PalmSource Licenses v1.2 Bluetooth Stack

Extended Systems announced today that PalmSource has licensed the company's XTNDAccess Blue SDK version 2.0. Version 2.0 complies with the recently announced Bluetooth SIG 1.2 specification, which supports coexistence of Bluetooth communications alongside 802.11.

PalmSource has licensed Extended Systems' solution in order to provide Bluetooth functionality to its Palm OS licensees for the creation of next-generation smartphones and wireless devices.

"We believe Extended Systems' wireless technology solutions extend the functionality of the Palm OS platform for the creation of diverse wireless products," said Charlie Tritschler, vice president of PalmSource. "PalmSource is committed to providing its licensee community with the largest selection of wireless solutions to accelerate the market delivery of products that fit specific customers' needs."

"We have supplied embedded software solutions to PalmSource for several years," said Charles Jepson, president and CEO at Extended Systems. "By continuing to support the latest industry specifications, our software enables Palm OS licensees to deliver infrared and Bluetooth short-range wireless communications capabilities to the next generation of wireless device users."

Thanks to Willem H. for the tip.

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First Post

Hazniet @ 6/10/2004 11:38:50 AM #
Alright Palmsource. Bluetooth is ready to play!

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RE: First Post
hkklife @ 6/10/2004 12:17:58 PM #
The question is, since it's likely far too late to integrate this into OS6 devices shipping this fall, will we see it in a future rev. of Cobalt or will we have to wait until "OS7" (assuming PS & PO are around that long!) years down the road?

Isn't Microsoft making a much stronger case for BT support in XP SP2? IIRC, BT 1.2 will be one of the new additions to SP2 whenever it finally ships next year.

RE: First Post
Sonic Boom @ 6/10/2004 12:42:15 PM #
Darn! I was hoping a newer Treo 6xx with BT was just around the corner (or at least by the end of the year). I guess I'll have to stick with my "so-so" P800 a bit longer.

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e_tellurian @ 6/10/2004 2:01:58 PM #
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Bluetooth had a simple sounding point, to know ones neighbours, to accept their thoughts and to include their rights too.




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RE: First Post
BradNike @ 6/10/2004 2:33:11 PM #
Hey Guys,
I've been looking around the site but I'm still not sure of all the benefits that Bluetooth will bring to this product. Can anyone help explain it to me? Thanks


RE: First Post
Winter_ @ 6/10/2004 2:56:02 PM #
Erm... WHICH product? PDAs?
The general benefit is getting rid of wires... wherever you put a low-speed connection, you could substitute it with Bluetooth. Like traditional serial and parallel ports on desktop computers.
Smartphone + Bluetooth headset!
RoelvdV @ 6/10/2004 3:32:22 PM #
I still am a two-piece user: Tungsten|T connected with Bluetooth to a SE T68i. The Treo 600 looks great, but I don't want to hold it to my ear to make a telephone call.

With this Bluetooth v1.2 it should be possible to connect your Palm/GSM combo to a Bluetooth headset, so you can use you Palm to look up things or make notes, while making a call.

Still a two piece solution, but way better!

So I am waiting for the Treo 610 (650 whatever) supporting this.

RE: First Post
e_tellurian @ 6/10/2004 4:16:13 PM #
Phone, headsets, PDA and what other choices do we have for cows and synthetic material?

Hint, it is smallish creates numb spots when sat upon too long and contains limited space for plastic choices. Ok one last hint ladies carry these too, usually in a huge bag (purse) with their husband’s wallet too. Eh some wallets are just getting too big waiting to grow our collective global economies.

What are your thoughts?



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RE: First Post
Winter_ @ 6/10/2004 4:24:49 PM #
Can't you do that with current (v1.1) Bluetooth??
RE: First Post
just_little_me @ 6/10/2004 4:51:16 PM #
My thoughts, e_tellurian, are that you should get out of the sun... :-P


RE: First Post
Strider_mt2k @ 6/10/2004 5:46:30 PM #
Or stay in the sun and dry up.

-There's a couple of choices.

RE: First Post
Winter_ @ 6/10/2004 6:08:39 PM #
Anyway, stop smoking THAT. It's gonna kill you, man.
RE: First Post
Hal2000 @ 6/10/2004 9:24:19 PM #
Maybe you should stay more than 30 feet away when using BT for extended periods.

1.128 gigs under the hood.

This is software, right?

tfftruoa @ 6/11/2004 1:43:28 AM #
Correct me if I am wrong, but the bluetooth stack has nothing to do with the radio inside the device. It is a software upgrade that can be swapped in for the current bluetooth stack in any device with a bluetooth radio.

Considering this is a software upgrade only, is there the possibility that these prcs and pdbs could be installed and used on a bluetooth OS5 palm to allow it access to the 1.2 stack?

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RE: This is software, right? yep, but...
Winter_ @ 6/11/2004 5:02:12 AM #
This is strange... the newspiece talks about a SDK (Software Development Kit). But at the same time, the title talks about a stack...

The part about "1.2 compliant" means that, when Bluetooth 1.2 devices go available, this SDK will be able to develop for them too.

So, looks like this has nothing to do (directly at least) with us users...

If you want compatibility with Bluetooth 1.2, you'll need (BT2 hardware + adequate firmware for it) + (drivers + protocol stack for the OS) + (BT2 supporting applications).

Now, this being a "minor" change (1.1 -> 1.2), perhaps some of the above will be able to remain unchanged. I'd expect the firmware at least to be upgraded. In the recent past, some bluetooth devices have gained new capabilities (new profiles, higher speed) just with firmware updates... though if the changes are important, they can ripple all the way up to the applications. (meaning updates needed all the way up!)

RE: This is software, right?
Texonite @ 6/11/2004 6:25:26 AM #
So, if my understanding is good, then it's turned out that Cobalt has no BT 1.2 hardware support. It's clear that PSRC going to make it, but the question is if we can we expect BT 1.2 (or even EDR) in upcoming PalmOne models this fall???

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RE: This is software, right?
Winter_ @ 6/11/2004 8:03:54 AM #
I would not infer that from the newspiece....
...but perhaps you have a point.

Anyway, only a developer can answer that, I guess.


OhioGeek @ 6/14/2004 10:54:08 AM #
"... Bluetooth SIG 1.2 specification, which supports coexistence of Bluetooth communications alongside 802.11."

If they haven't been using the 1.2 stack, is this the reason we have yet to see any drivers for the WiFi cards for Palm 5?



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