Professional, while the new Zires come with
Docs To Go Standard Version. Will this new PD 4.2.1 overwrite my Docs To Go
Professional? If so, will I be able to re-install Docs To Go Professional
from my T3 CD?

The Documents To Go application is not affected in the installation of the
new software unless you are to uninstall completely the whole Palm Desktop
software. You will still retain the version that came with your handheld if
you are only to upgrade your software. Also the Documents To Go Professional
is only available in the software essential CD in our newly released
products like Zire 31 and Zire 72. If you want to upgrade your Documents To
Go application you can visit the DataViz web site at
<> . Or if you completely uninstall the old version
Palm desktop software and download the new version you can still use the
software essential CD that came with your T3 to install again Documents to

Q. If I run into problems with PD 4.2.1, will I be able to re-install PD
4.1. from T3 CD, and use my User Data after it ran for a day or so under PD

You wish to know whether you can still install Palm Desktop 4.1 after you
have uninstalled 4.2.1. You still can install it back if you feel that you
are more comfortable with that version. You can use the CD that came weigh
your Tungsten T3 to uninstall the software (you can choose uninstall instead
of quick install) and install back Palm Desktop 4.1. The uninstallation
using the CD should not affect your user data, but to be sure I suggest that
you try to create a copy of your user folder and drag it to your desktop.
The following are the steps in backing up your user data.

1. Open hard drive>Users>house icon>documents>Palm>Users> HotSync username.
HotSync username refers to the folder labeled by your username. 2. Click on
the folder and select copy or duplicate. 3. Drag the duplicate folder to the
desktop. 4. You are now ready to uninstall the software.

If you ever have any other questions or issues, please do not hesitate to
email us again, quoting the case number in the subject of the email. This
will assist us in tracking your case history, and for further

Additionally, you can also find troubleshooting articles, FAQ's and at <> . You may also contact our
Technical Support Hotline (813) 313- 4193 for further assistance.

To learn more about pa1m™ handhelds, software updates, set up guides,
downloads and other solutions, be sure to visit the pa1mOne™, Inc. support
web site at:


TJ pa1mOne™ eMail Technical Support North America

--- Original Message ---

My Set Up is: Powerbook 17, OS 10.3.3, Tungsten T3 with the firmware update
t3_update.html -

I just downloaded the new Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Installer. BEFORE I run it,
I'll save a Copy of my User Data Folder onto desk top.

When I saw this, I got very concerned.


you must disable conduits based on your handheld type Paul_Christensen
Version: 4.2.1, 4/29/2004 08:59AM PST

sjonke - in regards to your problems with multiple conduits installed,
starting with the Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E, PalmOne released completely
new organizer apps. These apps have a different database version, and new
capabilities, but they require different conduits. The latest PalmOne
devices (Zire72 and Zire31) also include these new organizer apps.

Palm Desktop installs both sets of conduits, because it has no way of
knowing whether you have a newer device or a classic device. It is up to you
to disable the corresponding conduits (go to HotSync manager, change conduit
properties to "do nothing" and make that the default).

I agree that Palm should have provided some sort of wizard to disable /
enable the conduits based on your handheld type. But to be fair, they have
the same problem on the Windows version of HotSync as well.

And... I applaud PalmOne for its support of Mac OS X by including native
conduits for their new organizer apps ---------

Boy, sounds like a recipe for a lot of headaches... OBVIOUSLY one MUST BACK

Q. Also, my T3 runs Palm OS 5.2.1 while the new Zires run OS 5.2.8. Is there
an OS Update for my Tungsten T3? If yes, where do I get it? If not, WILL IT

IRONICALLY -- my Tungsten T3 is STILL UNSUPPORTED with anything higher than
Mac OS 10.2.6 according to

which HOPEFULLY means that they simply haven't updated that web page?!

Q. Since the new Zire's do OFFICIALLY support Panther 10.3.3, does it mean
that T3 owners, like myself, can breath easy now, after we install the new
PD 4.2.1???!!!

Q. Will I FINALLY be able to install full screen .JPEG photos onto T3
DIRECTLY via Send To Handheld Droplet, instead the old painful:) work-around
of having to install to SD Card first, and then Copying to Handheld?

Thus far my Set Up works FINE, so I am a little concerned - Dont' Fix it if
it's not broken:) ... Although my Photos Albums got corrupted a few times,
but re-install(overwrite) fixed that. Because of those Photo Albums
corruptions, I pretty much stopped using my Photo Application. Hopefully the
new PD 4.2.1 will provide a better stability for my Photo App. and it's
Conduit etc.

Q. My T3 came with Docs To Go Professional, while the new Zires come with
Docs To Go Standard Version. Will this new PD 4.2.1 overwrite my Docs To Go
Professional? If so, will I be able to re-install Docs To Go Professional
from my T3 CD?

Q. If I run into problems with PD 4.2.1, will I be able to re-install PD
4.1. from T3 CD, and use my User Data after it ran for a day or so under PD


Thanks in advance for your assistance! Hopefully it'll all go smoothly!!!

Installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 - NO PROBLEMS! - REPORT

palmstory @ 5/5/2004 3:35:22 PM #
Hope this Report is helpful ...

Happy News!!!

I have finally decided to JUST DO IT, i.e. install this latest PD 4.2.1!!!

First, I called Palm's Tech Support, and during the ~40 minutes on hold I read the Reviews at

Some of them got me a little nervous, but I decided to wait till Palm Tech picked up my call ...

A nice, friendly guy picked up FINALLY, and I went over my old Q's, clarifying the Q&A from their recent response.

The Tech's English was somewhat IFFY, but well intentioned:) ...

When I asked him to SPECIFICLY tell me what was different between PD 4.1 and this latest version 4.2.1 vs. my Set Up -- Tungsten T3 & Panther 10.3.3, the guy kept saying -- NOTHING, except Send To Handheld Application(Droplet )...

So, I asked if this newest Send To Handheld Application was fixed in terms of Dropping JPEG photos on it in order to install them on Palm DIRECTLY, as opposed to the old workaround of having to first install them onto SD Card via HotSync, and then opening Photo Application on Palm, choosing Card, Selecting photos on the SD Card and Copying them to Handheld...

That work around was necessary in order to have the Full Size photos 320x480 show up on Palm PDA. On SD Card they did display at Full Size, i.e. 320x480, and they transferred to PDA OK at that Full Size, but when using Send To Handheld Application(Droplet ) they would display smaller, i.e. as if they didn't know that my Tungsten T3 had a a larger Slider Screen.

So... the Palm Tech first said that this Send To Handheld Application(Droplet )... was fixed, i.e. that I'd be able to use it in order to install JPEG photos DIRECTLY to PDA, at full size... Then that Palm Tech guy would say -- we haven't tried it yet...:)!!!!!!!! :):):

So, I asked him if WE meant HIM personally, or PalmOne?:)... After a few rounds of Yes and No, I let that issue go, figuring that I'll find out soon.

The BIGGEST reason that I was so CONCERNED about that feature was -- on several occasions my Photo's Database got corrupted, and thus Photo Conduit would interrupt my HotSync, and it was difficult to pinpoint whether it was due to an individual corrupt JPEG, or unstable Photo Conduit, or corruption on SD Card, or PDA itself... After countless EPIC marathons, I simply stopped using my T3 as my portable Photo Album... Whatever photo's I got in, that would have been it, no more new photos...

Also, the guy reassured me that my Professional Version of Docs to Go won't get overwritten by Standard Version of Docs to Go, because it is simply NOT A PART OF THIS PD 4.2.1 Install(Easy or Custom), which was also the case with 4.1 that came on my T3 CD. I.e. Docs To Go Professional was a SEPARATE Installer on that CD. So... NOT TO WORRY:)

And so... I did my FINAL:) HotSync, backed up my Users Folder to Desktop, adding word COPY at the end of that folder's name, and double-clicked on PD 4.2.1 Installer...

I compared the Easy and Custom Installs Options, and the only difference that I could see was -- Easy would install PD and HotSync, and Custom would allow to pick both PD and HotSync or just one of the them. So, I picked EASY Install:)! ...

It went LIKE BUTTER... PERFECTLY!!! To be safe, I did a Shut Down. After the Startup, I Repaired the Permissions, did another Shut Down/Startup/Repair of the Permissions:) and only THEN I launched my new Palm Desktop...

The new Splash Screen is pretty, but I liked the old one better:)... As to new features, I am yet to go through the Menus.

I did pick up 4 more Memos... I think it had to do with the Notes that I've attached to Tasks that I've created on T3. Maybe that issue existed before, but I didn't see it, because I would usually create my Tasks/To Do's on the Desktop, and then HotSync.

Prior to running this PD 4.2.1 Installer, I COUNTED ALL RECORDS ON BOTH PD AND PDA - i.e. Contacts/Addresses, Tasks/To Do's etc, Memo's etc. This way I'd know if I lost any Data, or got some Duplicate records...

And now it was time to test the INFAMOUS Send To Handheld Application(Droplet ) -- So... I picked one JPEG and dropped it onto Send To Handheld Icon in the Dock, right under Palm Desktop's Icon. A Dialog Window came up, with the default install destination being Handheld, and leaving "Optimize for handheld screen resolution" box CHECKED.


Then I Dragged and Dropped a few photos at a time, and ...


Then I Dragged and Dropped a 50 photos at a time, and ...


What did NOT work was - when I Dragged and Dropped a Folder with JPEG's in it. The "Optimize for handheld screen resolution" box was grayed out... and there was not Confirmation Window -- "The files will be installed whey you next perform a HotSync operation"...

In short -- the INFAMOUS Send To Handheld Application(Droplet ), version 1.3 SIMPLY ROCKED!!!! -- STABLE, FAST!!!!

Happy to finally be able to have my favorite photos on me at all times, on my Tungsten T3, I transferred over 100-150 photos WITHOUT A GLITCH!!!

As to compressions, file sizes, quality -- the best setting that I found was --

my original photo, shot on Canon Elph S110 -- Exported to Desktop (let's say), and in the processes of the Export, I Reduced the Size from 1600x1200 down to 480x360, since that the closest I could get to T3 Screen of 480x320
"stretch" screen

Then I opened that 480x360 photo in PhotoShop Elements, and Saved it for Web at JPEG/Medium, without Reducing its size, or any Edits.

The final APPROXIMATE file size on T3 was 35-55K range, depending on the photos.... as to PhotoShop Elements, Save for Web at JPEG/Medium vs. JPEG/HIGH, the file size difference was APPROXIMATELY 55 vs. 65K, and after MUCH CLOSE DETAILED EXAMINATION -- ALMOST NOT VISIBLE DIFFERENCE on T3! So, I chose Save for Web at JPEG/Medium...

Palm Desktop 4.2.1 - NO PROBLEMS!!!:):) Even seems faster!!!

The only small thing that I've noticed was --

when I wanted to change color of a Category on a few To Do's, in Category Edit Window I could see the new color, but in To Do's half of a Day View Window in Calendar, the Category Color would not change. I figured out a fix in order to Change Category Color --

I created a new To Do, and while in that To Do's Dialog Window, I'd Edit/Change Category Color. Then, when To Do is created, the New Color is in effect.

I've repeated that Category Color Change with different Categories, and it DID NOT work, BUT when I created a New To Do/Task in those Categories, the Category Color Change DID WORK!!!

I THINK this qualifies for a BUG!!! But, that's not a big deal... to me...

SORRY about such long report. It's just with so little information on PalmOne's Site, and T3 Spec page STILL outdated, declaring - Mac OS 10.2.6 or LOWER, and INABILITY TO TRANSFER PHOTOS AT FULL SIZE DIRECTLY TO HANDHELD(!!!).. -- I felt like delivering the GOOD NEWS, since PalmOne didn't seem to be able to give us HAPPY, DETAILED, GOOD NEWS!!!

Now... if they could only tell us, T3 owners

• if there will be a Palm OS Updater from 5.2.1 to 5.2.8

and that they WILL be further developing Palm Desktop for Mac OS 10.3 and far beyond.

After all that PalmOne and PalmSource have put Mac community through, they OWE us MUCH MORE CLARITY, and PIECE OF MIND... along with bright future for Palm Desktop etc., and MUCH FASTER WEB SITE:):)!!!

MY SET UP -- Powerbook 17 1.33 MHz, Mac OS 10.3.3, Tungsten T3 the Update, Claris Organizer - Palm Desktops 2.63 - 4.1 - 4.2.1:)!!! -- !?!?!?:):)?!

palmstory @ 5/5/2004 3:38:22 PM #
Meanwhile... MORE happy news!!!! 6.1 MB(on PDA) worth of NEW PHOTOS!!! and...PALM DESKTOP 4.2.1 - BLUETOOTH IS STILL FASTER!!!! - 1min:55sec vs 3+ minutes under PD 4.1 I.e. approximately 30% FASTER!!!

At the same time, the USB HotSync is now 16-17 sec vs. 11-12 sec under PD 4.1, but keep in mind that I now have 6.1 MB worth of additional data on PDA, i.e. it use to say 80% Free Space, and now it's 70% Free Space.

Below is are 2 HotSync Logs - First via USB, and 2nd via BlueTooth without me making any changes in between!!!!

FINALLY I am USING T3 they way I thought I was going to...

RE: Installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 - NO PROBLEMS! - REPORT
Winter_ @ 5/5/2004 7:16:09 PM #
Man, you should relax a bit before reporting! ;)

About your notice of the category colors not syncing between desktop and device: that's documented on the help. When a new category is created, it will be created with an approximately matching color on the other side of the sync. But existing categories won't have their colors sync'ed.

I also installed today the new Palm Desktop for Mac OS X, also on 10.3.3. After some very light tests it looks OK (and I've just installed and used it, no reboots and permissions repairs, though I was expecting that some trouble would pop up).

With Palm Desktop 4.1 and iSync+iCal, there were some minor glitches which taken together made the experience not as pleasant as it could be :P. But this new PD looks like correcting those unniceties, so I think I'm gonna try to leave iCal and iSync. I was not taking advantage of the iApps integration anyway, and well, Palm Desktop finally looks more integrated with the Palm device than iCal :P. I'll also gain the 20+ seconds that iSync took on this aging iMac.

Some more testing will have to follow, of course. And I'll retest the iApps when something new is available... they look promising. I hope they get mature enough.



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