3rd Chapter of Developing for WebOS Posted

WebOS BookPalm has posted the thrid chapter of the Rough Cuts version of Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript using the Palm Mojo Framework. The preview version of the book is now available electronically in .pdf format from O'Reilly to customers who pre-ordered the book or purchased online access.

The book is the official guide to building native JavaScript applications for Palm's new webOS mobile operating system. The book is estimated to be out later in August and can be pre-ordered now. The third chapter concentrates on widgets and controls.

From the chapter description:
"The heart of the Mojo framework is the user interface feature set, delivered in a collection of dynamic widgets. Mojo widgets are configured with sceneController methods and custom CSS styles and managed through Mojo events, briefly introduced to you in Chapter 1. With widgets you can build static and dynamic lists, or employ various button controls, selectors, and text fields. You can choose from several kinds of menus and dialogs, and employ sophisticated pickers and viewers each of which specialize in handling different types of data. There's a common model for declaring, instantiating and managing your widgets, which makes it easy to learn and simple to code for your applications."

Thanks to PalmAddicts for the tip.

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