TreoCentral Unboxes the Sprint Treo Pro

Sprint Treo Pro UnboxingTreoCentrals Dieter Bohn has posted an early unboxing video of the Sprint Treo Pro, which can also be seen embedded here after the break. Aside from the packaging, which is just a Sprint-branded version of the standard Treo Pro packaging we showed you on the GSM version last year, Dieter's report focuses primarily on the main attraction of the Pro, which is Internet Explorer Mobile 6 which is also covered in more depth here. He also shows the Treo Pro CDMA and GSM versions side by side, as well as an HTC Touch Diamond and the older Treo 800w.

IEM 6 is available exclusively on the CDMA version of the Pro and not on its GSM predecessor. In fact, as of this writing, the CDMA Treo Pro is the first Windows Mobile-powered device to ship with an official version of IEM 6 alongside a newer WM 6.1 build. Since IEM 6 requires a 400 MHz or faster CPU, the GSM Treo Pro's already overtaxed 400 MHz CPU has thankfully received a boost to 528 MHz for the CDMA version.

In short, WMExperts & TreoCentral conclude that the WM6.1 version of IEM6 IS a slight improvement over older mobile versions of Internet Explorer due to a better page rendering engine and the inclusion of Adobe's Flash Lite. Unfortunately, it still falls far short of the gold standard set by the iPhone's Safari browser for both speed and formatting and below even what is expected in the improved version of IEM6 found in the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 refresh. Indeed, Palm's upcoming Pre with its own WebKit-derived browser looks to shame Palm's own Windows Mobile-powered Treos as far as the mobile web browsing experience is concerned.

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