Rajiv Dutta Appointed to Palm's Board

Palm's Board of Directors made the appointment of Rajiv Dutta official earlier this week as detailed by Palm's latest 8-K filing (.pdf link). As covered previously, Donna Dubinsky's resignation is now official and Mr. Dutta will take her place effective Feb 2, 2009.

Mr. Dutta was designated for nomination by Elevation, pursuant to the recent $100 million equity deal, which also granted Elevation the right to appoint an additional director. Mr. Dutta will serve as a Preferred Director and was also appointed to the Board's Audio Committee. Rajiv Dutta retired as the President of eBay Marketplaces and Executive Vice President of eBay Inc. in October 2008 and as a member of the board of directors of eBay, Inc. in July 2008.

As a result of Mr. Dutta's appointments to the Board and to the Audit Committee, he has received options to acquire 28,000 shares of the Company's common stock pursuant to the Company's 2001 Stock Option Plan for Non-Employee Directors and 8,000 performance shares (also known as restricted stock units) pursuant to the Company's 1999 Stock Plan. Each of these awards is subject to vesting over a three-year period in equal annual increments together with the terms of the Company's standard option and performance share agreements for non-employee directors, as applicable.

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Verizon, RIM Run 2-for-1 BlackBerry Sale

Gekko @ 2/6/2009 7:53:08 PM # Q

Verizon, RIM Run 2-for-1 BlackBerry Sale
Gary Krakow
02/06/09 - 12:59 PM EST

Is it a sign of our current economic times or are our friends north of the border beginning to smell blood in the water?

Very quietly and without much fanfare, Research In Motion(RIMM Quote - Cramer on RIMM - Stock Picks) and Verizon Wireless (a joint venture of Verizon(VZ Quote - Cramer on VZ - Stock Picks) and Vodafone(VOD Quote - Cramer on VOD - Stock Picks)) have teamed up for a full-out attack on every other smartphone on the market.

Verizon and RIM are running a BOGO sale: BOGO stands for "Buy One Get One" free. I'm not kidding! Verizon is offering all current BlackBerrys in a two-for-one sale. "All" means just that. Verizon currently offers eight BlackBerrys for sale on its Web site and all eight are eligible for the BOGO deal - including the brand new, super-hot BlackBerry Storm 9530 touch-screen handset.


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